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From The Archives, By Special Request—Beth Ditto’s Introductory Taste Of The Luxe Life

A brisk re-wind to the lead singer of [The] Gossip‘s first time

( . . . getting “dolled-up” for a glamour shoot, that is!)

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Frontiers magazine : December 5, 2006 : Volume 25, Number 15

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The magic that resulted was a team effort, for which Serious Propers are in order:

Photography by Albert Sanchez (www.albertsanchez.com)
Makeup by Cherie Combs (www.margaretmaldonado.com)
Hair by Tony Chavez (www.tonychavez.net) for Kérastase Paris
Propmaster/Art Direction: Pedro Zalba

Mini-Dress with Matching Cuffs by Abigail Adams (www.abigailadamsdesign.com)
Necklace by Tarina Tarantino (www.tarinatarantino.com)
Shoes by Abaeté for Payless
Switchblade Comb: “Bartering” Scam by Yours Truly

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So Miss Thing Is A “Style Icon” Now, Huh?!

Mmm-hrmm, yeah:

Well, “I Knew Her When. . .” &
“I was there, grrl!”
Sure was.


Massive thanks to Alex Cho and Frontiers

And to Miss Ditto :
Sincere congratulations on your continued success . . .

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Gun-Metal Gray, Glistening Shades Of Oil & Shadow


Thanks to a number of friends aware of my affinity-bordering-on-obsession with actress and mega-model Kristen McMenamy, my in-box has been bombarded with .jpegs and .tiffs offering peeks into her latest performance: that of the ‘centerpiece’ for Viktor & Rolf‘s AW 2010/11 collection during Paris Women’s Fashion Week.

March 6, 2010 at Espace Ephemere Tuileries

:: The “Glamour Factory” as presented by Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren ::

one conveyor belt, two brilliant designers

ten layers of garments, their Ready-To-Wear collection

stripped off the show’s “leading lady,” piece by piece

oftentimes turning them inside out—before

dressing one of the walking-sticks models awaiting.

& then? the inverse:

each wearing black leather caps, sunglasses, their hair pulled back

top models, yes: but in this context,

all just “part of the machinery.”


:: & note :: the dress :: becomes a behemoth Elizabethan collar ::


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Archived: The King of What’s Next / Article from Frontiers Magazine

Volume 26, No. 5:

Frontiers magazine : Caroline Ryder

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