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Tarina Tarantino Celebrates 70th Anniversary of OZ with FIDM

(Never mind the clichés of “better late…” nor excuses placing blame on technology. Here’s a different take–first-person and personal–and it’s happening NOW. // Said another way? It’s as current as that waft of air just inhaled, as immediate as a favorite fable. There are news feeds, and then there is that which feeds itself. And so this story goes, its entrance grand and by way of royal proclamation):

To any nay-sayers, or

perhaps those simply unaware of



Tarina Tarantino

throws a party,

it’s the real deal.

So much so, in fact,

that her recent collaborative effort with


the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

was a straight-up, full-on

molar-splitting, mind-bending

sensory overload…

Upon exiting the car at valet:

A diverse smattering of “Dorothy”s rockin’ blue-and-white gingham,
Camera flashes going POP!
(Massive thanks again, L.A. Times!)

A seven-story tall hot air balloon, flames lapping at the mouth of the nylon envelope

buoyant and bursting with color: its print

that of the classic Oz line-up
(Scarecrow, Tin-Man, Dorothy, Lion–and of course, little Toto!)

An outpouring of music, lyrics weaving their way through

the well-dressed crowd’s heightened conversations

“Did you see Kristen Cavallari?”” // actually, nope: I didn’t…but thanks all the same //
Syncopation and scents of appetizers in-the-making

A supreme delight: olfactory artistry

And in lieu of a red carpet?

True to the advice given by Glenda, the Good Witch–


was the hue to be followed…

It wasn’t until the soirée was winding down a bit
that the thought entered my thick skull

I had a camera of my own in my trusty black rubber “murse.”

And what better interrobang to provide that impetus than the devastating beauty

Debi Mazar

Actress and current model in the Double T’s “My Pretty” catalog

(She plays the Wicked Witch to Kelly Osborne’s take on That Girl From Kansas)

Ms. Mazar, I discovered, has another endeavor among her list of accolades:

Turns out Miss Thing “gets a little Bloggy” on her own…

Even better?  The site is by no means what came to mind when she shared the news with me…
How nice it is to genuinely be ‘taken aback’ by anything!

(Yes, SERIOUSLY—being jaded is as played-out as ‘Millennial Entitlement,’
amateur scenotypes [Mickey Mouse ears or down-market “I’m-So-Sweet” photo shoots involving cupcakes? DNW]
or–in my case–the mini-top hat. 2007 was 2007 for a reason, “kthanx.”)


Considering her main profession doesn’t often associate women with food,

To find out she [GASP!] not only eats, but also enjoys preparing the dishes?

Quite a serendipity:



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