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Another Haiku

For National Poetry Month, 2013
[ via ] :

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As The End Draws Near

. . . of National Poetry Month this year, that is.
Grifted from my Tumblr, here’s :

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Define “Surreal”

I chance upon a Tumblr post re-blogged by the teenage daughter of friends, when I was a teenager. I mention aforementioned post on Twitter; then, the following day . . . I discover news of how I’m able to pick my nose with my tongue has been picked-up and re-posted

by The True Blood Daily. In Australia.   [ CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE ]

[ Tumblr Blog : To Which The AU Paper Linked ]


Surreal? And yet not, actually.

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My Contribution To Paleolithic Swishin’ and Dishin’

Details about the project/anthology in which it appears
And nerdy stuff about the form in which was written “beneath the cut”. . .

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Tumblr Reciprocation : Life Beyond The “68-&-Owe-One” Mentality

Oh, sweetness. Is it too much to fathom, the thought of dipping into the population?
This business with the little people—you know, your “followers”. . .
Can you simply Not. Be. Bothered?


Excluding the rare exception [ namely, bashin’ my dash with—well, content I don’t want to encourage;
hence, the deliberate omission]
, I don’t understand why a person wouldn’t “follow back.” Granted,
I’m still a novice in the grand scheme of tumblrification, but I don’t know of a means by which
one can tell how many “followers” a person has. . .nor do I care to, quite frankly.

I mean, MySpace has gone down the shitter—it doesn’t even have a name anymore;
that’s how far removed it is from social relevance.

Didn’t the myopic Don’t-You-Know-How-Many-“Friends”-I-Have mindset accompany it?


[ Seriously? But SERIOUSLY ]

Lindsay Lohan

It’s rudimentary, my take on this sitch:
the primary function of tumblr’s dashboard [ or “feed” ] is that of an open dialogue, a continuous conversation
in which anyone from the 200 countries scattered around this curious planet we inhabit
has a unique opportunity [ so long as there’s internet access, though that’s a given—
I might as well be telling you it gets dark at night. . . ]

Because tumblr’s predominant means of communication is by way of a visual vocabulary, the opportunity
of which I speak is the ability for an individual to participate in the site’s ostensibly endless discussion
without the usual complications 6,800 different languages present.

possession, GIF

Sure, music is a ‘universal language'; we’re familiar with the adage, most of us.

In the case of tumblr, however,
the ability to upload videos & mp3s further validates my premise/rationale, rather than dilutes it.

mod chick, gif
[ She’s So Happening, via ThreeFrames.net ]

So : short of the long? Yeah, I follow back.
I also acknowledge that the sum of one’s “followers” does not deify.

[ Icarus much? I’d mutter Give Me A Break, but we have our day in the sun : each & every. . . ]

Oh, & when I attend a potluck dinner?

I don’t only eat the dish I brought.

Christian Bale

#knowwhatimfawkinsayin’ ?

flowers, gif

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