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Oh Really. Know What I Have To Say To That?

animated gif, funny expression

animated gif, funny, reaction

animated gif, the olsen twins

animated gif, fairuza balk, the craft

animated gif, goth girl, blah blah blah

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Animated GIF, Jem, Holograms, Funny

Or, uh . . . guess I suppose she did
Jem baby, you truly are outrageous!

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Glitched To The Tits and Tellin’ It Like It Is

glitch, animated gif, gay, comment response

[ Chris Tucker : Ruby Rhod : The Fifth Element ]

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Posh Girl Problems

Shocked and Devastated

Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, animated gif

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Is that so, △AIMON?

Pazuzu, The Exorcist, animated gif

Well. You know what? Pazuzu and I say . . .

And by that, I mean . . .

funny, Mean Girls, animated GIF, reaction gif

[ Obligatory straight dude reference is obligatory. ]


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Fang-Bangin’ With Vincent And Kermy

Amidst all this rampant fangnaticism
[ as a matter of fact, : I am a fan, yes ]

I present
one moment / multiple perspectives

« † »

animated gif, kermit the frog, vampire, fangs

« † »

animated gif, kermit the frog, vampire, fangs

« † »

Kermit the Frog, vampire, Vincent Price

« † »

[ Image Source : The Vault of Horror ]

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“IDK IDGAF”: Editorial for Auxiliary Magazine

August/September 2010

No, Dr. Hines: I have not forgotten how to utilize a semicolon.
On the contrary, the omission is a result of Auxiliary Magazine‘s style guide.


Clint Catalyst, Auxiliary Mag, text lingo, acronyms, texting

[ …and Thank You! ]

Caroline Ryder Has An Official FB Fanpage!

And . . . and . . .How excited am I about it ?

animated GIF, mermaid

[ Oh and like, I already know I look good as a blonde. But thanks! ]
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Whimsicle Social Media Fuckery (What’s.The.Deal?Who’s.For.Real? ☀ MySpace ☀IN YOUR FACE!)

for “my best friends I’ve never met”:

“I just wanted to let you know that this is like, the only me… “

“O.K., I don’t photoshop my pictures. I’m just pretty, and you’re probably really ugly.”

:: Stop Stealing My Pictures! ::

*(Had to share these with you guys because
Shit is
br00t4l! And uh, yeah…the alliterative name?
Published under it “
way before MySpace.”
K4’s trademark symbol is a nice touch touch though, right?)

✮ ✬ ✮

The first clip is by Andrew Bravener;

The second? EffSwap.

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So, Yeah: I’ve Had A Few Problems Twit & Twattering Around…

(Please give the image a hot little minute to load):

In short?

(It’s astounding the changes a 140 character limit imposes…)

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