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“I’m Nikki Fucking Narcotic. Do You Know How Many Friends I Have On MySpace?!”

SCENE QUEEN, animated gif

[ It’s Nikki.  Y’know, Nikki Narcotic . . . Yeah, Well: NIKKI KNOWS. You know?! ]

You Tube, animated gif

“I’m sick and fucking tired of all these haters!”

scene queens, Buzznet, animated GIF

Oh, GL▲SS †33†H :

How you fill my shattered, charcoal-stained heart with glee.

You Tube, animated gif

There was a moment — a brief blip on history’s collective monitor, one might say — in which the tiara-adorned Scene Queen had a significant role in the inexplicable phenomenon referred to as “CeWebrity[ Yes, I know it’s heinous. Do I need to spell every— ]

[ CUT TO ] : a formulaic Wiki How, YouTube Tutorials and Tribute Videos, an on-line ‘zine and social networking community, hubs like Be-Scene.org and Scene Central, a virtual locale for “ladies in waiting” [ no, but really ] and aspiring Scene Kings to — hell, I don’t know…compare quiz scores while waiting to see if their applications for anointment were accepted, I suppose?

Don’t get me wrong : Some of the O.G. S.Q.s [ yep, sure did ] parlayed their notoriety into lucrative businesses. I respect that. Others?  Well, I’m sure they could tell you.

As for the new breed? Word of advice. For fuck’s sake, don’t call yourself a “Scene Queen.” [ or king . . . or TS, et cetera ] As in : EVER. I mean, no one should have to spell it out, but It’s. . .down-right. . . humiliating.

Whatever the case, as with Cosmo, The Rules or any other ‘How-To’ Guide : If you really want to

animated GIF, Live The Dream

And     BE      A

animated GIF, Scene Queen

My advice? Don’t follow someone else’s checklist.
Bust your own fkn’ move.

explosion, gif

Fully admit : there’s some wicked adorable kids among the lot, fantastic explosions of color and creative expression.

[ Courtney Dior. Don’t know the girl, though consider her one such example of Cuteness ]

Another? Hyper-hyphenate
[ photographer / poet / model / author ] Kris Kidd

image credit : Kesler Tran

explosion, gif

However, insofar as Nikki? Deal is : This amalgamation fictitious character encapsulates the monstrous end of the spectrum, in which rigid Ranking Systems and bratty, entitled behavior is the norm.

C H E C K   ±   I T  :

[ Mmm-hrmm. Yeah, whatever Nikki. Bet your skank-ass extensions you’d troll efagz to see if your asinine antics merit discussion, even. ]

But enough about Nikki — she’s so 2007, I’m surprised she isn’t donning a miniature top hat smothered in Hello Kitty appliques while “modeling” a cupcake, middle finger of her other hand extended in that universal gesture of bad breeding.

What I’m really here to talk about? The Correctness Maximus who immortalized Miss Thing. Namely, GL▲SS †33†H

I’ll go ahead and break it down. Whether or not you realize, what you need in your life is a physical copy of their EP available through Black Bvs Records. Unless, of course, you’re like Andie Walsh and have more pressing issues…In which case, who can blame? Not-so-very-minor, the dilemma. You know, that of

animated gif, Pretty In Pink

And so it goes, how it goes

For The Prom Queen by GL▲SS †33†H

Incidentally, Y E S : Another Cyanide-Coated Piece of Perfection, It Is!

animated gif, Prom Queen

[ Digital downloads available via Amazon and iTunes ]

Also, out now
through Phantasma Disques :

GL▲SS †33†H / ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ [of Mater Suspiria Vision ]

Split CDR

[ Full disclosure: Even went so far as to pre-order a copy, like the fan girl I’m not. . .usually ]

Additional resources for this band that’s been dominating my Nano as of late :

GL▲SS †33†H

The Book Of Faces

The ‘Tubes







Well, now. Since I had to back-track and update for a few of you meddling little shits [ “Jay Kay, BB ♥ ILY 4/SRS” ], figured I might as well update you on those Skip-The-Triangles-And-Funny-Symbols, Motherfvckers ; It’s Caps-Lock or GTFO, OK GLASS TEETH

Dead Dreamer : Video Wizardry by ☼5P1DΞR

Yes, I know they’re cute. Now pay attention! It’s time for The Bloody BeetrootsCornelius (GLASS TEETH Remix)

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