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Stolen and Forbidden: Bad Behavior, Good Times

All the rumors are true! Stolen and Forbidden — the event a particular Steven Reigns curated, and I mentioned in the not-so-distant past — is available for viewing, now : at no expense! In the comfort and privacy of your own home . . .

Crack open a fresh can of Crisco; slam-dunk those dentures in a fizz of Polident. It’s about to get real up in here — and by real, I mean really entertaining!

With . . .

Video Documentation, Featuring :

Intro by John D’Amico : 0:09

Steven Reigns : 1:31

Clint Catalyst : 14:47

Bernard Cooper : 30:07

Jonny McGovern : 40:40

Bruce Vilanch : 52:03

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August 10, 2008: “Parties”

Tangents = GOOD TIMES

10 August, 2008, 04:54 am in “Parties”

As a little kid, I remember summer vacations seeming like extended slices of forever…and visits from Santa? Pretty much a lifetime away.

These days, weeks pass in what seems like the time it takes to get my hair done…(then again, I do go for some pretty elaborate shit…)

And you know what else?

My fingernails are still rimmed in a filthy black from the spur-of-the-moment RIT dye job I did on my black Ksubis to make them match my plain black jacket. I’ve been known to have a bit of a conniption fit when my blacks don’t match…and regarding the term “conniption”? I grew up in Arkansas. It’s part of my twisted charm. Just like the obnoxious music some denizen among my cluster of quaint little cottages is playing at the moment, I have three words to offer:

Deal with it.

So anyway, I know a multitude of posts and various commentary have been floating around this dang fanangled internet for quite some time now regarding the Hello Drama! fashion show. Both the harlequin-hopped-up-on-helium make-up (by Michele Monaco) and the outfits themselves were out of my usual “comfort zone.’ But you know what?

I already know what I already know. Ya feel me?

Here’s a backstage shot of me from that night with L.A.’s latest addition, Kaiden Blake:

clint catalyst, kaiden blake

As an obnoxious Aries (who? Impulsive? Impatient? ME?), it’s no wonder I’m pals with so many relatives among the fire signs—namely, Leos…as it’s their time of astrological reign.

Some nights include hitting up multiple events (which is a luxury problem: Full Disclosure.

Last Friday? Three of us, two birthdays, one night.

Our first stop was a sideshow (s)extravaganza (O.K.: for once, the “(s)” is fully for the lulz. Got it?) being thrown for actress/model Mageina Tovah. Look how damn tan and HEALTHY she looks next to my pasty ol’ spf 30 sunblock self!

Clint Catalyst,Mageina Tovah

And though I feel I look like death’s rectum in this shot, I can’t help but share it because it’s such a flattering photo of Jared:

Mageina Clint Excellent Jared Photo

Besides for appearing in a buttload of movies and T.V. shows, Mageina’s modeled for several Jared Gold fashion shows, as has the star of our next stop:

Audrey Kitching,Los Angeles,Audrey Kitching's Surprise Birthday Party,scene queen,The Elegant Mess

Lil’ Miss Audrey Kitching of the cotton candy-hued hair, whose shin-dig was a surprise put together by Alyx Suttle and Jessicka, two of her West Coast friends.

with Alyx, who threw the party at her store The Elegant Mess

Jessicka, however, I’d say was anything but a mess. As a matter of fact, this skinny betch pulled of what’s undoubtedly my

Look of the Moment:


Brightly-hued stings of licorice tied together and worn as necklaces? FULLY support it.

Knotted together and worn as an American Apparel-esque headband, however?


Think happy thoughts instead:

Audrey Receives Her Cake
Jared, Presenting One Of His Infamous Cakes

need. piece. now.

Justin Strawberry Audrey Alyx Jared
Justin Coloma and Linda Strawberry Join In The KITCH SANDWICH

Roxy Audrey Jessicka B.J.
With Roxy and B.J., Who Gets The Idea…EDIBLE ACCESSORIES?
That’d be a Hell Yeah!

Jessicka Clint Kaiden Dressing Room
After We Gnawed On Her Necklaces (Keep It Clean, Kids!)

We Had A Bit Of Fun In The Dressing Room…

Jared Audrey Clint Jessicka Kaiden
Though As With Anything, My Face “Gave It Away…”

When I begin turning, it’s best for everyone that I make “Bye Bye”…and SOON. Kaiden, Jared and I began to make tracks back to his vehicular

But I had one special gift left to give…

Clint Peeing: Fact or Fiction?
The Question Remains:

Fact or fiction?

Kiss Kiss!