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From The Archives, By Special Request—Beth Ditto’s Introductory Taste Of The Luxe Life

A brisk re-wind to the lead singer of [The] Gossip‘s first time

( . . . getting “dolled-up” for a glamour shoot, that is!)

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Frontiers magazine : December 5, 2006 : Volume 25, Number 15

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The magic that resulted was a team effort, for which Serious Propers are in order:

Photography by Albert Sanchez (www.albertsanchez.com)
Makeup by Cherie Combs (www.margaretmaldonado.com)
Hair by Tony Chavez (www.tonychavez.net) for Kérastase Paris
Propmaster/Art Direction: Pedro Zalba

Mini-Dress with Matching Cuffs by Abigail Adams (www.abigailadamsdesign.com)
Necklace by Tarina Tarantino (www.tarinatarantino.com)
Shoes by Abaeté for Payless
Switchblade Comb: “Bartering” Scam by Yours Truly

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So Miss Thing Is A “Style Icon” Now, Huh?!

Mmm-hrmm, yeah:

Well, “I Knew Her When. . .” &
“I was there, grrl!”
Sure was.


Massive thanks to Alex Cho and Frontiers

And to Miss Ditto :
Sincere congratulations on your continued success . . .

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Tarina Tarantino Celebrates 70th Anniversary of OZ with FIDM

(Never mind the clichés of “better late…” nor excuses placing blame on technology. Here’s a different take–first-person and personal–and it’s happening NOW. // Said another way? It’s as current as that waft of air just inhaled, as immediate as a favorite fable. There are news feeds, and then there is that which feeds itself. And so this story goes, its entrance grand and by way of royal proclamation):

To any nay-sayers, or

perhaps those simply unaware of



Tarina Tarantino

throws a party,

it’s the real deal.

So much so, in fact,

that her recent collaborative effort with


the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

was a straight-up, full-on

molar-splitting, mind-bending

sensory overload…

Upon exiting the car at valet:

A diverse smattering of “Dorothy”s rockin’ blue-and-white gingham,
Camera flashes going POP!
(Massive thanks again, L.A. Times!)

A seven-story tall hot air balloon, flames lapping at the mouth of the nylon envelope

buoyant and bursting with color: its print

that of the classic Oz line-up
(Scarecrow, Tin-Man, Dorothy, Lion–and of course, little Toto!)

An outpouring of music, lyrics weaving their way through

the well-dressed crowd’s heightened conversations

“Did you see Kristen Cavallari?”” // actually, nope: I didn’t…but thanks all the same //
Syncopation and scents of appetizers in-the-making

A supreme delight: olfactory artistry

And in lieu of a red carpet?

True to the advice given by Glenda, the Good Witch–


was the hue to be followed…

It wasn’t until the soirée was winding down a bit
that the thought entered my thick skull

I had a camera of my own in my trusty black rubber “murse.”

And what better interrobang to provide that impetus than the devastating beauty

Debi Mazar

Actress and current model in the Double T’s “My Pretty” catalog

(She plays the Wicked Witch to Kelly Osborne’s take on That Girl From Kansas)

Ms. Mazar, I discovered, has another endeavor among her list of accolades:

Turns out Miss Thing “gets a little Bloggy” on her own…

Even better?  The site is by no means what came to mind when she shared the news with me…
How nice it is to genuinely be ‘taken aback’ by anything!

(Yes, SERIOUSLY—being jaded is as played-out as ‘Millennial Entitlement,’
amateur scenotypes [Mickey Mouse ears or down-market “I’m-So-Sweet” photo shoots involving cupcakes? DNW]
or–in my case–the mini-top hat. 2007 was 2007 for a reason, “kthanx.”)


Considering her main profession doesn’t often associate women with food,

To find out she [GASP!] not only eats, but also enjoys preparing the dishes?

Quite a serendipity:



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So, Yeah…I’m Old.

