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Joe Rees : Belief, 1974 / re-fabricated 2009

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Black Ibis Tarot-Au-Go-Go

As aforementioned, Bethalynne Bajema‘s Black Ibis tarot deck — a veritable companion to the graphic novel of the same name, and act of cartomancy in which I appear as The Hierophant — is available for public consumption.

Cue the cornets, please . . . A fanfare is appropriate!

Moreover, The Black Ibis Tarot — a complete collection of artwork in the deck, accompanied by quotations relevant to each of the Major Arcana — is available in book form.

Among the luminaries Bajema chose to to illustrate her underworld :

Kambriel as The Priestess

Ugly Shyla as XIII Death

Suzanne Gerber as XIV Temperance

Meredith Yayanos as XIX The Sun

Zoetica Ebb as XVIII The Moon

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D*Face: When Art & Vandalism Meet In A Cement Kiss


I’ve always been fond of artists who bomb urban landscapes, or ‘drop’ their works—even & especially when
the artists continue these guerilla interactions with the public after achieving success [ a subjective term, I
realize: though in this instance, let’s skip the philosophical shit & stick with a more universal meaning…
namely, that of monetary success &/or a sense of notoriety ]
. One example that immediately comes to
mind is Shepard Fairey. Late one night back in 2004, while I was in New York during a promo tour
for the Pills, Thrills, Chills, and Heartache: Adventures in the First Person anthology, I was out,
lurking the East Village, doing a bit of my own sticky-vinyl [Ahem!] ‘beautification.’ Speaking,
you know, theoretically. I tend to aim high when engaging in such endeavors—meant both
literally & metaphorically, Jay Ess Why Kay—so the sound of my palm slapping metal [ the
back-side of a sign ] followed by a louder sound: that of my landing, visibly startled a
man who, incidentally, looked over the shoulder from his own activity: sticker-
plastering a pole. It was Shepard, out in the same 3 A.M.—doing his part to
to spread the message, so to speak—& we shared a chuckle of recognition.

Not because I’m some big-shot artist, obviously, but rather because I was a contributing editor for
Swindle magazine [ R.I.P. ] at the time. & here’s this guy—well, my boss, essentially—
& he’s out…Oh, I’m rambling. [ Besides, YouGetIt anyway, right? You.Get.It ]

London-based artist D*Face lists Fairey among his influences, which—on the tip of phenomenology,
billboard re-appropriation, & the mutual interest in California’s skateboard subculture—could be
considered a ‘given.’  Nonetheless, neither the antics of, nor the artwork produced by, D*Face
is derivative…at least not directly [ or rather: singularly ].

& from that mention of art & antics, let us hone our focus on
this bitchen custom-made tombstone:

Not a work to be taken lightly, huh?  [ Cue the canned laughter here, kplzthnx ]
Well, the eve of “Going Nowhere Fast”—D*Face’s solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery
he did a drop at  2728 N. La Cienega Boulevard in Century City.

All 400 pounds.

You’re following me, right? He left this amazing art piece for display, there on the street—knowing full well
that [ hello! Voice of Adult Reason on Line One] it would only be a matter of time until someone
came along, &…[ as far as I’m concerned ] ‘got lucky‘?

As has been cited, he also did two drops the night prior.

★ ☆ ★ Hollywood Boulevard, Walk of Fame ★ ☆ ★

Here’s a shot as the infrastructure of GENIUS is assembled:

A tombstone

at the star of one ‘Charlie Sheen.’


Is that excellent, or is that friggin’ excellent?

The other grave-marker?

This beaut, at the Santa Monica pier:

I can’t help but wonder where they are,
who has them now…

Did any of the individuals who ‘liberated’ the tombstones realize what they were taking?

If not, in what ways do you think their attachment to the objects might change
upon learning they’re worth something more than cool points
among the neighborhood kids?

¤ O R ¤

If so—meaning, if whomever [ allegedly ] happened to find this piece of  ‘found’ art is familiar with
the work of D*Face, do you think he/she was all “Jackpot!” about it?

Said another way:

This person wouldn’t technically be stealing, so shouldn’t we expect him or her to come forth?

In this city where it’s not just about Keeping-Up-With-The-Proverbial-Joneses
but rather eclipsing them, the ascent to superstardom [ in theory ] so incandescent…
Doesn’t  it seem incongruous for us not to have heard from a single one of these fortuitous beings?

