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Wherever She Goes, There She Is

or : [ Haunted ] : an animated glitch GIF

gif, animated gif, glitch, glitch gif, glitch art, haunted

Text editors, hex editors — In my continued novice experimentations with image / file corruption, occasionally I encounter data that doesn’t seem to need any data “bending,” per se.

Wraith-like and writhing, can you / do you see the phantasm trapped inside this loop, struggling for respite . . . fighting for release?

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From The Vaults : Spectre Magazine, Issue Six

with Tina Root
[ vocalist : Switchblade Symphony, Tre Lux, Small Halo ]

a tear sheet from Spectre,
one of the underworld’s most exquisite publications

[ founded/produced by Jennifer Chen ]


Switchblade Symphony, Clint Catalyst, Spectre magazine, goth, gothic

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Spectres Among Us


Subliminal Stimuli, Lurking Beneath Conscious Perception

Can You See/Do You See/Do You Know
What Is It?

“We don’t see things as they are [;] We see them as we are.”
– Anais Nin

:: source of visual stimuli : Ariel Rebel’s Haunted Grafenberg Spot : on tumblr ::

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