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In The Spotlight : Give-Aways, “Streaming,” Check It!

Yes, it’s been a while . . .

but some of you might recall my repeated mentions of Hilary Goldberg‘s short film “In The Spotlight,” starring the wicked way Richter literary genius Michelle Tea, screen-writer/producer/actress extraordinaire Guinevere Turner and me, in the role of a creepy literary charlatan known as Bell Wartock. [ The smarmy, nefarious style fiend — due in no small part to the brilliance and boundless abilities of costume designer Adele Mildred — may very well have inspired a tribute and a smidgen of merch in the nascent days of his creation. I mean : Bell Wartock is, after all, “the voice of a new generation.” ]

Director Hilary Goldberg between takes, with Michelle Tea [ as Olive Clutch ] and Clint Catalyst

Well, after great critical acclaim and a tour of film festivals around the world — including Inside Out Toronto, Frameline, Outfest, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Fresno Reel Pride, Women Make Waves Taiwan, Seattle Queer, American Cinematheque Third Annual Focus on Female Directors, Reel Women International, Frederick Film Festival, Reel Pride Michigan, and The Dark Arts Festival in Salt Lake City — this meta-fictive neo-noir is finally available to watch in the comfort of your own home…for a scant 99 cents.

Still on the proverbial fence? I know; I know — it’s almost an entire dollar, maing! As you mull the idea over, feel free to peek “beneath the cut” and view the film’s official trailer, stills, and…oh yeah! Details about that give-away I mentioned!

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Good Day, GIVE-AWAY! Some Girls: My Life In A Harem, by Jillian Lauren

Oh. That New York Times Best-Selling Author Jillian Lauren?
Yeah. “I Knew Her When…”

Matter of fact, just to show what a hot shee-ot I am (not, you know, because
it’s an excellent memoir in which the reader falls down the same gossamer-swathed rabbit hole of adventure that landed Lauren in a Prince’s Harem, nor is it because Lauren’s prose is balanced so adeptly; it’s the quietest arrangement of language such loud subject matter could get)

No no, for no reason other than to prove that Yeah, I Know People, Man
am I giving away a signed, personally inscribed copy of Some Girls: My Life in a Harem
to one of you lucky bloggamareaders
(That One’s For You, Oh Sarah Of The Palin-Speak! ♡ ‘Refudiate’ FTW!)

Here’s what you have to do to be “in the running for America’s Next Top Memoir”:
1. Leave a comment here, on this very web log entry
2. Regardless how clever—or cruddy, so long as it is not about the author—aforementioned comment might be,
Don’t forget to include your email address along with the sentiment you choose to share

3. Complete tasks #1 & 2 before or by the precise stroke of 11:59 p.m., P.S.T.
Friday evening, the 23rd of July, two thousand & ten A.D.

On the 24th of July, at whatever time the fancy might strike me, I shall be pulling a name from my top hat.

Until then, here’s a trailer for the book
(yes, “trailers” exist for books these days…hell, some spoken word performers make videos!)


Here’s a media reel of the lovely Ms Lauren for your retinal penetration—including coverage on
The View, Insider, & AM NorthWest:

To Optic Nerves & Opulence!
:: [a fanfare is appropriate] ::

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