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Hilary Goldberg’s recLAmation: Watch It; Win One of Three Signed DVDs

So, let’s talk about Hilary Goldberg‘s recLAmation, a feature-length genre-hopping experimental documentary-slash-fictive narrative shot on Super 8, in which capitalism in contemporary Los Angeles is overthrown, and queer superheroes — one of which there’s a more-than-decent chance I inhabit via Gaylord Wilshire, spandex tights and flame-retardant cape notwithstanding — navigate a possible future.

Hilary Goldberg, recLAmation, movie

Yes. Yes, let’s talk about it. I spoke of its unique tripartite structure in a previous post, though in brief : In the first two sections, Consumption and Colonization, personal narratives interact with moving images of contemporary Los Angeles, stop motion animation, and sound design. Writer/director Goldberg’s memoir unfolds, offering reflections on time spent with her mother’s violent fiancé and in a mental hospital.

The filmmaker’s recollection of forced institutionalization is as poetic as it is poignant.

[ An excerpt ] :

“There were no ‘Please Do Not Disturb’ signs on the doorknobs because it was too late. Ghosts haunted the halls, moaning and groaning with each unbearable second. People cried and screamed and urinated on the floor. A man continuously kicked himself in the head with his bare foot. Others paced quietly, then dropped to the ground in fits of madness with intervals like a John Cage composition.”

As with the stark black and white film stock utilized in Goldberg’s neo-noir project In The Spotlight, the employment of Super 8 — an anamorphic film format known for producing a unique dream-like quality, as if everything is coated in an amniotic haze; it’s also believed to invoke feelings of nostalgia for the viewer, mimicking a sense of connection to the material presented — renders these passages particularly powerful.

Then? Then comes the third section : a fictional narrative envisions a dream of Los Angeles after it has been liberated from capitalism.

At any rate, after a successful international tour and critically-acclaimed jaunt around the festival circuit, it’s available to view via streaming, here and now. . .

The film stars Joy Anderson, Clint Catalyst, Irina Contreras, Amy Goodman, Jessica Gudiel, Jessica Hoffmann — with narration by Goldberg.

Preview, film stills, and contest info “beneath the cut” . . .

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August/September Issue of Auxiliary Magazine

Auxiliary = alternative, supplementary, to provide what is missing, to give support

Auxiliary Magazine,Clint Catalyst

from the site page:

“The August/September issue is the eleventh issue of Auxiliary, a magazine dedicated to alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle.  This issue is packed with interviews, including Android Lust, Nina Flowers of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Michael Swaim of Cracked.com, and Andy Deane of Bella Morte.  The issue also contains a military inspired fashion editorial, a beauty editorial that will teach you to get smart, a style editorial guide to wearing harnesses, a mod inspired style feature, and editorials from two notable writers, Clint Catalyst* and Grumpy Owl.  It also features DJ picks from Volvox, a beauty feature on how to achieve the look of a 2026 starlet, and fashion by Steam Trunk, Cyberoptix TieLab, Dace, S&G, Skingraft, Fluevog, Audra Jean, Garbage Dress, EC Star, Steady, and much much more.”

and—although credited in the issue, just as my own little Damn Straight, I Love My Friends—here & now:
*featuring the photography of Dirk Mai, wardrobe by Mother of London & Stacey Hummell make-up artistry.

To download a free .pdf, or for ordering information on a print copy, either click the image above or GO HERE.

✷ Special thanks to editor Jennifer Link! ✷

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The Gen Art Alumni Fashion Fete

in Los Angeles : March 16, 2010

Gen Art, a national organization dedicated to promoting and supporting excellence among emerging talent, joined forces with 17 of the non-profit’s “Fresh Faces In Fashion” alumni for an event not only celebrating the Los Angeles fashion community as a whole, but also specifically acknowledging the contributions of the designers who have been featured through the Gen Art design platform.

Each of the designers was accompanied by a model to showcase a signature look from their forthcoming collections.

