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Millennial Love Story

Thanks to Beauty Nursed On Darkness for the blog post, and to The Battered Suitcase, where the poem first appeared.

For information about the form in which this piece was written, please click HERE.
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Tarina Tarantino’s Official Barbie Release Party

“Worst Dressed” Lists Are Go!

This news is a few days late (frickin’ deadlines…), but July 22, 2008 marks the official date for when I was “BUSTED!” (Busted Daily Dot Com) for my attire at Tarina Tarantino’s official Barbie doll release party. I’m a sicko; I know– but seriously: it fills my heart with glee:

Busteddaily,Clint Catalyst,Maryse,WWE diva,WWE diva Maryse

A friend and I have joked that making the “Worst Dressed List” in one of those shit-rags is a lifetime goal—especially since the attire is almost always by my favorite designers—and while the site’s not on glossy pages in a grocery store check-out line, it’s one step closer…

Plus I’m with Maryse, Queen Bitch Supreme of the WWE—who’ss donning full-on retro Barbie look via a make-over by quite likely my FAVORITE designer, Jared Gold.

My pic comes up as #2 of 7… and who else made the list?

margaret cho,comedian,out and about

Margaret Cho

Tarina Tarantino
and Tarina Tarantino,

Two of my favorite people on the planet.


Obviously, the site uses the term “Busted!” with a multitude of meanings, as complimentary things are written about both of them in separate areas.

All I have is my name credited, so I’m opting for “BUSTED!” in the worst sense of the word.

O.K., not very worst… but if you get the notion of something being ‘so bad it’s good,’ then I know you know what I mean.

And umm, I need to take it easy on the “naw mean,”
duly noted.

For party pics that aren’t among those on WireImage et al, have fun scroll scroll scrolling below!

The event itself was back on the 17th, but I’ve been smothered beneath a succession of work– hence the tardiness.

Otherwise, here are my “Thank God! I’m Validated!” swiped-and-watermarked:

Clint Catalyst,Audrey Kitching,Rich Royal

with the adorable Audrey Kitching and Rich Royal

Kaiden Blake

with Madeline Zima and the phenomenal Tarina Tarantino

(not my best shot — yes, I know)



Alfonso Campos
Alfonso Campos, Director and Hubby to Double T

Giddle Partridge,Tarina Tarantino Barbie
Giddle Partridge, Musician and Proud Owner of Her Own Tarina Barbie

Beatrice DeJong,Hairroin Salon
Reyna and Beatrice, Two of the Crew of Hotties at HairroinSalon.com

Kaiden Blake,Kaila Yu,Zachary Horn,Kat Lee
Kaiden Blake, Kaila Yu, Zachattack and Kit E. Katt (of HelloDrama.net)

Margaret Cho,Clint Catalyst

Yeah, I Love Me Some ChoMo (Ditto on the Creepsuela Stiletto Mini Top Hats, Obviously…)

Tarina Tarantino,Barbie

Much Admiration and Adoration for This One Here!

Audrey Kitching,Audrey scene queen

Tarina Tarantino,WWE diva

Tarina and WWE Diva Maryse, Enjoying “The Barbie Lifestyle”

Lenora Claire,tarina tarantino barbie release party

Lenora Claire, Self-Proclaimed “Future Cult Icon” Is Hotter Than Her Hair!

Clint Catalyst,kitt e. katt,kaila yu,hello drama
Blogature on This Duo (Katt and Kaila of Hello Drama) Coming SOON!

Jared Gold,Tarina Tarantino,WWE Diva Maryse

Can’t Forget That Jared Gold and WWE Diva Maryse (Bedecked in a JG Original, Natch)…

WWE Maryse,Maryse WWE,WWE divas

Before Any Inappropriate Behavior

In the Dollhouse

Has Begun!

(This blog and the contents herein have not been approved by Mattel. After the accidental ‘Gay Ken’/Cock Ring Necklace mix-up, I do not foresee Barbie having any limp-wristed sidekicks in the near future.
Bitch is still fierce, though. I ain’t hate-crimin’! ♥)

x o x o x
Clintankerous Maximus

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