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Oh Really. Know What I Have To Say To That?

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Glitched To The Tits and Tellin’ It Like It Is

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[ Chris Tucker : Ruby Rhod : The Fifth Element ]

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Posh Girl Problems

Shocked and Devastated

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So Like, There’s This Game Called Scrabble . . .

Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith in Mean Girls

You might have heard of it?

Well, if you’ve seen the movie Mean Girls

mean girls, animated gif

Chances are, my response will make more sense.


[ Also : “Beneath the Cut,” a bonus ]

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Scene Et Al: Photographic Evidence Of Adventures ‘Out & About’

Screen Grab from Lina Lecaro's

Picture 1 of 4

Coverage of the Alice in Wonderland party at Royal/T on February 4, 2010

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Rad Swag, Cackles, “Polar Express”/”Dead Eyes Opened” That Really Put The SCARE In Scarecrow… Sounds Like A Party To Me!

Apparently, I’ve Got This ‘Thing’ For
Public Humiliation…

Well, that and the fact a friend of mine edited a new clip for me to post on The ‘Tubes that might very well be (no, I can’t believe I’m saying this, either) too ‘dark.’

Seriously?  SERIOUSLY.

Sheet left me in need of some Dorkus Maximus action
A.S.A.P. !

That’s why when I spotted this nifty little Widget celebrating the 70th anniversary of OZ? Whelp, if you’ve been ’round these parts of the Interwebz very much in the last 6 months, then you should already know (cough! PHOTO ALBUM cough!) I’ve got my claws way on up in that old-school biz with The Wiz…

(hack!  BLOG ARCHIVES, FASHION cough!)

Besides, what better way to whip out the ROFL-copter for a ride than by transforming myself into a brainless, cross-eyed ol’ Crow? (No disrespect to the celluloid masterpiece; I’m just a tad sore because I thought I’d get to morph into the Wicked Witch of the– oh wait. Scratch that. I guess it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for me, hrmm?)

At any rate, here’s what went down when I “got OZzy with it”:

Since the “CC-As-Crosseyed-Scarecrow” Show seems a bit persnickety, here’s a back-up:

Swept Away In A Cyclone…There’s No Place Like (Home?)

For CONTEST INFORMATION (& Other Coolness, Natch)—      Take a jump “BENEATH THE CUT!”

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Whimsicle Social Media Fuckery (What’s.The.Deal?Who’s.For.Real? ☀ MySpace ☀IN YOUR FACE!)

for “my best friends I’ve never met”:

“I just wanted to let you know that this is like, the only me… “

“O.K., I don’t photoshop my pictures. I’m just pretty, and you’re probably really ugly.”

:: Stop Stealing My Pictures! ::

*(Had to share these with you guys because
Shit is
br00t4l! And uh, yeah…the alliterative name?
Published under it “
way before MySpace.”
K4’s trademark symbol is a nice touch touch though, right?)

✮ ✬ ✮

The first clip is by Andrew Bravener;

The second? EffSwap.

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Clint Catalyst and Jayme Foxx Make Flavorwire’s “Top-Of-The-Vlogs/Favorite Fashion Videos!”


Hello, All You “4OJ” Burn-Outs, Shut-Ins, and What-Have’s!

Looks like it took a few weeks for word of this post to make the “Forwarding” rounds to my grubby little paws,

But considering the Altitude T.V. footage was shot around 9 months ago?

Ain’t even angry…

Ain’t even angry at all!

(Thanks for culling this one out of countless YouTube clips, Flavorpill!)

Top of the Vlogs: Our Favorite Fashion Videos
11:14 am Thursday Jun 11, 2009
by Sarah Sternberg
Where fashion blogs are for the most part mediocre and ubiquitous (other than this awesome and arty offering from twelve year old fashion blogger, Tavi) fashion videos on YouTube tend to follow suit with meaningless musings that are often more asinine and offensive than their blog counterparts. Luckily for you, we’ve trawled through them all to separate the wheat from the chaff (or the Hermes from the H&M) to bring you the best vlog offerings (and some hilarious one-off videos) from some highly questionable self-proclaimed stylists.

Fashion Police celebrate the L.A. Hipster

Hipsters get a pretty rough reception sometimes from mainstream culture, but this video shows the outrageous Clint Catalyst and Jayme Foxx boldly celebrating the errant ways of the LA hipster clan. You’ll love to hate them, yet begrudgingly agree with their Fashion Don’ts, and they’ll love you right back… after all irony is so in right now.

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Well, I Think The Real Issue Here Is . . .

gif, Van Damme, dancing
Pleated Khaki Trousers, Dork-Ass Dance Moves and Damme ,
he’s gotta be puttin’ us on.

gif, lady snapping, animated GIF

O.K., O.K.! Maybe not, then.

puking rainbows

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