AAAAAAAAAAH,   I T ‘S   A L L   G O T   M E   J U S T   S O

SpUNd face, frustrationOUT

I’ve spent hours on-line today, click-&-scrolling my way through re-blog after re-blog after re-blog
regarding the [ so-called ] drop; ditto, same re: last night’s openingopeningopening

& find it suspect that in all this media coverage,
there’s an irrefutable gap between what journalist Amy Duran [ via Juxtapoz digital, April 9th]
describes having taken place the eve of April 8th, in her statement

“Considering that both the Santa Monica Beach and the Charlie Sheen tombstone had been removed so
quickly I suggest making you[r] way out to see this piece in person before it’s gone.”

& coverage of the exhibition itself, which Jack In Shows [ via Daily Du Jour ] summates
“included a D*Face Oscar appearance, two of his new tombstone pieces,
three ‘dead’ celebrity impersonators…”



I’ve been wrong before, yet still—I’m of the mind that more than one form of the ⟣faux⟢ went on
in this scenario.

Mr. Dean Stockton, a.k.a. D*Face?  Seems to me that what he schemed is the opposite
of a ‘drop’…as in: “catch” would be a more appropriate term.

My theory: he used two gravestones, not three, & just “happened” to conveniently bring a writer along
for the ride.  The result?  Insta-PR, no need to add water. Unless, of course, a person
wanted to scrub clean the carbon stains from the night before…

[ photo submission I received after posting a frustrated tweet ]

Apparently, this image was captured while waiting in line for the opening: April 9, 2011

For the sake of clarity, please allow me to reiterate:
What I’ve presented is a theory, based entirely on speculation.
I was not present for any of the aforementioned events; hence,
none of my conjecture should be treated as fact.

However, within the scope of this hypothesis, I’ve gotta say: the name of D*Face’s show
resonates with new meaning, all things considered.

But why wouldn’t it?

The gravestones—testaments to bad behavior, on which “Going Nowhere Fast” was inscribed—went
[ well…] nowhere in this staged guerilla act, the [ theoretical ] Drop-Without-A-Drop.

I mean, when media is the medium an artist chooses to
make A Statement About The Media & A Celebrity-Obsessed Society—
yet that artist is playing the role of a guerilla artist; is “pretending to be” rather than being…

It’s fucking ‘meta': yeah, sure

Yet at the core of it all?  Chicanery, being ‘on the grift’?
Is a material-obsessed society really being challenged,
or the challenge really how much monetary gain can be filched from it?

All I have are questions.

But after reading over a hundred blogs with the same regurgitated, rarely & barely re-worded praise
I wonder: Am I the only one?

Whatever your take, D*Face is a fascinating subject about whom
the following additional reading I recommend:

[ Liz Ohnasien‘s interview with D*FaceL.A. Weekly ]

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“I Do Things Which Are Non-Verbal So That I Can Return To Language With Excitement.” — Richard Wilbur


V I S U A L . S T I M U L I

[ Angela Grubich ]

jaundiced eye, eyeball
[ Source ]

[ “Point of Origin” : Scott Treleaven ]

[ “Blue Witch” : Danger ]

[ “Amoun” : cthopper93 for I†† ]

[ “Seancing” : cthopper93 for I†† ]

[ “Love’s Long Listen-In” : cthopper93, for I†† ]

[ Still From “♀∧gℜ∀あ ß∀あ ♍∀♄l∀あ♀“: Kemikore Mediaworks for Ceremonial Dagger ]

[ “Vanitas” : Fernando Vincente ]

[ “Smoke” : Fernando Vincente ]

[ “Head Wound” : Joshua Petker ]

[ “Partying in Red” : Joshua Petker ]

[ Alison Scarpulla ]

Alison Scarpulla ]

[ Chris Weige, a.k.a. ‘Reckon‘ ]

[ “Firestarter (2)” : Elizaveta Porodina ]

[ “Love Is Not A Victory March” : Elizaveta Porodina ]


[ “Wisdom, Power, Courage” : Louise Leppard ]

[ Samantha Smith ]

[ Miyake Juin 米亞奇 ]

[ Yuri Pleskin : Nagi Sakai for The Contributing Editor ]

[ Nicolás Lamas ]

[ Scott Treleaven ]

[ Source ]

[ Video “Still,” Harry Smith ]

[ “Early Abstractions” (1946-57), Pt. 4 : Harry Smith ]

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Fantasy And Obsession—Wonderland, A Roving Beast

At Royal/T Café, Store and Artspace

8910 Washington Blvd, Culver City CA

The evening of February 4th, 2010

was a hare-y sitch for photographer Dirk Mai, as captured above by the boys of Polite In Public Photo Booth.