Here are some of the fine folks who came out to celebrate
that I’m now a year closer to the ol’ dirt nap…

Realizing that I’ve been — ahem — under a bit of stress as of late,
Jessicka took it upon herself to organize a dinner at
one of my favorite local eateries, Casita Del Campo:

Lisa Leverage, Jessicka, Clint Catalyst

Swish Hips Earn Tips:
Rawk Chicks Lisa Leveredge and Jessicka

None other than Miss Lenora Claire was there

Lenora Claire

Totes lettin’ us have it with the twins!

[ Which I’m not mad about…ain’t mad about at all… ]

Brendan Mullen

Wordsmith Brendan Mullen of Lexicon Devil, We Got The Neutron Bomb,
and Live at the Masque: Nightmare in Punk Alley fame

Kim Bruder, William Mills

Kim Sosore and William Mills — i.e.,
Just about the cutest damn couple in town


only half of this duo is “lookin’ good”…

Caroline Ryder, cute

and that half of which I speak
by no means is myself!

[ Beneath my grip is the beautiful journalist
known as Caroline Ryder ]

Of course,
I feel it imperative to announce :


Jessicka, Lisa Leveredge

Jessicka Addams. Lisa Leveredge.

Mmm Hrmm…

Yeah, right.

Damn shame I can’t blame my own bad behavior
on anything other than…

Luis Payne, Clint Catalyst

Luis Payne of Hairroin Salon!

[ Now, there’s an exclamation point
that wants to be an interrobang “when it grows up”. . . ]

And speaking of the ol’ “!?” —
I should move on to THE PARTY, fer F’s sake!

However, before I clack a single syllable into the keyboard,
I want to give a
Huge-Ass Honkin’
Load of THANKS
to my pals

DJ Adrian, Mysterious D, Club Bootie

Adrian and The Mysterious D

Club Bootie

For hosting a birthday shin-dig for me
and my “Thousand Closest Imaginary Friends”

DJ Paul V

with the legendary Paul V
Bootie L.A.

[ one of several monthly parties thrown around the world —
I’m so proud to see two pals from S.F. go ‘Global!’ ]

DJ Mysterious D, Deirdre


Also, I must admit I wasn’t exactly bummed to have Rony Alwin of

Rony’s Photobooth

there to chronicle some* of the evening’s guests…

Here are a few ‘choice’ shots [ filched from aforementioned site, please.&.thanks ] :

Kat Turner, actress, Clint Catalyst

Actress Kat Turner of Inland Empire infamy

Wishes “All The B[r]east!”

Sasha Sheldon

Shutterbug / Model Sasha Sheldon

Sasha Sheldon


Sasha Sheldon


O U T !

Ever the stunner, here’s

Tarina Tarantino, Alfonso Campos

Style Icon and Bijoux Black-Belt Tarina Tarantino looking GORGEOUS
with her husband, Filmmaker Alfonso Campos

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“TL;DR” Overdrive…

Well, actually:

Yes, I wore the soles off my 20-e Doc’s many an eve
dancing to the 12″ mix of Ministry’s “Everyday is Halloween”
in back-alley nightclubs where I was years away from years from
being ‘of age’ to attend in the first place

(translation: the main thing that made it fun–
or at least that’s how it seems, looking back)

back in ancient history, also known as
my bereaved degenerate youth

I’ve been revisiting some of the more
dynamic moments from what could aptly be filed away in memory
as ‘The Clintagious Chronicles’ due to
the current book project on which I’ve been working

Degeneracy: A Love Letter.

// R.I.P., oh Long Lost Love…despite the toxic goulash of highlights,

lowlifes and embarrassingly awkward good times, how

exhilarating it seems your freedom was //

Whatever the case, here’s a recent update “from the set,”

featuring the inimitable beauty of actress/model Mageina Tovah

in the first of her two looks for the day:


Copious detail/commentary is provided on the clip’s YouTube page,

including info on the other peeps present who

deserve some serious ‘propers’ of their own.

(Irene Urias from Hairroin Salon, Genevieve Lamb from Dior, and

of course my co-conspirator, Amanda Brooks :

childhood f(r)iend/former ‘partner in crime’-turned-responsible mom)

Maendi and I lived by the edict that everyday presented

a new opportunity: the chance to become whomever/whatever we want

by dressing up.