I, on the other treacherously manicured claw, attended

With My Comrade, The Multi-Talented Zoetica Ebb

Picture 1 of 23

:: whom I'm extremely grateful shared her images from the swanky soirée, as the pictures I snapped are an experiment in 'amateur hour' :: seriously? :: but seriously... ::

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Scrying. Divination. Skin. Magick. Mad Style. Ten Inchers. † THESE NEW PURITANS †

Hidden, the sophomore release by British “art-rockers” These New Puritans, is now available Stateside. You know, as in: domestically. It’s a lot of things, this aural assault : a mélange of the cinematic and the classical, the intimate and the evasive, the post-modern and the profound. However, one adjective that isn’t applicable for what’s quickly become my favorite release of the year? Sophomoric.

Spot-check this Most Correct clip for the album’s single “We Want War,” directed by Daniel Askill:

Created by Jordan Askill, I’m a bit in awe of that Battle Cat Head Piece . . .

Oh! And for those prone to the “Covet / Love It” when it comes to collectibles, These New Puritans have rarities to offer their disciples :

[ A deluxe version of the CD, complete with 80 pg. hardback book? Drool-worthy. ]

Full Disclosure: While I loathe band groupies [ Seriously : Try screaming at an art opening or academic conference — that’s subversive…whereas offering to give roadies head for a laminate back-stage? Such a seventies’ cliché; I’m yawning ], I have an insatiable affinity for the Limited-Edition / Signed-and-Numbered / Gatefold / Box Set / 3″ CD / 10″ EP / Colored Vinyl / Picture Disc of It All.

Alright, then. Moving right along…

[ Photo source : Last.fm ]

The video for “Elvis,” a single from the band’s premiere album Beat Pyramid, is also Most God, Indeed.

† “We’re all waiting / Or Forever Made / And if there is a God, then please take me up…” †

Consider the gents on the handsome side?  You’re not alone. Twin brothers Jack [ vocals ] and George Barnett [ drums ] have been ogled by the fashion set since the band’s inception in 2005. Before they’d even released a full-length album, designer Hedi Slimane commissioned the “band” [ translation: George, whom Slimane also featured on the catwalk ] to record a soundtrack for his final collection at Dior Homme, the “Hiver” 2007 runway show. This was Barnett’s first professional modeling gig, though the demand for pale, angular creatures from the xy set has kept him busy: campaigns for Lanvin and Ray-Ban; editorials in Dazed & Confused, Zoo, Arena Homme +, 10, GQ, Another Man, and Vogue Hommes Japan — and runway work for dozens of designers, including Burberry Fall/Winter 10/11, Prada, YSL, Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Dries van Noten, Veronique Branquinho, Galliano, and Gucci.

However, insofar as far as my own taste goes? Not that you asked, but I’m backin’ Jack over George. And speaking of back, let’s do exactly THAT


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“Delphinium” Awarded Grand Prize; March Screenings Listed…

Congratulations are in order for auteur Matthew Mishory—in whose biopic  “Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait Of Derek Jarman” I’m honored to appear—for winning The Eastman Kodak Grand Prize for Best Short Film at this year’s US Super 8 and DV Film Festival!

:: forthcoming :: screenings ::

March 4, 2010 & March 6, 2010


The Durango International Film Festival in Colorado,

March 5, 2010


The Hole On The Hill Gallery & Art Space in Seattle,

as well as

March 10, 2010:

Australian premiere at the
Byron International Film Festival.

“The more personal and affectionate paeans to Derek’s life and work that are out there, like this gorgeous little film, the better.”

Scott Treleaven, visual artist and filmmaker

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Envy: A New Fashion Magazine from The Creators of The Fashionably Independent

The Widget?  Pentegram, fully throwin’ down…

(That’d be five stars, in case my strand of Polari doesn’t translate well.)

Fully backin’ the ability to customize the size and lay-out options, as well as the international content contained therein.

To be honest, I’d rate the content in the current “issue” as a 4.5—meaning, of course, I know full well The Indie Fashion crew is capable of upping the ante beyond the established paradigm.

My request? Sprinkle in some content from Japanese men’s Vogue—as I’ve yet to see a single copy at any news stand (and I live in L.A., for F’s sake)… but the scant amount I’ve been fortunate to locate on-line?

