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In Circulation: Two New Stories

nope, of clicky-links to URLs with disappearing ink I do not speak. Au contraire, I’m talkin’ bout publications— the tactile experience of fingertips brushing against pressed paper.  The tender crease of a spine. The stink of ink spiraling up one’s nostrillus maximus & connecting with receptors in the limbic area, stimulating electrochemical signals.

My favorite words come bearing risk of paper cuts

Vorsicht! Consider yourself hereby forewarned:
it seems I’m particularly fond of italics this fine day…


Royal Proclamation Number One:
(a fanfare is appropriate)

The latest issue of the rad-ass, bad-ass literary journal Gertrude

is OUT—&
includes my short story “Sugar Rush”: a tribute to
C U L I N A R Y . P E R V E R Y

That’s right, baby—we’re gonna get baked, & then you get  C a k e d…


A H E M !
So anyway

[from the publishers]:

“To commemorate this milestone release [issue 15 of Gertrude],we put out a call for writing & visual art
that explores, celebrates or subverts queer stereotypes. ‘The Gay Issue’ represents the diversity & talent
of the LGBTQA community.”

80 perfect-bound pages of flamboyant wit, 19 verse-slingers serving noteworthy lit, &
seven shades of wickedawesome visual artistry on eight full-color inserts that
one prancy fagocytosist went way gay over, on the tip of the APA
that’d be numbers & statistics; thank.you.ever.so


Michelle Auerbach, David Brennan, Wayne Bund, Clint Catalyst, Nicole J. Georges,
Jeremy Halinen
, Daniel W.K. Lee, Kirsty Logan along with nine other lesbi-luminaries &
rump-wranglin’ Cult Icons-In-The-Makin’ that any cool-enough-to-singe-flesh-upon-contact
member of the cognoscenti c/should expect to find included among the impeccably-edited
roster of a journal esteemed as such/such as this…

Nonetheless, not unlike the dry ice to which I alluded a mere skip backwards o’er single perioddical: that’s a
scavenger hunt I’ll leave for you & your ducats to embark upon, darlin’

G E T ± S O M E


[though as an ápertif, an excerpt of my story]:

As the adage goes, ‘A Don’t Is A Delicious Invitation To Do.’  In the sexual practice known as “caking,” it’s particularly true.

I can’t take credit for coming up with this deviation of the old in and out, though unlike the lot of other subversive acts referred to as the stuff of urban legend—the Dirty Sanchez, Blumpkin, Cleveland Steamer, Chili Dog, et al—I’m honored to say I can vouch for its point of origin, and am a mere one degree of separation from its source.

“Caking” came about during the darkest days of that carb-counting craze when solo patties of beef were the new burger, and a demeanor bitter as Susan Atkins was the new black. It was socially acceptable to have breath that smelled like a fresh slaughter, so long as we weren’t seen consuming anything in a public setting that bore even the faintest traces of Evil Incarnate: refined sugar.


:: yes bitches, shit gets good up in thurr ::


Royal Proclamation Number Two:
(not only/but also)

Baby, I’ve Got Some More Good Word For You…

From the publishing house, social network & international non-profit, Little Episodes—an organization that “promotes the arts as a therapeutic tool & platform to incite empathy and understanding”—comes the anthology Brainstorms

© Little Episodes Publishing, 2010 • ISBN 978-0-9565003-1-1 • Edited by Fawn Neün

“featuring work by Melvin BurgessTodd SwiftSadie Frost, Nina Antonia & Clint Catalyst, Brainstorms is the second volume in the ‘Expression of Depression’ series, a collection of poetry & short fiction from established & emerging talent.”

[from Little Episodes founder Lucie Barât]:

“The launch of our second anthology is a statement of intent. We aim to de-stigmatise depression and promote compassion & understanding rather than fear and embarrassment. The opportunity to create and subsequently publish art will give people a sense of well-being which could aid in their recovery.”

[from the printed matter]
an excerpt from my short story “Breaking Up With Tina”:

Whenever I hear recovery folks recite the slogan that their ‘worst day sober is still better than [their] best day using, ‘ I can’t help but feel my eyes rolling.  For that I have four words: They Needed Another Dealer.

Oh!  & H-e-ey Old-Schoolers, spot check how that paragraph comes to a Grinding Halt:

…And in the words of The Cure’s vocalist, Robert Smith, the further I got from the things I care about, the less I cared about how much further away I got.


order now

H E R E :: via ::  H E R E

peek at the back flap*

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Call For Submissions: Authors, Photographers, Visual Artists… Check It!

up first, from Little Episodes


Little Episodes is currently accepting submissions for its second anthology Brainstorms, as part of the Expression of Depression series.

