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Alright, folks . . . Just like the flyer says : This evening marks the official signing / release party for Incurable Disorder : The Art of Elizabeth McGrath [Last Gasp]. It’s a gorgeous book; good times are guaranteed to be had; I’m running really late, so you can either take my advice or sniffle in regret later. Not unlike me in the present tense, with the five loads of laundry I didn’t drop off. But hey! I’ve been waiting to use “soft grunge” as an excuse.

The Folly of St. Hubertus : 2012

The Hunger : Dedicated To Ivan X : 2012

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Oh, But I ✷ Just ✷ Can’t ✷ Resist…

I don’t know about the rest of you gents, but
I’m feeling seriously left out of this whole


★ ☆ ★

Filtered through the voice of my relative “twiced removed,” Junior Jr.:

“Somebody let my ding-a-ling do some sparkly thangs!
They’ve done gone and leaked the fun to The Christwire, ma!”

★ ☆ ★

[ On the serious, howevs — there’s MOAR ]:

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“Oh RATS! I Forgot My Purse…”

The expression takes on an entirely new meaning with Reid Pepard’s RP/ENCORE line of accessories…

Ah, but wait! Before you hit PETA on speed-dial, her website does provide the following disclaimer:

“Every effort has been made to see that the creatures used in RP/ENCORE are victims of road kill, pest control, or natural death.”

Controversy set aside for other ‘Great Debates,’ I’ll give her this: the prize ribbons from my collaboration with Jared Gold make a tame statement when juxtaposed with Pepard’s Swarovski-encrusted medallion:

a more detailed view…

While I’ll be the first to admit it’s a challenge to find killer* clothing and accessories designed for the gents, Peppard seems to earmark her creations evenly between the xy and the xx.  Here’s a bowtie certain to incite a response at—oh, just about any formal event:

*(double entendre un/intentional? a tricky thing, this ‘subconscious’ we possess)

Based in London, Peppard keeps a personal blog, in which she chronicles her works-in-progress, road kill later to be fashioned into found art objects, et cetera. A detail you might find interesting? She’s vegetarian. About her company, she states:

“RP/ENCORE challenges our attitudes towards fur, leather and waste. In a world where leather is worn without question by most, and replaced by un-biodegradable plastics by the rest, it is ironic that the image of an animal preserved using taxidermy is still enough to cause widespread outrage and fist-banging. It is for this reason I taxidermy the prolific, consequential vermin result of London’s excess. A member of the UK’s Guild of Taxidermists, I use both traditional and alternative methods of taxidermy to preserve and embellish creatures that are widely thought disgusting and unnecessary. When they become sculptural headpieces, necklaces and cuff-links, the specimens cease to be waste and become objects to behold. RP/ENCORE makes use of the city’s leftovers.”

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