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Clint Catalyst ‘Motors-His-Mouth’ With Designer Jared Gold And Model Julie Meise

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Clint Catalyst and Jayme Foxx Make Flavorwire’s “Top-Of-The-Vlogs/Favorite Fashion Videos!”


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Looks like it took a few weeks for word of this post to make the “Forwarding” rounds to my grubby little paws,

But considering the Altitude T.V. footage was shot around 9 months ago?

Ain’t even angry…

Ain’t even angry at all!

(Thanks for culling this one out of countless YouTube clips, Flavorpill!)

Top of the Vlogs: Our Favorite Fashion Videos
11:14 am Thursday Jun 11, 2009
by Sarah Sternberg
Where fashion blogs are for the most part mediocre and ubiquitous (other than this awesome and arty offering from twelve year old fashion blogger, Tavi) fashion videos on YouTube tend to follow suit with meaningless musings that are often more asinine and offensive than their blog counterparts. Luckily for you, we’ve trawled through them all to separate the wheat from the chaff (or the Hermes from the H&M) to bring you the best vlog offerings (and some hilarious one-off videos) from some highly questionable self-proclaimed stylists.

Fashion Police celebrate the L.A. Hipster

Hipsters get a pretty rough reception sometimes from mainstream culture, but this video shows the outrageous Clint Catalyst and Jayme Foxx boldly celebrating the errant ways of the LA hipster clan. You’ll love to hate them, yet begrudgingly agree with their Fashion Don’ts, and they’ll love you right back… after all irony is so in right now.

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The Battered Suitcase — Interview, April 2009

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Clint Catalyst,The Battered Suitcase

Clint Catalyst,The Battered Suitcase
Clint Catalyst, interview
The Battered Suitcase, Clint Catalyst

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