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“I’m Nikki Fucking Narcotic. Do You Know How Many Friends I Have On MySpace?!”

SCENE QUEEN, animated gif

[ It’s Nikki.  Y’know, Nikki Narcotic . . . Yeah, Well: NIKKI KNOWS. You know?! ]

You Tube, animated gif

“I’m sick and fucking tired of all these haters!”

scene queens, Buzznet, animated GIF

Oh, GL▲SS †33†H :

How you fill my shattered, charcoal-stained heart with glee.

You Tube, animated gif

There was a moment — a brief blip on history’s collective monitor, one might say — in which the tiara-adorned Scene Queen had a significant role in the inexplicable phenomenon referred to as “CeWebrity[ Yes, I know it’s heinous. Do I need to spell every— ]

[ CUT TO ] : a formulaic Wiki How, YouTube Tutorials and Tribute Videos, an on-line ‘zine and social networking community, hubs like Be-Scene.org and Scene Central, a virtual locale for “ladies in waiting” [ no, but really ] and aspiring Scene Kings to — hell, I don’t know…compare quiz scores while waiting to see if their applications for anointment were accepted, I suppose?

Don’t get me wrong : Some of the O.G. S.Q.s [ yep, sure did ] parlayed their notoriety into lucrative businesses. I respect that. Others?  Well, I’m sure they could tell you.

As for the new breed? Word of advice. For fuck’s sake, don’t call yourself a “Scene Queen.” [ or king . . . or TS, et cetera ] As in : EVER. I mean, no one should have to spell it out, but It’s. . .down-right. . . humiliating.

Whatever the case, as with Cosmo, The Rules or any other ‘How-To’ Guide : If you really want to

animated GIF, Live The Dream

And     BE      A

animated GIF, Scene Queen

My advice? Don’t follow someone else’s checklist.
Bust your own fkn’ move.

explosion, gif

Fully admit : there’s some wicked adorable kids among the lot, fantastic explosions of color and creative expression.

[ Courtney Dior. Don’t know the girl, though consider her one such example of Cuteness ]

Another? Hyper-hyphenate
[ photographer / poet / model / author ] Kris Kidd

image credit : Kesler Tran

explosion, gif

However, insofar as Nikki? Deal is : This amalgamation fictitious character encapsulates the monstrous end of the spectrum, in which rigid Ranking Systems and bratty, entitled behavior is the norm.

C H E C K   ±   I T  :

[ Mmm-hrmm. Yeah, whatever Nikki. Bet your skank-ass extensions you’d troll efagz to see if your asinine antics merit discussion, even. ]

But enough about Nikki — she’s so 2007, I’m surprised she isn’t donning a miniature top hat smothered in Hello Kitty appliques while “modeling” a cupcake, middle finger of her other hand extended in that universal gesture of bad breeding.

What I’m really here to talk about? The Correctness Maximus who immortalized Miss Thing. Namely, GL▲SS †33†H

I’ll go ahead and break it down. Whether or not you realize, what you need in your life is a physical copy of their EP available through Black Bvs Records. Unless, of course, you’re like Andie Walsh and have more pressing issues…In which case, who can blame? Not-so-very-minor, the dilemma. You know, that of

animated gif, Pretty In Pink

And so it goes, how it goes

For The Prom Queen by GL▲SS †33†H

Incidentally, Y E S : Another Cyanide-Coated Piece of Perfection, It Is!

animated gif, Prom Queen

[ Digital downloads available via Amazon and iTunes ]

Also, out now
through Phantasma Disques :

GL▲SS †33†H / ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ [of Mater Suspiria Vision ]

Split CDR

[ Full disclosure: Even went so far as to pre-order a copy, like the fan girl I’m not. . .usually ]

Additional resources for this band that’s been dominating my Nano as of late :

GL▲SS †33†H

The Book Of Faces

The ‘Tubes







Well, now. Since I had to back-track and update for a few of you meddling little shits [ “Jay Kay, BB ♥ ILY 4/SRS” ], figured I might as well update you on those Skip-The-Triangles-And-Funny-Symbols, Motherfvckers ; It’s Caps-Lock or GTFO, OK GLASS TEETH

Dead Dreamer : Video Wizardry by ☼5P1DΞR

Yes, I know they’re cute. Now pay attention! It’s time for The Bloody BeetrootsCornelius (GLASS TEETH Remix)

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Petker’s Paintings In Stiletto Pumps (or: The Catwalk-Stalking & Crowd-Gawking)

What? Like, You Thought I’d Forgotten Or Something?

No such luck.

I’m just a tease.

Wait–SCRATCH!    I’ve just been holding back to make this post “stand out from the pack.”

Yeah, that’s it…

Actually, since “L.A. Fashion Week” happened in various mutations this fall–What do we have now…three per season?  Can’t. Keep. Up.–I thought it might be nice to take a look back at runway shots from the

Gold vs. Petker


on 07/30/09.

Except this time?  I’ll do so with

Less gab; more GORGEOUNESS.

(How about that, then?)

From Miss Kitching, I intuit

a resounding “Yes, please!”

So…that being said, here’s

actor Daniel Franzese as he awaited patiently…

Burlesque bombshell Ava Garter, who

who set the stage for the show to kick off

(with a lethal stiletto, bless her heart!)


In the interim, “90210” hottie Annalynne

had a show of her own goin’ on,


*Cue Smiley-Face Emoticon*

as she waited front-row for her sister

The latest of ‘The McC Girls’ to stake her claim

as a media darling: Angel McCord ,

who conquered the catwalk like a pro…

O.K., some of you might recall my adulation over

Joshua Petker’s painting “Hunting for Witches” a while back?

(Be it yay or nay, here’s a reference for your ‘Quick & Easy’…)

Well, spot-check the detail of how it translated to fabric:

Mr. Gold’s stitch-witchery paired with Petker’s inimitable technique,

then ‘suited & booted’ by McCord’s searing Buffalo Stance?

Stellar.   Zenith.

S U B L I M E!

:: Smoocheroonies to you, Angel! ♥ ::

And on the tip of  ‘sublime,’

it’d be criminal of me to not include

one of the most adept catwalk-stalkers in Los Angeles,

(impeccably-manicured) hands’ down!

I’m talkin’ about

Amanda Fields of “Project Runway” infamy

Of course, a Jared Gold show wouldn’t be complete

without the presence of

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Whimsicle Social Media Fuckery (What’s.The.Deal?Who’s.For.Real? ☀ MySpace ☀IN YOUR FACE!)

for “my best friends I’ve never met”:

“I just wanted to let you know that this is like, the only me… “

“O.K., I don’t photoshop my pictures. I’m just pretty, and you’re probably really ugly.”

:: Stop Stealing My Pictures! ::

*(Had to share these with you guys because
Shit is
br00t4l! And uh, yeah…the alliterative name?
Published under it “
way before MySpace.”
K4’s trademark symbol is a nice touch touch though, right?)

✮ ✬ ✮

The first clip is by Andrew Bravener;

The second? EffSwap.

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CFF – Two Awards For Catalyst In 2008

“Renaissance Man Of The Year” and “Author With Most Anticipated New Release” from outré arts journal CFF

(Oh, and about that ‘new release’? I’m getting a bit impatient myself, thankyouverymuch…)

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