Har, a hardy-har . . . Umm, YEAH. How ’bout I spare you guys the slab of Velveeta?  Sound like a plan?

That’s what I thought…

Chubby Bunny [L] and Yume Ninja [R] of Bubble Punch brought cosplay Correctness for us to look upon,

Whereas Lenora Claire — another ‘repeat offender’ on this humble Dot Com — fully LET US HAVE IT with a mind-melding, retinal-shattering, hot hot hottt hairstyle!

Oh! But what have we here? Per chance might it be one adorable little Kit Kat Lee?

As a matter of fact, yes — yes it is, indeed . . . and in the haus with her : band mate and business partner, the multi-talented Kaila Yu [L]!

Our exploration of Correct Culture continues with burlesque beauty Courtney Cruz, sandwiched between an Alice duo …♥

[ Oh, and pssst! A little “JSYK,” just in case you’re in the No instead of know ] :

The estimable Miss Cruz presents “tassle-twirling with a spin” at her once-a-month installment of The Devil’s Playground at Bordello bar. Described by journalist Erin Broadley as “Beyond traditional fan dancing and martini bathing,” the Devil’s Playground “integrates pop culture and niche fan favorites with the classic art of the striptease, modernizing burlesque with cleverly themed, character-driven performances like Video Game Girls, Comic Book Vixens and…Tails From the Crypt.” Known most recently for creating a disturbance in The Force for her Star Wars-themed bump-and-grind, it’s no wonder the L.A. Weekly deemed this Busty Storm Trooper’s resident troupe as Best Burlesque Club of 2009.

Pictured above: Cruz maintains a subdued demeanor with chanteuse Jessicka Addams and Mia Vixen, one of The Devil’s Playground performers.

Wait a minute. I mentioned this was an art opening; didn’t I?


Unfortunately, the gallery ran out of catalogs; i.e., I’m afraid I don’t know whom to credit for the creation pictured above.  That being said, please allow me to segueway back to other deep and meaningful content, such as

other photo booth antics I enjoyed . . . ditto, Ela Darling and The Dirkulous Maximus.

Caught here on the other side of the camera Previously captured on the other side of the lens — though retracted, since keeping her identity secret only intensifies the appeal — is was Nightranger‘s intrepid reporter Lina Lecaro, whose years of  fearless ventures — from immersing herself deep in the trenches of trannies werkin’ the merkin to ravers wielding glow-sticks as if they were num chucks — have garnered her reputation as The Go-To Girl for Nightlife.

Incidentally, Lecaro “dipped into the population” this eve not only for the sake of a newspaper word count, but also to celebrate the completion of her first full-length manuscript. [ No, people: I didn’t say script. Leave those to your dental hygenist, who’ll likely have “something for you to look over” before the luxury of another kind of script gets written. Oy! ]

By manuscript, I mean book— of which her debut is titled Los Angeles’s Best Dive Bars: Drinking and Diving in the City of Angels.  Its release date is May 1st, 2010, though you might as well go ahead and pre-order such an indispensable guide. Assuming you remembered to close out your tab at the bar last night, that is! Such a hassle, retrieving one’s 16-digits on plastic The Day After. Isn’t it? [AHEM!] I mean: So I’ve Heard.

“Besides: it’s not like I had a hang-over or anything!  It was more like…a lean-over.”   Yeah.  That was it—

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Since I’m Experiencing A Bit Of WordPress Fail…

i.e., my inability to upload images to the “library.” Really infuriating, in case I haven’t mentioned…

I found it only apropos to post this footage I came across.

I’ll tell ya: it’s really…somethin’.

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May 12, 2008 — “Black Static Fades; The Focus Returns (Last Weekend: Part Two)” (Archived Blog re: Work Displayed in Warhol Museum)

May 11, 2008 — “Yearning for A Moment It Seems I Barely Had” (Archived Blog re: Work Displayed in Warhol Museum”)