Wherever She Goes, There She Is

or : [ Haunted ] : an animated glitch GIF

gif, animated gif, glitch, glitch gif, glitch art, haunted

Text editors, hex editors — In my continued novice experimentations with image / file corruption, occasionally I encounter data that doesn’t seem to need any data “bending,” per se.

Wraith-like and writhing, can you / do you see the phantasm trapped inside this loop, struggling for respite . . . fighting for release?

UPDATE [Sunday, September 7, 2014] : Chanced upon a quote by Patricia Hernandez in a feature she wrote for the “gamer” site Kotaku that is asterisk-worthy, very least.

“Glitches are my…opportunity to experience something almost supernatural. Because when it comes down to it? Every glitch is a ghost story.”

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Happy Haunting!

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