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Well. . . Truth Of The Matter Is

animated gif, sparkly, stars, twinkling
James Franco, animated gif, text, phone, sex
James Franco, animated gif, comment response, yes
James Franco, animated gif, low resolution, reaction gif, yes
James Franco, animated gif, low resolution, comment response, yes
animated gif, yes, good phone, phone sex, crop
animated gif, sparkly, stars, twinkling

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Tumblr Reciprocation : Life Beyond The “68-&-Owe-One” Mentality

Oh, sweetness. Is it too much to fathom, the thought of dipping into the population?
This business with the little people—you know, your “followers”. . .
Can you simply Not. Be. Bothered?


Excluding the rare exception [ namely, bashin’ my dash with—well, content I don’t want to encourage;
hence, the deliberate omission]
, I don’t understand why a person wouldn’t “follow back.” Granted,
I’m still a novice in the grand scheme of tumblrification, but I don’t know of a means by which
one can tell how many “followers” a person has. . .nor do I care to, quite frankly.

I mean, MySpace has gone down the shitter—it doesn’t even have a name anymore;
that’s how far removed it is from social relevance.

Didn’t the myopic Don’t-You-Know-How-Many-“Friends”-I-Have mindset accompany it?


[ Seriously? But SERIOUSLY ]

Lindsay Lohan

It’s rudimentary, my take on this sitch:
the primary function of tumblr’s dashboard [ or “feed” ] is that of an open dialogue, a continuous conversation
in which anyone from the 200 countries scattered around this curious planet we inhabit
has a unique opportunity [ so long as there’s internet access, though that’s a given—
I might as well be telling you it gets dark at night. . . ]

Because tumblr’s predominant means of communication is by way of a visual vocabulary, the opportunity
of which I speak is the ability for an individual to participate in the site’s ostensibly endless discussion
without the usual complications 6,800 different languages present.

possession, GIF

Sure, music is a ‘universal language'; we’re familiar with the adage, most of us.

In the case of tumblr, however,
the ability to upload videos & mp3s further validates my premise/rationale, rather than dilutes it.

mod chick, gif
[ She’s So Happening, via ThreeFrames.net ]

So : short of the long? Yeah, I follow back.
I also acknowledge that the sum of one’s “followers” does not deify.

[ Icarus much? I’d mutter Give Me A Break, but we have our day in the sun : each & every. . . ]

Oh, & when I attend a potluck dinner?

I don’t only eat the dish I brought.

Christian Bale

#knowwhatimfawkinsayin’ ?

flowers, gif

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An Incendiary Matter [The Creative Spirit Is Contagious]


Greetings, Beloved Darklings, Queerios, Style Fiends
& Ne’er-Do-Wells…

As the sun begins its descent here in this Babylon-on-the-Pacific commonly referred to as Los Angeles, I propose a Theme for The Evening, most beloved blogerati. [ to do with as you will — or conversely, as you won’t ; who’s to say? ]

fire, gif, animated GIF, three frames

Inspired by this GIF-tastic little gem I’ve reblogged, courtesy of the kind folks at Three Frames [ attribution hereby duly noted : please.uh-huh,and.thanks ]

The motif proposed is that of

ᐞ△ᐞ · f i r e  · ᐞ△ᐞ

Represented by a particular symbol with ancient ties to the practice of alchemy, Fire is elemental.

“The energy of life manifests in two forms : fire and air. While both are predominately active in nature, fire is the more active of the two, with air being slightly passive because of the partial water element in its makeup. Potential Matter manifests its energy as water and earth.”

“The alchemical sulphur, or soul, of a thing predominates in the animating principles of energy (fire) and intelligence (air). Alchemical salt, or the physical body of a thing, predominates in unconscious forces, psychic, and instinctual intelligence (water) and solid matter (earth). Alchemical mercury, or general life force, predominates in intelligence (air) and instinctual forces, and psychic energy (water), as such it is the link, or bridge, between the higher forces of sulphur and the lower body of matter.”

[ sourcery ]

Nevertheless, my intent behind this post is not to point you in a single direction, but rather propose a topic to set one’s rhetorical embers ablaze, so to speak…

fire dancer, animated .gif


What role does fire play in your life?

Is it astrological?
[ Aries, 8th of April, in my case ]

[ Something you fear / something that incites desire, or is erotically-charged? ]

Or, better still:
Upon seeing or hearing the word,
Are there connotations that have little or nothing to do with what I’ve mentioned?

[ “Firestarter (3)” by Elizaveta Porodina ]

Whatever medium[s] of communication you might choose : words of your own, or that of another; photography [ ditto, self-created or reference points of inspiration ]; technology [ case in point: the animated .GIF embed herein ]; paint pencil canvas paper spray paint graffiti billboards buildings a keyboard the cello lit candles incantations magic mayhem…

Whew! Let me try that again . . . By whichever / whatever means you might choose, I look forward to seeing not just how you respond to me, but rather, something infinitely greater: the universal dialogue of creative expression, and the means by which it connects us, asserts our relevance at a specific moment in time.

Within / among / along the infinite umbilical cord that connects humanity ; the splendor of nature ; the universe.

Please Note: ISO attribution for photographs and / or uncredited GIFs. I discovered these “unsourced” posts during excavations at ImageShack, Imgur, TinyPic, et al, and would like to give credit wherever due! Thanks.

[ “The Dispossessed” by Bansidhe ]

[ “Hell” by *Rog* ]

[ “Fimmvörðuháls 3” by Rüdiger Þór ]

black candles, gif, macabre, animated gif

skull, gif, cigarette, animated GIF, The Doom Generation

gif, Red Hill, animated gif, fire

[ source : Three Frames via tumblr ]

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Spectres Among Us


Subliminal Stimuli, Lurking Beneath Conscious Perception

Can You See/Do You See/Do You Know
What Is It?

“We don’t see things as they are [;] We see them as we are.”
– Anais Nin

:: source of visual stimuli : Ariel Rebel’s Haunted Grafenberg Spot : on tumblr ::

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Well, I Think The Real Issue Here Is . . .

gif, Van Damme, dancing
Pleated Khaki Trousers, Dork-Ass Dance Moves and Damme ,
he’s gotta be puttin’ us on.

gif, lady snapping, animated GIF

O.K., O.K.! Maybe not, then.

puking rainbows

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