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Scrying. Divination. Skin. Magick. Mad Style. Ten Inchers. † THESE NEW PURITANS †

Hidden, the sophomore release by British “art-rockers” These New Puritans, is now available Stateside. You know, as in: domestically. It’s a lot of things, this aural assault : a mélange of the cinematic and the classical, the intimate and the evasive, the post-modern and the profound. However, one adjective that isn’t applicable for what’s quickly become my favorite release of the year? Sophomoric.

Spot-check this Most Correct clip for the album’s single “We Want War,” directed by Daniel Askill:

Created by Jordan Askill, I’m a bit in awe of that Battle Cat Head Piece . . .

Oh! And for those prone to the “Covet / Love It” when it comes to collectibles, These New Puritans have rarities to offer their disciples :

[ A deluxe version of the CD, complete with 80 pg. hardback book? Drool-worthy. ]

Full Disclosure: While I loathe band groupies [ Seriously : Try screaming at an art opening or academic conference — that’s subversive…whereas offering to give roadies head for a laminate back-stage? Such a seventies’ cliché; I’m yawning ], I have an insatiable affinity for the Limited-Edition / Signed-and-Numbered / Gatefold / Box Set / 3″ CD / 10″ EP / Colored Vinyl / Picture Disc of It All.

Alright, then. Moving right along…

[ Photo source : Last.fm ]

The video for “Elvis,” a single from the band’s premiere album Beat Pyramid, is also Most God, Indeed.

† “We’re all waiting / Or Forever Made / And if there is a God, then please take me up…” †

Consider the gents on the handsome side?  You’re not alone. Twin brothers Jack [ vocals ] and George Barnett [ drums ] have been ogled by the fashion set since the band’s inception in 2005. Before they’d even released a full-length album, designer Hedi Slimane commissioned the “band” [ translation: George, whom Slimane also featured on the catwalk ] to record a soundtrack for his final collection at Dior Homme, the “Hiver” 2007 runway show. This was Barnett’s first professional modeling gig, though the demand for pale, angular creatures from the xy set has kept him busy: campaigns for Lanvin and Ray-Ban; editorials in Dazed & Confused, Zoo, Arena Homme +, 10, GQ, Another Man, and Vogue Hommes Japan — and runway work for dozens of designers, including Burberry Fall/Winter 10/11, Prada, YSL, Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Dries van Noten, Veronique Branquinho, Galliano, and Gucci.

However, insofar as far as my own taste goes? Not that you asked, but I’m backin’ Jack over George. And speaking of back, let’s do exactly THAT


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