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Flashing Heat and Spinning Wild Desire


A Mix
of aural fixations ||| gathered especially for TXTBK’s


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Sexed-Up Hexed-Out Vice-Riddled Foul-Mouthed Synthetic-Driven Dirty Beats for Pricey-Ass Prick-Teasing Tit-Tweaking Boot-Licking Finger-Frigging Lip-Smacking Mother-Fucking Ball-Busting Witch-Kraftwerkin’ Tragic Magic 8-Ballin’ Bad Behavior and Goddamn Better Times

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though rather than my own hyper-hyphenated description, please allow me to offer verbiage of Thee Almighty Blam Lord  —[ whom I adore, incidentally ]— via re-bloggification / review of mix #62 : Flashing Heat and Spinning Wild Desire

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” Thee dark alt god himself, Clint Catalyst descended onto TXTBK’S CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 and pummeled thee sound tonight. Gliding gracefully through cavernous depths ov dance and depravity I absolutely loved his whole persona. And all guns instantly went off in Blambodia when he complimented me on my music taste in thee chat. Thee natives chests all swelled with pride. INFINITE BLAM.

Every Sunday, 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST you can get on Bummer Bit Radio and hear Textbeak or choice guests bringing you down into thee dark nether regions ov thee CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3. “

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I’m Coming Hardcore – M.A.N.I.C. (Veil of Thorns remix) : Veil of Thorns
Lemon/Lime : Richard X
Unspeakable : Mount Sims
Minty – The Grid (powwowW remix) : powwowW
girlz : GL▲SS †33†H
Voodoo Pussy : Miss Prada
Put It There : Princess Tinymeat
ƒ∀ġĝɵŧ (feat. Jack Norworth) : Three Spaces
Cish Cash (Basement Jaxx Featuring Siouxsie Sioux) : Mr. M, Henry Self & Barbeau
New Fashion (T666 remix) : a;GRUMH
N20 : h∞d∞
hAD yOu : Nattymari
Model For Me : Jer Ber Jones
Analogically Reacting : Nancy Fortune
Séance Infernale : Mater Suspiria Vision feat. How I Quit Crack and Scott Klaus
ŵǂŦʗħ Ƨɚx đųb : Kaos Sigil
Saturated Love : Locust
Ham & Eggs : GVCCI HVCCI
Kinky Nation (Kingdom Kum) : Egyptian Lover
Topsy Turvy : Johnny Dangerous
Beez in the Trap (Physical Therapy Remix) : Nicki Minaj
Nightmare : Kid Unknown
We Evil Sin : Monotrona
Lick It – Karen Finley (Veil of Thorns remix) : Veil of Thorns
Travesty : Din
Shake Your Body (△AIMON Remix) : Tyra Banks
Queenie (MK Dub Mix) : Ethyl Meatplow
Why Won’t You Call Me Back : My Robot Friend
The Biggest Fan (Black Strobe Mix) : Märtini Brös
The Song Of Shadows : Mondkopf
The Fudge Punch : Wiseblood
Heaven : Until December
Flowers Of Evil (Ghoul Remix) : GHXST
C ø † † ø N : I††
Anal Staircase (Dionysian Remix) : Coil
Spoken by Stephanie from Versailles, Yes I Do : Chicks on Speed
6’7 : Angel Haze

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“It’s Hard To Remember/What We Did Last November…”

As audio animatronics of the


continue cackling and crackling from lap-tops to parties to venue stages at such a high-voltage, even the most obstinate blogger who scoffed six months ago that this [quote] “tumblr hipster bullshit” [that] “just live[s] on blogs and MySpace ha ha” might dare agree that—run-on sentences and forum snark notwithstanding — indeed there’s something/something’s in the air…

∞ ❖ ∞

Lindsay Lohan, animated gif, witch house

∞ ❖ ∞

Not only are the groups’ names being spoken — †‡† is pronounced “Rrritualzzz,” FYI — but these makers of music & mayhem have also entered the arena of giggery. Personal appearances. Merchandising. Just, you know, going through the motions, as if they were *AHEM!* actual artists rather than the punch-line of an elaborate internet hoax.

