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She Ain’t Ugly; She’s My Shyla.

Rifling through the ridiculous four-digit number of unanswered missives clogging my In-Box like a steady diet of deep-fried dill pickles, KFC and biscuits slathered in bacon fat does the arteries, it took but a cursory glance at the last sacrilegious e-card Ugly Shyla sent starring Scooter (R.I.P.), her three-legged cat, and I was transported back to April of 2003.  Convergence, an annual festival for those more shadowy in spirit, had booked me as a spoken word performer among that year’s roster.  Jared, ever the trooper in terms of road trips, had joined me on this excursion to Las Vegas: convention capitol of the world, tackiest city in the country, and home of the flamingo-themed Hilton hotel where for four days it was as if a black cloud descended upon its fuchsia presence.

That’s when I first “officially” met Shyla ♥—

Why the quotation marks?  A counter-culture periodical entitled  Swag had premiered around this time, and both Shyla and I graced its pages.  I’d read the feature on her and hence already knew about the ‘morbid fine art’ dolls she creates, her involvement with the performance art troupe (A-M-F), her wicked sense of personal style (fish-hooks through flesh used in lieu of garter belts), how her mom (known in the scene as ‘Goth Mom’) turned her on to the joys of John Waters, Satanism and transvestites.  All of that was fine and fascinating, but—more than anything—I was intrigued by the knowledge that this remarkable creature hailed from a tiny town called Jennings, Louisiana.

My own history composed of 18 years in Nowheresville, Arkansas—where I grew up not on a street, but a ‘Rural Route’ consisting of dirt and gravel—I can’t help but be drawn to other southern-fried freaks.  Not so much for the sake of sharing tear-stained stories of persecution, but rather because some of the most fascinating individuals I’ve ever met have sprouted from completely random spots among The Fly-Over States’ detritus.  While it sucked with sharp fangs during those days of puberty and pimples, I’m grateful to have developed as an individual without a clique to inform or guide me.  Said another way?  There was no “Check-List of Cool,” no tables in the caf polarized by those who fit within the parameters of Punk, Goth, Mod, Ska, etc.

When there’s no need to conform among the non-conformists?  That’s when the aberrant has an opportunity to define itself.

But I digress.  Ugly Shyla is aberrant, if anything—and sick, sick, siiiick in the best sense of the word.

::  A Sexy Shyla Pin-Up Print :: Available Through Her Web Shop ::

We clocked each other in the (ahem) “Bizarre Bazaar”: me in a custom Liz McGrath pinstripe suit adorned with gaping wounds and open sores oozing with red glitter; she in a pristine white baby doll dress that’d been ripped apart and re-stitched with thick black thread to match her full-eye black sclera contacts.

Sure, there’s the blue hair, the fishnets: this is familiar territory for most of us.

But once we made it past the “Don’t-I-Know-You-From…” social pleasantries?

That’s when I began to learn the good stuff.

:: artwork utilizing menstrual blood as a medium ::

Don’t just take my word for it, though.

Stop by her self-proclaimed “trailer park of the internet” ( Ugly Shyla Dot Com ); peruse her on-line gallery ( Ugly Art Dot Net ); give her Etsy marketplace a gander ( Ugly Art On Etsy ) and come to your own conclusions.

Rather than a welcome mat, you’ll be greeted by an image of your hostess bound in a warm, fuzzy straightjacket.  It might be hard to make out what she’s saying on account of the Hannibal Lecter-Lite safety guard that obscures her mouth…but if you look deep into those eyes eclipsed by contact lenses a ruptured shade of red, there’s an inherent sense that in Ugly Shyla’s world—complete with gauche magenta-on-pink animal-print wallpaper and the royal proclamation “Mental Illness With Style” scrawled in a gorgeous font rife with manic intensity—this is her version of an invitation to step inside.

Then, once you ease into the nascent stages of dementia via multi-sensory bombardment,

once you abandon all distinctions between what’s extreme and what’s extremely absurd,

it’s hard not to feel immediately welcomed…and at home.

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Put On Your Finest Gore Couture for “ALL ABOUT EVIL: The Peaches Christ Experience In 4-D!”

Saturday, July 10th     †     2010      †      The Vista Theatre
This Is Ain’t Your Standard Midnight Screening, MoFos… This Is Peaches Christ
Serving Southern California A Serious Dose of Correctness Uninterruptus

»  With A Spine-Snap Twist  «

All About Evil is Joshua “Peaches” Grannell‘s First Written-&-Directed-By Feature
(And It’s Bloody Brilliant!)

experience. this. Tour de Fierce!

Peaches Christ, Thomas DekkerLook out! Your town is next!

Peaches Christ Productions and The Vista Theatre are proud to announce the special Los Angeles engagement of “ALL ABOUT EVIL: The Peaches Christ Experience in 4-D” on July 10, 2010 at The Vista Theatre, located in the city’s beautiful Silverlake District.

Directed by Joshua Grannell, the alter-ego of San Francisco drag sensation Peaches Christ, this very special event will include a pre-film “spooktacular” hosted by Peaches Christ herself, and feature a live performance by EVIL star Thomas Dekker, from the recent Nightmare on Elm Street remake, with his back-up group “The EVIL kids”: All About Evil co-stars Jade & Nikita Ramsey, Ashley Fink, and Anthony Fitzgerald.

So LOS ANGELES! Get Ready to Satiate Your Midnight Movie Appetite!

Elvira, Mistress of the DarkPart of the 4-D experience includes a very special guest appearance and pre-show interview with Cassandra Peterson (Elvria, Mistress of the Dark), as well as an audience Q&A.

Fresh from the roaring successes of its World Premiere in San Francisco, as well as a sold-out screening in Austin, TX last month at the famed Alamo Drafthouse, All About Evil, and in particular the Peaches Christ Experience in 4-D, is fast becoming the show to see this summer. A cast of ghouls! William Castle-styled hi-jinks! Flat-out EVIL fun!

Natasha LyonneDon’t miss this chance to see the film as it’s meant to be seen! In Four Frightening Dimensions!

Additionally, Peaches Christ also strongly encourages audience members to be creative, have fun, and dress up in their finest “gore couture!”

Missing limbs? That’s alright – Peaches believes that less is more when it comes to the gore, couture that is. Is your fierce, new shirt all blood-stained? Don’t fret, Peaches’ believes you should be proud of your day’s messy work. Everything goes better with horror!

Deranged Divas! Brainwashed Back-up Dancers! Wasp Women! Vampires! Deformed Nuclear Fallout Survivors! (Yes, you read that correctly…) This show runs the gamut from Aliens to Zombies.

drag queensAside from the Guignol Grand Dame emcee and guide through this evening of violence, Peaches Christ, the show’s Midnight Mass Players include the dark, demented talents of Trixxie Carr (right), PJ Soulless, Tan-Gyna, Hugz Bunny, Lil’ Evie, L. Ron Hubby (below), Lady Bear, Mad Magda & MORE!!

It will be a night to dismember, and you won’t want to miss being at the beautiful, historic Vista Theatre so you can say you were there to be an actual part of the gorgeous EVIL


peaches christ, joshua grannellSaturday, July 10th, 2010

The Vista Theatre

4473 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Tickets: $15 Show time: Midnight

Advance tickets readily available for you at: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/113708

Interact with Peaches Christ on her official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/peacheschrist

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