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Zoetica Ebb and Clint Catalyst for Giuseppina Magazine

Giuseppina Magazine : Halloween Edition : Blood Red V.5

Release Date : October 30, 2014
Editor-In-Chief : Jessica Rowell of J-Chan’s Designs

Zoetica Ebb and Clint Catalyst
Make-Up Artist : Zoetica Ebb
Photography : Deniz Uzunoglu
Hair : Master Stylist Irene Urias @ Hairroin Salon
Clothing / Fashion Design / Accessories : Mother of London by Mildred von Hildegard

Alright, I realize this blog tends to be a bit Zo-centric . . . though not without sufficient cause! Not only is The Intergalactic Naturalist, Prodigal Cosmonomad and Mercury Vagabond a mega-talented creature of massive multi-media creative outpourings; moreover, not only is she one of the most stead-fast, stand-up, all-around superlative friends one could hope to have . . . but also, that beauty! The solo shot in which she’s serving Military Chic? Seriously : Can. Not. Get over!

On a similar tip : Steady gagging over the radness of a certain Editor-In-Chief, who featured me giving face two issues prior; then surprised me with the back cover slot, current ish! [So much adoration and admiration, Jessica! Truly . . . Truly : It’s an honor and a privilege ♥]

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The Hangers also express mad gratitude to actor / musician / promoter and international nightclub impresario Mario Diaz for the benevolent usage of his estate, Casa de la Decadencia.

Incidentally, the full-frontal, effing incandescent career of none other than Mssr. Deez-The-Deed Diaz was immortalized on celluloid earlier this year, via the release of Club King — a feature-length documentary directed by Jon Bush, in which the solar system of this evening star is chronicled in all its sordid, dazzling glory. Check it!

LA Independent Fashion Consortium Show : As Recommended by L.A. Weekly

Thursday evening : March 15, 2012

An event produced by Rico Adair

Featuring designs by Pleasure Doing Business,


[ recycled/up-cycled clothing design by Harriet Selling and Alexandra Kerr ]

with shoes by
Bare Sole

and the accessories of
Soji Designs

Master of Ceremonies : Clint Catalyst

“The show is emceed for some wonderfully bizarre reason by spoken-howl artist Clint Catalyst, who no doubt will lend his caustic comments to the outfits on display and the music at hand.”

David Cotner, L.A. Weekly

with performances by Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly


“avant electro music merchants”

Also, following the fashion show,
A premier appearance by Esprit de Corps




At The Echo.com

$10 advance / $12 door, night of show

8 – 11 P.M. , 18 +


Pre-sale tickets can be entered in a raffle drawing at the door
for a custom Rico Adair T-Shirt Dress or Button-up shirt!

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Posh Girl Problems

Shocked and Devastated

Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, animated gif

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Is that so, △AIMON?

Pazuzu, The Exorcist, animated gif

Well. You know what? Pazuzu and I say . . .

And by that, I mean . . .

funny, Mean Girls, animated GIF, reaction gif

[ Obligatory straight dude reference is obligatory. ]


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Daphne Guinness Is Dead

[ interrobang ]

photo : Tim Jenkins

“Rest In Peace (And Jewels). . . “

I read the head-line & felt my stomach drop like a hackneyed phrase.

The style icon ” laid to rest ” by jeweler Shaun Leane

Tom Ford — but you already knew this, Y/Y?

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Goth Done Right [ via Steven Meisel ]

“Here, its drama is spellbinding,
& its darkness is palpable…”

Gothic, Steven Meisel

Gemma Ward † Caroline Trentini † Iselin Steiro † Lily Donaldson † Agyness Deyn † Sasha Pivovarova

A moment worth re-visiting, from the “In My Tribe” editorial
Fashion Rocks MagazineFashion Rocks , 2007


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The Photography of Kasia Bielska

To Start:
Seven Images from the Ben Trovato Blog,
in which Bielska’s editorial “Three Colors — RED” appears

“Three Colors – RED is the story of a creature that transcends to another dimension by means of an unreal space and color. The photos have been inspired by an enclosed space – the interiors of the Park Inn hotel in Cracow, Poland. I had some graphic visions in my mind prior to the shooting, a shape forming from two colors – white and black. As soon as I saw the interiors, however, I knew it was going to be a story of three colors.”

— Kasia Bielska

Photography – Kasia Bielska
Stylist and Producer – Kamila Picz
Make up – Marcin Szczepaniak
Hair – Tymoteusz Pieta @ Claudius Hair Dresser Team
Model – Ania K @ Mango Models

The Retinal Pleasures Continue, With
Beauteousness Filched From The Artist’s Site . . .

[ Check I†—Someone’s Serving A Proper

…& I Ain’t Mad About It! ]

In Closing?

Snaps from a Sleek, Chic Editorial
That Conveys a Sense of  “Tomorrow’s Old News Already–I’ve Taken It”

…& To The Future, Indeed!

