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Oh Really. Know What I Have To Say To That?

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animated gif, funny, reaction

animated gif, the olsen twins

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animated gif, goth girl, blah blah blah

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Well. . . Truth Of The Matter Is

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James Franco, animated gif, text, phone, sex
James Franco, animated gif, comment response, yes
James Franco, animated gif, low resolution, reaction gif, yes
James Franco, animated gif, low resolution, comment response, yes
animated gif, yes, good phone, phone sex, crop
animated gif, sparkly, stars, twinkling

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Animated GIF, Jem, Holograms, Funny

Or, uh . . . guess I suppose she did
Jem baby, you truly are outrageous!

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glitch, animated gif, glitch gif, funny, comment response, deal with it

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Glitched To The Tits and Tellin’ It Like It Is

glitch, animated gif, gay, comment response

[ Chris Tucker : Ruby Rhod : The Fifth Element ]

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Bitch, You Ain’t Kawaii . . . Don’t Even Try It

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Posh Girl Problems

Shocked and Devastated

Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, animated gif

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Brittany Kore: §HE’§ BACK FOR MORE // §ádicious Infernal: THEY KNOW THE §CORE

In support of the latest release by §ilver §train,
It’s Witchcraft & Mexploitation
F o r    T h e    W i n

[ …&—as usual—I am wickedinsaniacobsessively lovin’ it! ]

U p . F i r s t ,
an excerpt from
“The Return of Brittany Kore”

After A Taste,

The Full-Length Version
For Your Streamin’ and Screamin':

Brittanny Kore [ complete ] by §

N e x t  :  I t ‘ s

Bank-Thievin’, Blood-Thirsty Nuns;
Russian Roulette With Fearless Punks;
An Abrupt and Vulgar Wriggling of The Pierced Tongue-In-Chic
That’s As Uncomfortably Humorous As It Is
Sexy and Sadistic —

E  x  p  e  r  i  e  n  c  e

“Sádicios Infernal”

Visit the Black Bvs Records shop for the CD-R La Main Gauche,
on which both tracks appear:


— For A Good Time —
Follow Black Bvs Records on tumblr:


╬  [ Product Info ] :  ╬

Full color artwork on CD-R & 300g folded cardboard, in miniature LP style plastic sleeve

Front cover photo by Sonja Todorović

Back cover collage by Calla Donofrio

Disc art by §

Hand-numbered, Limited Edition of 100 Copies Available

╬  [ Acknowledged  Credits ] :  ╬

“Brittany Kore”

Non-Profit Tribute to The Craft


Editing, Titles & Music by § :

MySpace Profile
§ilver §train Facebook

well as

Choral Chants by ☾∧† ◯

“Sádicios Infernal”

Fake Trailer / Non-Profit Video Tribute to Mexploitation


Editing, Titles, Blood
& Music by §

addition to

the Choral Chants of ☾∧† ◯

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Love You More Than Skeletor

Limp-Wristin’ and Hip-Twistin’ . . .

[ And Baby, That’s a Lot! ]

Review of Pills, Thrills, Chills and Heartache — Morbid Outlook

June 2004

Special Thanks to Andrew Fenner &
Mistress McCutchan

[ Source: Morbid Outlook ]


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