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Zoetica Ebb and Clint Catalyst for Giuseppina Magazine

Giuseppina Magazine : Halloween Edition : Blood Red V.5

Release Date : October 30, 2014
Editor-In-Chief : Jessica Rowell of J-Chan’s Designs

Zoetica Ebb and Clint Catalyst
Make-Up Artist : Zoetica Ebb
Photography : Deniz Uzunoglu
Hair : Master Stylist Irene Urias @ Hairroin Salon
Clothing / Fashion Design / Accessories : Mother of London by Mildred von Hildegard

Alright, I realize this blog tends to be a bit Zo-centric . . . though not without sufficient cause! Not only is The Intergalactic Naturalist, Prodigal Cosmonomad and Mercury Vagabond a mega-talented creature of massive multi-media creative outpourings; moreover, not only is she one of the most stead-fast, stand-up, all-around superlative friends one could hope to have . . . but also, that beauty! The solo shot in which she’s serving Military Chic? Seriously : Can. Not. Get over!

On a similar tip : Steady gagging over the radness of a certain Editor-In-Chief, who featured me giving face two issues prior; then surprised me with the back cover slot, current ish! [So much adoration and admiration, Jessica! Truly . . . Truly : It’s an honor and a privilege ♥]

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The Hangers also express mad gratitude to actor / musician / promoter and international nightclub impresario Mario Diaz for the benevolent usage of his estate, Casa de la Decadencia.

Incidentally, the full-frontal, effing incandescent career of none other than Mssr. Deez-The-Deed Diaz was immortalized on celluloid earlier this year, via the release of Club King — a feature-length documentary directed by Jon Bush, in which the solar system of this evening star is chronicled in all its sordid, dazzling glory. Check it!

Plastic Surgery Meets Fisher Price!

Despite the fact I have five other posts saved in “Draft” mode,
I’m so amazed/amused/astounded by this clip
I have to share it with y’all here & now:

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Clint Catalyst Wants To Know: Can YOU

Double-dutch in elaborate couture?

(an outburst on 08 14 08 — while harassing that dang Audrey Kitching during our photo shoot for the new Lipstick Prophets catalog.)

In between shots–and struggling to keep the Malibu sand out of my eyes– you’ll see I got down to some


Gentlemen, don’t mess with me unless you can rock hardcore Viktor & Rolf, Jared Gold, Comme des Garcons, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood–and of course, hat sculptures by Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones.

While. You Navigate. The Muthrafeckin’ ropes.

After watching this clip, somehow I doubt I’ll need to “pull the crazy card” on ya… or?!

(interrobang, interrobang, interrobang)

Translated roughly?



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