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Clint in the ‘Celebrity Lifestyle’ Issue of Wedding Dresses Magazine

Fall 2008

And true, true : Not a publication in which I imagined I’d ever appear — which made seeing it among the grocery shelve glossies that much more sick and fantastic . . .

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Umm, I’m “Kind Of A Big Deal…”

“‘Big Deal,’ Katastrophe’s music video, is a creative retelling of June 3, 1968, when artist Andy Warhol was shot by the writer Valerie Solanas. In this play on the Warhol Superstar Factory complete with glitter blood, hip-hop artist Katastrophe fills Andy’s shoes and director Hilary Goldberg cameos as Solanas. Shot on Super 8 film with a colorful ensemble cast including Clint Catalyst, Audrey Kitching, and Dirk Mai, Big Deal pays homage to one of the darkest moments in pop culture history. Music by Katastrophe. Directed by Hilary Goldberg. Director of Photography Alison Kelly. Artist Cameos & Cast listed in tags.”

(Video embedded and text taken from YouTube channel “hilarygo”)