Wait.A.Minute. // O. HAI GUISE!  I C U THURR in those newspaper articles, snot-slick magazine pages…why, the cover of XLR8R, even!

Not bad for a micro-genre, complete-with-mocking-air-quotes. A genre, incidentally, that’s escaped the internet ethers within which it was once confined: fodder for chat rooms, flame wars, skeezy mp3-swaps-and-swipes via Rapidshare…

∞ ❖ ∞

No, this isn’t the first time I’ve written about witch house, and it’s highly unlikely it’ll be my last. Point of the matter is: I’m not alone. There’s been a veritable tidal wave of media addressing the subject as of late, some of which I’ll provide links to here in a hot little minute. However, first and foremost, I feel compelled  to acknowledge Tom Ewing of The Guardian [ UK ], who — albeit indirectly — alluded to a correlation between the cinematic quality of the genre and what Samuel Taylor Coleridge referred to as the ‘willing suspension of disbelief.’

Ewing’s articles concludes:

“That is why witch house isn’t for the casual listener — not because it’s hard to find, or expensive, or particularly “difficult,” but because it requires a certain sacrifice of reserve, maybe even of dignity: you buy into it whole or not at all. In that sense it fits its horror trappings perfectly — a ghost story requires exactly the same willingness to be affected. You might still come away thinking it’s rubbish — aesthetics can be poorly realised or fundamentally flawed, after all (and ghost stories not scary). But what witch house tells me is that genres now aren’t exercises in innovation or marketing, so much as ways of framing an experience. And if you won’t feel open to that experience, your investigation of it won’t get far.”

Coleridge coined the phrase ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ with regard to poetry and literature. At this juncture in time (1817), writings involving the supernatural were no longer en vogue, in part “due to the declining belief in witches and other supernatural agents among the educated classes, who embraced the rational approach to the world offered by the new science.”

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Drag. Drug. Drugged.

Hear It Here
:: first ::

“Ph4D3 70 9R3y”



:: Cue & Ey!ed* ::
[ as in: “Ey,” the exclamation used to attract attention…ya naw mean? ]

E A V E S D R O P ± W I T H ± Y O U R ± E Y E S

[Clinty] So you do drag, huh?  That’s cute: a straight dude who cross-dresses.  Very James Franco-for-Candy-Magazine.

[N△tty] I’m comfortable with the term drag because it was one of the earliest terms used to describe “Screw” music.

Oh, I’ve totally screwed to music.  “The Fudge Punch” by Wiseblood gives some serious soundtrack, if you know what I mean. Got any faves that rev you up for a sesh of runp-wranglin’, ol’ nasty Nattymaster?

I really consider my only influences the dub pioneers: Robert Earl Davis (DJ Screw), and probably The Early Sheffield [ Cabaret Voltaire, The Future, etc. ]  I’ve been a fan of Screw music since about 1998. Incidentally, I also listen to a lot of darker music; so of course when artists started blending the two I got very excited—especially since I’d been leaning in that direction already, [experimenting with drag remixes].

Now, hold on just a durn minute. Dark music?  You mean that Kiss-The-Goat kindly stuff them anhk-wearin’ P.I.B.s listen to?

image source: his dark nostalgia

Geraldo Riviera did a special about that whole…”scene”…a bunch a years ago. Yeah, I know me a thing or two about “dark music.”  Sure as shit, I do!

Basically, during the 90s, I toyed with the concept of being a working DJ. I was writing for the [L.A.] New Times and doing occasional dj gigs: mainly art openings and loft parties. These led to a short residence at The Parlour [club]. Back then — and still on my blog — I fuse[d] a number of sounds: disco, house, minimal synth, electro…all in the style of Ron Hardy and Larry Levan, who are still my mentors as a DJ [in addition to] the Cosmic DJs (Danielle Baladelli and Beppe Loda), who I didn’t find out about [till] later. Oh—and as far as live DJs, I was really influenced by the Wicked crew out of San Francisco, and the Idjut Boys and Harvey.