To this day, I’m a tremendous advocate of the belief–

I mean, it was a mere three weeks ago, yet

I’m already missing Halloween.

With an outfit as genius as what Jared Gold concocted on my behalf,

how could I not?


and for the more detail-obsessed


here’s a considerably more comprehensive 5 minute clip in which

The Master of Delicate Decadence

shares everything from the costume’s “reveal”

to secret compartments ensconced within:

As for All Hallow’s Eve ‘proper,’ I gotta tell ya: generally speaking,

I was stoked to see so many Alice in Wonderland characters runnin’ around…

There were a slew of them both at the ‘Bitches Brew’ party, as well as a hearty smattering of Mad Hatters afterwards

when we hit the Brite Spot for some “fine” (enough) dining.

Seriously now: being a “Glad Hatter” myself–how could I not adore them? Despite accusations that I’m a ‘camera whore,’ (harumph!)

there aren’t many pictures of me from the evening. Nonetheless, I managed to snap one
of that dang adorable little Janine Jarman

& face-beater extraordinaire Noel Nichols within the first few minutes of our arrival; then cheers as other guests followed suit…

Q: Ever “spanked the monkey”? (Effing genius coincidence captured, that…)

As for me, I danced to the phenomenal tuneage spun by D.J.s Marta & Jen,

workin’ my ‘Demented Barber, Circa ’99…1899, That Is’ accessories for all they—

& the accompanying attitude in which I came “dressed”—were worth

(looks like SOMEONE needs a hug, hrmm? Just call me ‘Mr. Congeniality!’)

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Hence the “Not My Best Look” oilslick on my gesicht

(Hand on a Merrir breast, though Mr. Gold seems unimpressed…)


Thanks for the mammaries, Miss Sarah Merrie!


Another shot from the evening:

Kaiden as “Epic Fail: Scene ‘LOL’,” Stevie Ryan as a pretty version of Pee Wee Herman,

and Adam Paranoia throwin’ Teen Wolf in a most serious way…

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

And speaking of serious,

I was seriously surprised to learn that when my pal Brandon came to town for a visit

he comped me a frickin’–well, really expensive Madonna ticket.

9th row front, 3rd center of the ‘T-shaped’ stage

for one night


more than an entire month’s rent?

Can’t say I would’ve made that one happen myself…

* Thanks again, B! *

(I love how undeniably excited he is…)

& of course, via his iPhone we’ve got

“Pics or It Didn’t Happen”

O.K… so Home Skillet put on a phenomenal show.

I won’t make any references about how “I would hope so”; moreover,

I’ll refrain from utilizing any clichéd monikers in my commentary.

(Seriously journalists: by this point, any hack who refers to Mz. M as “The Material Girl”

should be force-fed the Oxford English Dictionary One. Page. At a time.)

but let me just tell you: when she threw down some DOUBLE DUTCH…

Well, let’s just say… despite another ’80s ricochet (nod to Keith Haring notwithstanding)

I was seventeen shades of impressed. It’s no secret I’ve been trying to assemble my own double-dutch squad

capable of weaving our way through the ropes while dressed in elaborate couture for quite some time… So until ‘The Swingers’ come to fruition,

I’ll cease this gargantuan post with the note

What I’m really dying to know is:

Has anyone else heard the rumor that Alexander McQueen will be designing a limited-run for Target?

They’ve scored some outstanding talent in the past but McQueen?

Truly: it’s a shame Isabella Blow isn’t here with us to share her thoughts on the topic (not to mention her opinions in general–but that’s a given)

& on a final rash note about fash: Did anybody rack up any great merch among the H & M/Comme Des Garcons collabo?

I wasn’t able to devote the entire morning of the 13th to waiting in line

in an attempt to score at least one piece of the instant collectibles.

(Different story altogether with the Viktor & Rolf launch from…hrmm… Two years ago, wasn’t it?)

However, thanks to my dear pal Pedro, I didn’t completely miss out on the goods that were gone in…what? Something like 17 minutes?

& though you might have thought it’d never happen, this is me, waaaay all kinds of outta here!