Sleek as an Atsuko Kudo latex pencil skirt freshly polished. Sophisticated. Deliciously androgynous.

Of course, there’s also the occasional editorial in Imago ‘zine (Canada), Gazelleland (New York), Coilhouse (Los Angeles) and the slew of $40-and-over periodicals rife with opulence, editorial genius and consummate consumer lust that creep their way over from Europe…

Because these?

Of course, this is merely my opinion: but it’s when these truly independent flashes of serendipity—synonymous far too often with short print runs before the recently-launched creations belly-up…

It’s when these disparate elements get stirred into an already stellar sampling of aspirational imagery

that my mind melds &

corneas are left burning with a brilliance that feels so

alive alive

Here’s to
Cheers from
The Future—

(& With Great Anticipation)


:: Ah Yes… & For Abe Gurko’s Brilliant Commentary On The White-Hot Little Miss Lohan? :: CLICK HERE ::

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Aural Fixation: 33 Tracks From The End Of The Aughts, My Heart To Your [Downloadable Device]*

✼—Limited Time Offer/”It’s A Lot Like Life”—✼

Alright you guys: Apart from a few tracks on which I had some creative involvement, I’ve never utilized Ye Olde Dot Com in the context of a public music share. Never until now, that is… With this: a veritable list of my 33 favorite songs from ’09.

As stated on Fluxblog, Music For Robots, NME’s “Daily Download”, Music Is Art, Glorious Noise and a slew of other noteworthy locales among the internet ethers, any music posted is provided under a code of ethics ✼ [& Disclaimer]

Though it should go without saying, if anything from this catalogue aux Catalottalisps moves your spirit, contributes to involuntary thrusts of elbows and hipbones, or just plain pleases your ear canal with good aural: give the musicians some much-deserved love and support. That’s “love” as in: the kind from your pocketbook—not Nature’s Little Pocket, and “support” that doesn’t involve an underwire or cup size.  Odds are, Pamela Des Barres has that Other territory covered, anyway—unless VH1’s Next Big Hit: a competitive “reality” series entitled Groupie: Go Ho or Go Home! is still in negotiations.

So, yes…here’s my first Em Pee Three Web Log

a play list intended as a means of promoting the artists as well as the art

for the sake of art itself:

The creative spirit is contagious

and these are the the lullabies that transmit inspiration
Lily Allen and Annie’s bubblegum pop with biting, cyanide-laced lyrics that
induced an emotional imprint, capture an essence:
the interrobang I experienced upon hearing the somber vocals of Fever Ray’s Karin Andersson
collide with boody-bass, a re-mix that shatters her glacial strip-tease & throws everything
off, like the crepuscular hour in which I was first infected by Demdike Stare:
hunched over at my desk, fist gripped around a sweat-slick black Ticonderoga, that
late night/early morning’s weapon of choice for my
battle with words—though what I fought more than anything was to stay awake
floating in and out of consciousness, when
suddenly and without warning, I was surrounded by an echoing incantation
that rose up, a miasma as mysterious as voodou yet synthetic, manufactured, cold

Wait…What the F was I rambling about?

:: never mind all that :: just ::

close your eyes :: inhale deeply, & :: listen

pictured above :: the big pink

Metric“Help I’m Alive (Immuzikation B-Ting Like A Hammer Remix)”

The Big Pink“Dominos”

Fever Ray“When I Grow Old (Bassnectar Remix)”

The Joy Formidable“The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade”

Twisted Wires“One Night At The Raw Deal”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs“Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)”

Simian Mobile Disco (featuring Beth Ditto)“Cruel Intentions”

As Tall As Lions“You Can’t Take It With You”

Bat For Lashes “Daniel (Death Metal Disco Scene Remix)”

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart“Everything With You”

The xx “Basic Space (Astronomer Remix)”

Lykke Li“Knocked Up (Kings of Leon Cover: Death To The Throne Remix)”

Health“Die Slow”

Veil Veil Vanish“Anthem for a Doomed Youth”

Passion Pit“The Reeling”

Hunz“Draw The Line”

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Archived Blogature: Birthday Party, 2008

Clint Catalyst birthday party 2008