We are looking for examples of poetry, lyrics, short stories, excerpts of scripts, and artwork (Black and White ONLY) from both established and emerging talent who wish to support the work of Little Episodes.

Deadline for Submissions: July 31st, 2010.

Simply sign up and start submitting here

(Please Note that in order to better deal with submissions, LE has adopted a new file management system, and are no longer accepting submissions by email.)



The latest in the anthology series Shades of Truth by Pinchback Press!

Caught: True Crime Tales of Scamming, Scheming & Sliding By

“Whether you’ve stolen, conned, lied, or cheated: here is your chance to come clean. Tell us about the times you’ve ripped someone off, the five finger discounts you’ve taken, the little white lies you’ve told. Confession is good for the soul and we want to hear every crafty detail of yours. Tell us the tactless, the tricky and the downright terrible and we may want to publish it.

We are interested in unique personal essays that will disgust and delight readers. We want to hear from everyone, from petty criminals to hardened cons. Submissions might play with the nurture vs. nature theme, could be mastermind masterpieces, or may even be ‘anti’ crime; the collection as whole will evoke strong emotion and stand out in this popular genre.

A pseudonym may be used to protect your identity–just let us know! (Your secrets are safe with us).


All essays should be nonfiction narratives, written in the first-person. Focus on one or a few selected events; do not send rants or political speeches. Stories should be titled. Essays should be between 1000 – 5000 words, double-spaced, paginated and word-processed. No funky fonts, please.

Please include a brief bio (1-3 sentences) at the end of your submission.


August 1, 2010

Please send your submissions to: blue@pinchbackpress.com

Writers chosen for the book will be contacted by September 2010. Their selected stories will be published in an anthology to be released by winter 2011. Each contributor receives two free copies of the finished book.”


& next?

One that sent me into such a LOLercaust, I spewed Diet Coke all over myself:

90 Kinds Of Bitches

“There are 90 kinds of bitches.
Found on the floor of a 3rd Grade Washington D.C. classroom, ‘Types of Bitches’ is this season’s must-read Internet meme.  Alternatively offensive and hilarious, the school kids list of 90 different kinds of bitches (example:  “Talking behind your back bitches”, “White bitches that think black people poor”, “Geekin bitches”) begs for reinterpretation. If you’d like to learn more about the original list, visit And I Am Not Lying

Launching in late May, KINDS OF BITCHES is an art-blog project. Each post will feature one of the 90 types of bitches– with a photo and a 500-700 word written piece about that kind of bitch.  The goal of the site is to subvert the sexism/ gender identity of the list, while also celebrating feminity. If all goes well, we hope to make this into a book.

We’re looking for talented writers and photographers to submit to this unique project. Please pass this along and repost.

- Select a type of bitch from the list below.
- Write 500-700 words about the type. It can be a story, an essay, a personal memory, even a poem. Use your bitch as a starting point. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us think.
- Email your submission in the body of an email along with your name to listmaker@kindsofbitches.com
- If selected, we’ll contact you with more info.

- Select a type of bitch from the list below.
- Make an original image inspired by your bitch.  You can use all the tricks of the trade to make your image, but no paintings or illustrations please.
- You must use your own image and/or have the copyright to whatever material you use (and be able to prove it.)
- Email your photo (no more than 5MB) as a PNG or JPG in an email along with your name to listmaker@kindsofbitches.com
- If selected, we’ll contact you with more info. Be ready to provide a hi-res version as well.”



…as for the types of bitches?

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New Short Story/Anthology Exclusive Out Now!

In the premiere release from Little Episodes, an international collaborative art project:

(Click Image Above To Order)

:: information about ::

“Depression, addiction and mental illness are common problems in the modern world, with one in four people likely to experience a mental health problem every year. Established in 2009, Little Episodes is a not-for-profit organization consisting of professional writers, artists, musicians and actors with two prongs to its mission statement. The first, to destigmatize depression, addiction and mental illness, whilst raising awareness and providing empathy. The second is to provide a platform for talented, emerging and established writers/artists to find community and recognition. We combine the two by giving our participating writers and artists the first statement as their theme.”

Founded in the U.K., Little Episodes also curates ‘Late Night Episodes,’ a recurring event featuring spoken word, performance, music and visual art.  Late Night Episodes is held at the Novas Contemporary Urban Centre (London) on the last Saturday of every month.

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