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Wherever She Goes, There She Is

or : [ Haunted ] : an animated glitch GIF

gif, animated gif, glitch, glitch gif, glitch art, haunted

Text editors, hex editors — In my continued novice experimentations with image / file corruption, occasionally I encounter data that doesn’t seem to need any data “bending,” per se.

Wraith-like and writhing, can you / do you see the phantasm trapped inside this loop, struggling for respite . . . fighting for release?

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Preternatural Pragmatism: In Brief

As of late, I’ve been digging on
19th Century vampire ‘killing kits’

[ ex ] :

[ ex ] :

[ ex ] :

[ ex ] :

[ ex ] :

[ source ]

And among the most rare:
an antique ivory vampire killing kit

“consisting of an ornate ivory-mounted Christian cross integrating a steel, spring-loaded,.41 caliber single-shot percussion pistol, the center mounted with an ebony shield surmounted with a 8-pointed crown, the tips made from tiny semi-precious red stones. A ruby red five-pointed star adorns the center…”

“The vampire pistol is contained in an ivory case, together with a steel dagger blade which attaches to the end of the cross, an ivory cleaning rod, ivory powder bottle, and cap and ball supply.”

Fascinating as the relics are, in my hunts and haunts around the web, I also encountered some of their contemporary counterparts.

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Spectres Among Us


Subliminal Stimuli, Lurking Beneath Conscious Perception

Can You See/Do You See/Do You Know
What Is It?

“We don’t see things as they are [;] We see them as we are.”
– Anais Nin

:: source of visual stimuli : Ariel Rebel’s Haunted Grafenberg Spot : on tumblr ::

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