[At any rate], this sound remains intact in my blog mixes. As a producer of tracks, I am really trying to do something more. I try not to get too high concept about it, but there’s definitely a ‘MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE’ component to my music.

All-caps, huh?  O I C.  Hearkens back to the early ‘Aughts when the phrase MASHUP was being spread around as insistent & insidious(ly) as a scabies outbreak from a strip-club’s dressing room. Some remixes are just remixes, you know — but when they’re really remixed, they get an extended title: complete with parentheses and clever little phrases signified by caps-lock. The most SRS of BSNS, maing.

:: experience . the inspiration :: via international download lovin’, provided by Electrocasts ♡ ::

Never mind my obnoxious enthusiasm over A + D (ditto, their rump-shakin’, world obliteratin’, full-on overtakin’-the-gayme endeavor: Club Bootie), Girl Talk, & D.J. Raw-burt; matter of fact, consider this a rare instance in which I acknowledge —

[interrupts] I pretty much despire the term or concept of mash-up.

Oh, c’mon Natty! Sure, the term remains so frickin’ mashed to this day that more often than not, it’s denied a hyphen.  But insofar as the act thereof?  When it’s done well, it’s not just brilliant; shit’s incandescent. Proof/pudding: HawkinsxXx.

DJs have been blending and fusing styles from day one. The [categories] “disco” or “house,” for example, were really blanket terms used to describe the music played in clubs.

Or not played.  Someone much witter than I am described Witch House as “the genre for people who don’t leave theirs.”  Unfortunately, I’m not even sharp enough to recall whom it was, nor where I read it.  All the same —

Ron Hardy played a fusion of really gay disco, italo disco and new wave/synth…and later included minimal beat tracks created by his friends and club-goers.

‘Really gay’?  How do people respond to that?  I mean, ‘some of my best friends are‘ queers & flamboya feministing fagocytronics & everything — but HAPPY?! That’s a ‘lifestyle choice’ I’m just not sure I can accept…

Well, I’ve been receiving really encouraging emails all along from artists. Gyratory System and Yellow Ostrich had contacted me about the ‘post production’ I did over their tracks, but my main introduction to the drag community actually was by way of a disagreement I had with GuMMy†Be▲R!

animated gif, gummy bear, transparent, freeny

[ Animated .GIF created by “Freeny” ]

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La Main Gauche


The soundtrack to this shard of aesthetic brilliance cloaked in thunder-storms and mythological references appears on ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ [ of Mater Suspiria Vision ]’s Zombie Rave Mix-Tape: Special Friday the 13th Edition for Мишка, as referenced H E R E, with free download available.

However, I’ve remained so entranced by the video for “La Main Gauche” — as well as the mu§ic-makers, about whom information is scarce — I feel it imperative to share

T H E . L E F T . H A N D


dazzles with shadow-spun mythological references, dopplegangery, trianglecore images primed for endless tumblr•re•appropriation, histrionic body language and wicked bitchen cathedral slinking-in-a-crawl / crawling-as-a-dance dreamstate sequences, an obfuscated mingling of the sacred / the profane.&.the arcane, mesmerizing esoterica, symbols and symbology nursed on preternatural mystery and the occult, sex-driven serpent-fisted circular-spotlit nonchalant stares, venomous glares interspersed with curious ‘blowing’ gestures, question marks raised like [Lady] Lazarus

[ just “on the mark” enough to entice one to immediately hit ‘play’ again, then again, and again — then, even . . . ]


all the while, visuals charged with emotional explosives continue swirling into wide-eyed consciousness, raising and rising, arising from a forecast of otherwise placid internet ethers / the collective ‘blue screen life’ in which this clip exists is a hook too tempting not to get hooked on [ and on that hook, one’s heart ]:

an infectious beat hammering

— § —

— § —

:: §ilver §train on The Book ov Faces ::

:: §ilver §train Profile, ‘That’ Space ::

:: §ilver §train Soundcloud ::

— § —

CD-R available via Black Bvs Records


witch house, Black Bus records, animated GIF

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