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Update re: Pauley Perrette/Staged Reading of The Laramie Project on 10 25 09

First and foremost?

The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later is a phenomenal script.   Written as a follow-up to Tectonic Theater’s docudrama The Laramie Project (2000), the sequel’s premise is an exploration of how Laramie, Wyoming has changed a decade after the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard.

Referred to on the theater’s site as an epilogue, the printed work Perrette (and co) performed on Sunday is the end result of five members of Tectonic — founder Moisés Kaufman, accompanied by Andy Paris, Leigh Fondakowski, Greg Pierotti and Stephen Belber — who sought out the same people they interviewed ten years ago for The Laramie Project and spoke with them again, along with new members of the community.

A portion of these accounts has been edited into a 10 minute clip posted on Tectonic Theater’s YouTube channel. (Link provided for those whom might be interested in subscribing…)

Otherwise, I’ve embedded it here:

In short, The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later posits regional questions, such as “Has Matthew’s murder had a lasting impact on [their] community?” and “How has the town changed as a result of this event?”

Moreover, the play addresses salient topics regarding the nation’s current social climate, through queries such as “What does life in Laramie tell us about life in America 10 years later?”


Insofar as my promise to post images from Sunday’s reading at Hollywood United Methodist Church, I encountered a bit of a roadblock on that venture—namely, several signs with the statement “There is no photography or recording (video or audio) allowed at this performance” that had been affixed throughout the structure, replete with a sentiment of “Thank you!”

In a different setting, for a different cause, and with a different cast–namely, one in which I don’t have such a formidable level of respect, let alone a personal relationship of any sort?

Truth be told, I probably would have considered it just another “Don’t So Delicious To Do.”

Nonetheless, in this case?

A group shot (courtesy of Richard Settle) will have to suffice, please.&.thanks:

Standing (L-R): Jim Parsons, James Cromwell, Helen Shaver, Pauley Perrette, Christian Clemenson

Seated (L-R): Michael Weatherly, Johnny Galecki, Barrett Foa, Lisa Edelstein, Zachary Quinto and Julie Benz.

A review of the performance awaits

:: ‘Beneath the Cut’ ::

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No Kellogg’s Here *This* Week, Dears…(Flakety, Flake Flake!)

Instead of clacking out details of the same tragic tale over and over in countless renditions, I could have/should have written a single blog and referred people to it.  “Please see [URL LISTED HERE]“; “Actually, what happened was [AGAIN, URL LISTING]“; “Sincere apologies over my absence at your Beauty Pageant/Bat Mitzvah/Birthday Shin-Dig/Rice Pudding Tasting Party, but I [URL, URL, URL].”   Sheet, I could have cheated and rocked a bit of “Cut & Paste” action, even!   (Don’t you love busting friends who’ve hastily applied Ye Olde Command + C/Command + V without bothering to ixnay the sentiments of “Congrats On Your Graduation!!! Delta Vo-Tech’s Nothin’ To Sneeze At, Man,” “Be Sure & Tell Buck-Shot I’m Gonna Whoop His Ass At Pool Next Weekend,” and “Give Ernestine A Big Ol’ Wet One With Some Tongue…I Don’t Care What Anyone Says: Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With Second Cousins, So Long As It’s Love!”

But who am I to do something sensible like–gasp!–make things easier for myself?  It’s so much more fun clarifying tidbits of info “Re-Tweeted,” or elaborating on the “Heard-About-It-From-Blankety Blankerson-Who-Read-It-In-A-Bulletin-Post” of it all.  Hell, it’s amusing in a “Gossip, v 2.0″ kind of way: rife with spontaneity…a sociological study, even!

Uh-huh.  Right.

So here’s the deal: Monday morning I was in an automobile accident.  Contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t behind the wheel; I was a passenger.

How the accident occurred is “tl;dr.”  Yes, I’ve worn myself out on the topic–and no, I won’t explain abbreviations that a quick cruise by google or urbandictionary.com will decipher from Millennial Newspeak, sorry.

What transpired in the wreck is why I’ve been out-of-commish.  Despite the fact I was wearing my seatbelt, after it restrained me upon impact with the curb (hence the cracked rib and toxic Mountain Dew-yellow bruise outlining its position on my chest), that mandatory-by-law device “released” me for the coup de grace: namely, each vehicle reducing the other into the territory of Total Loss.

Hard-headed I may be, but the crack of my noggin that shattered the windshield?

Ripped out large chunks of my hair somethin’ fierce…and I don’t mean that exhausted sense of the phrase all too often accompanied by a snap!

Hrmm. Am I forgetting anything?

Looks Like A Party, Huh?  And This Was After I Was “Cleaned-Up…”

Oh yeah: Lots of blood lost, a neck brace, my first ride in an ambulance (whee!), X-Rays, an MRI, abrasions everywhere from the center of my forehead to my ankles, and an on-going “phenomenon” in which my epidermis releases tiny slivers of glass.  If anyone knows of a sideshow in need of a Human Pez Dispenser (with a marketable emphasis on “Danger! Danger! Danger!”), I shouldn’t be difficult to track down.

In other words?  If it seems as if that unreturned phone call/email/tentative plan I haven’t followed-up on/social networking comment/request for me to ______, or even a simple “Thank You” to the latest subscribers on my humble YouTube channel is some hoity attempt at the infamous L.A. F-You?

You’ll have to issue a rain-check, I’m afraid.  It’s been nothing but ice-picks hammering a symphony of pain in my brain, a continuous sensation comparable to a stack of cinderblocks on my chest, and prescription drugs that aren’t even fun, for F’s sake.  (Seriously?  I mean, SERIOUSLY.)

Back to bed once I zap this post without a single proof/read-through, but for those of you whom made it thus far?

Much Love & Mad Gratitude,

Clintasaurus Wrecks*

*the homo servin’ homophones…that is MOST CORRECT!