Illustration of Vintage Camera by Rebecca Jones

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“Everything That Is Fashion Comes From The Street” – Diane Von Furstenberg

sidewalks double as catwalks

double as nightclub stages

our reality continues to turn virtual, &





don’t dis, where it comes from’s like this…)

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So. Damn. Deadly. Cute…

I’m vergin’ on a




With special thanks to Nixon Sixx for casting such an adorable spokesmodel



a ‘site exclusive’ for the illustrious

[dot] com

Matter of fact, the HMacabre skeleton crew has assembled an on-line boutique

for the erudite enthusiast of shadowed fineries who’s privy to the fact that

one need not spend a million bucks to look like it.


Before my A.D.D.-addled ass has a chance to bifurcate off into scatter-shot territory,

I need to provide the following info —of

:: where to click :: (HERE!) :: & claim :: First Place as a Hauttie! ::

O.K., then Next:

Look upon a few shop highlights for the darkly inclined, such as

the obscenely affordable black smoke leggings,

as well as

another collaborative effort with

the gents and ¢ommon ¢ent$ in mind…

(Go ahead & fling the slab of Velveeta at me over that one—I’ll cop the rationale of Twi-hards in my defense: “I don’t know how it happened! I must’ve been roofied or something, ’cause my taste level—I mean, my defenses—were down. Really: I’m really much cooler than that!” )

Mmmm-hrmmm. Right.

All the same, THIS FINE ITEM

is most right-on, indeed!

The offspring of joined forces: Haute Macabre with Cyberoptix

(a company worthy its own blog post, truth be told…)

:: rad ties & cravats ::

paired with retinal candy such as the following

drool-worthy [OOPS]  impeccable display of DNA at its finest?


Well, since I’m “already here,” so to speak,

I figured I might as well share…

Since, you know: there’s a more-than-decent chance I’ll be ogling their URL



Hrmm. Did you guys hear something?

But of course!

Furtive whispers from Thee Cult Ov Thee Fashion-Forward

state the obvious

(That is—for any devotee of Haute Macabre or mine owne Dot Com):

BAM!   Be it

xx or xy,


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Scene Et Al: Photographic Evidence Of Adventures ‘Out & About’

Screen Grab from Lina Lecaro's

Picture 1 of 4

Coverage of the Alice in Wonderland party at Royal/T on February 4, 2010

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Retail Pervery!

(…and it’s long overdue)



as modeled by the Most Correct Miss Lenora Claire , an L.A.-based art curator, freelance writer, television/nightlife personality and phenomenonicon.

Item Description:

Congratulations! You are really did it this time! You’re twisted, deviant, salacious, and—of course, lovable. What better way to announce it to the world than this “Perv” Prize Pin?


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Two Bombshells With Cobalt-Colored Hair

First, I’m stoked to have social media superhero Miss Destructo

as the next ‘Consumer As Spokesmodel’ (despite how admittedly goober the title may be…)  ::  Keep sending in those glamour shots of you rockin’ product, kids… Whether it’s a book bag or a prize ribbon, I’d love to plaster your face up here for all the w.w.w. to see!

And next, a familiar face on this blog, as of late—

Zoetica Ebb, filling the role of “Check-Me-Out-Bitches; I’m In An Ad!”

Ahhh, YES:

I really love this “bounce-out.” (Is that what they’re called?) Whatever the nomenclature,

Massive thanks to graphics whiz Joanna Carr!

Till Later—

x o x o x

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Envy: A New Fashion Magazine from The Creators of The Fashionably Independent

The Widget?  Pentegram, fully throwin’ down…

(That’d be five stars, in case my strand of Polari doesn’t translate well.)

Fully backin’ the ability to customize the size and lay-out options, as well as the international content contained therein.

To be honest, I’d rate the content in the current “issue” as a 4.5—meaning, of course, I know full well The Indie Fashion crew is capable of upping the ante beyond the established paradigm.

My request? Sprinkle in some content from Japanese men’s Vogue—as I’ve yet to see a single copy at any news stand (and I live in L.A., for F’s sake)… but the scant amount I’ve been fortunate to locate on-line?

Sleek as an Atsuko Kudo latex pencil skirt freshly polished. Sophisticated. Deliciously androgynous.

Of course, there’s also the occasional editorial in Imago ‘zine (Canada), Gazelleland (New York), Coilhouse (Los Angeles) and the slew of $40-and-over periodicals rife with opulence, editorial genius and consummate consumer lust that creep their way over from Europe…

Because these?

Of course, this is merely my opinion: but it’s when these truly independent flashes of serendipity—synonymous far too often with short print runs before the recently-launched creations belly-up…

It’s when these disparate elements get stirred into an already stellar sampling of aspirational imagery

that my mind melds &

corneas are left burning with a brilliance that feels so

alive alive

Here’s to
Cheers from
The Future—

(& With Great Anticipation)


:: Ah Yes… & For Abe Gurko’s Brilliant Commentary On The White-Hot Little Miss Lohan? :: CLICK HERE ::

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