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Millennial Love Story

Thanks to Beauty Nursed On Darkness for the blog post, and to The Battered Suitcase, where the poem first appeared.

For information about the form in which this piece was written, please click HERE.
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Whimsicle Social Media Fuckery (What’s.The.Deal?Who’s.For.Real? ☀ MySpace ☀IN YOUR FACE!)

for “my best friends I’ve never met”:

“I just wanted to let you know that this is like, the only me… “

“O.K., I don’t photoshop my pictures. I’m just pretty, and you’re probably really ugly.”

:: Stop Stealing My Pictures! ::

*(Had to share these with you guys because
Shit is
br00t4l! And uh, yeah…the alliterative name?
Published under it “
way before MySpace.”
K4’s trademark symbol is a nice touch touch though, right?)

✮ ✬ ✮

The first clip is by Andrew Bravener;

The second? EffSwap.

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Interview on Eliza Cuts’ Show on Fearless Radio.com — June 17, 2007

Clint Catalyst Interview with Eliza Cuts (mp3)

Ah: Poor Naja and Audrey…

Rather than start another blog only to scrap it out of frustration–I’m working on getting my new manuscript together, among other things–I thought it only apropos to share what life has been like for some of my ‘other’ personalities…

“Clawz” by Suren from Strange Angel Films

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