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Things You Should Know: Tonight & Otherwise

Sleep-deprived, eyes feel like my corneas have been fried by my monitor,
just spent something like a nine-hour span working on what
less than 15 minutes after my marathon of fingerprints
I’m already thinking was a lame concept to develop.

But enough with the waaaahmbulantastic “tl;dr”—
lemme get this outta the way instead:

As an art fag, yeah:
I’m backin it.

Full Appreciation/Yes, Indeed

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Plus The Uh, Phrase Most Anticipated
Turns Up The Heat
That Much Higher

An A.D.D.-Addled Aries Having Concentration Issues?

Never. Heard. Of It.

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Here Comes The Part Where I Get To Brag About My Friends [!]

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MASSIVE CONGRATS to that dang adorable Liz McGrath ♥—
who’s not only one of my favorite visual artists, but also the lead singer of Miss Derringer.
Because I adore the poopsmear outta her, I can’t help but give a big HOLLAH over their front page feature
in Spinner this week. I’m not an aol person, but allegedly this is the most downloaded site for music on-line…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Whatever the case, “Black Tears” is bitchen—& seeing a friend succeed makes me happy, indeed.

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& Now

Here Comes The Part Where I Tell You What’s CHOICE Tonight

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Nightcrawlers, Style Fiends, Socialites & Scene Queens:

File this one under MUST, as it’s an unexpected diversion from all those clubs you’re Sooo Over,
or an early-evening option that’s workable if you have to break your slumber early Sunday morn.

For you die-hards, however? Get In Outfit, &
consider this your Starting Point for making the proverbial ‘Rounds’:

hairroin salon

Cocktails & Cute Art—With An Even Cuter Crowd!

Just in case you missed the memo:
Hairroin is the white-hot epicenter of WIN

The most innovative crew of Scissormeisters in town,
Who are ON the IT before it’s even begun…

Owner Janine Jarman is one of five contestants in this year’s
Oh Shit. What’s it called? NAHA? Is that right?
National Competition / Vegas This Year / Category: Avant Garde

Out of hundreds of applicants, it’s now down to the Final Five.

Double J!
x o x

It’s L.D.O.* that I’m HOOKED—

* ”Like, Duh, Obviously!”

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And speaking of Hooked,
The Illustrious Double C’s


Goes To:

R.A.I.D. Dancer, Josh Weiss, Curious Josh

[ Photo credit: Josh “Curious Josh” Weiss ]

A member of R.A.I.D., upon their invasion at the brilliant Club Bootie:

The Once-A-Month,
Mashed-Up, Smashed-Up
Favorite Club Night in The City

& TRUST: I Wouldn’t Anoint Such A Title Unless I’m fully backin-it…

The rump-shakin’ extravaganza is happening again, TONIGHT
at The Echoplex

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Their 3-Year Annniversary Party last month was effing fantastic.

I went with my pals Pedro Z & the Never-Ceases-To-Be-Stunning Adele Mildred:

clint catalyst, adele mildred

Milliner. Clothing Designer. Visual Artist—&
Pastel Pirate for the eve.

Dear Lord, I love this girl…

« © »

Outlasted both of ‘em on the dance-floor, though.

I’m telling you, & I’m telling you now:

— o u t —

With my O.G. Bitches, D.J. Adrian

D.J. Adrian, A Plus D

& The Mysterious D at the decks,
slingin’ siiiick-ass mixes of tracks
that normally wouldn’t rub shoulders with each other…
let alone get layered-up & thrown down

Keep it Fully D.L. re: my headshrinker, but I think
burning down the floor did more good than an obscenely-priced office visit.

Maybe two of them, even.

clint catalyst, aman about town
[ & above ]

Blogster Aman of Aman-About-Town
Really Is…& I ain’t mad about it!

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If I Have To Tell You How or Why It’s Funny?
It Isn’t.

« © »

Also, spot-check who else I found
hauntin’ around…

Mr. DrunkRockers of the Dot Com Himself:

drunk rocker

“What’s in a name,” though. Riiight?

What’s in a name, asks Clint Catalyst, rhetorically.


Slingin mad affection your direction, &


Archived Blogature: Birthday Party, 2008

Clint Catalyst birthday party 2008