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Zoetica Ebb and Clint Catalyst for Giuseppina Magazine

Giuseppina Magazine : Halloween Edition : Blood Red V.5

Release Date : October 30, 2014
Editor-In-Chief : Jessica Rowell of J-Chan’s Designs

Zoetica Ebb and Clint Catalyst
Make-Up Artist : Zoetica Ebb
Photography : Deniz Uzunoglu
Hair : Master Stylist Irene Urias @ Hairroin Salon
Clothing / Fashion Design / Accessories : Mother of London by Mildred von Hildegard

Alright, I realize this blog tends to be a bit Zo-centric . . . though not without sufficient cause! Not only is The Intergalactic Naturalist, Prodigal Cosmonomad and Mercury Vagabond a mega-talented creature of massive multi-media creative outpourings; moreover, not only is she one of the most stead-fast, stand-up, all-around superlative friends one could hope to have . . . but also, that beauty! The solo shot in which she’s serving Military Chic? Seriously : Can. Not. Get over!

On a similar tip : Steady gagging over the radness of a certain Editor-In-Chief, who featured me giving face two issues prior; then surprised me with the back cover slot, current ish! [So much adoration and admiration, Jessica! Truly . . . Truly : It’s an honor and a privilege ♥]

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The Hangers also express mad gratitude to actor / musician / promoter and international nightclub impresario Mario Diaz for the benevolent usage of his estate, Casa de la Decadencia.

Incidentally, the full-frontal, effing incandescent career of none other than Mssr. Deez-The-Deed Diaz was immortalized on celluloid earlier this year, via the release of Club King — a feature-length documentary directed by Jon Bush, in which the solar system of this evening star is chronicled in all its sordid, dazzling glory. Check it!

The Photography of Kasia Bielska

To Start:
Seven Images from the Ben Trovato Blog,
in which Bielska’s editorial “Three Colors — RED” appears

“Three Colors – RED is the story of a creature that transcends to another dimension by means of an unreal space and color. The photos have been inspired by an enclosed space – the interiors of the Park Inn hotel in Cracow, Poland. I had some graphic visions in my mind prior to the shooting, a shape forming from two colors – white and black. As soon as I saw the interiors, however, I knew it was going to be a story of three colors.”

— Kasia Bielska

Photography – Kasia Bielska
Stylist and Producer – Kamila Picz
Make up – Marcin Szczepaniak
Hair – Tymoteusz Pieta @ Claudius Hair Dresser Team
Model – Ania K @ Mango Models

The Retinal Pleasures Continue, With
Beauteousness Filched From The Artist’s Site . . .

[ Check I†—Someone’s Serving A Proper

…& I Ain’t Mad About It! ]

In Closing?

Snaps from a Sleek, Chic Editorial
That Conveys a Sense of  “Tomorrow’s Old News Already–I’ve Taken It”

…& To The Future, Indeed!

Illustration of Vintage Camera by Rebecca Jones

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Are You A Victim Of The Modern Witch-hunt?

[a quick check-list]:

How have relations with your peers been as of late?
Have any of your friends seemed distant, unavailable?  Perhaps a bit stand off-ish?
Or even worse: has anyone begun to treat you with suspicion?  Spoken to you with a distrusting tone?
Conducted a rash & volatile act upon your arrival—say, for example, the frenetic strumming of an
acoustic guitar to the tune of a [quote] “power ballad”?  &—if dare say that be the case—was
aforementioned ::SHUDDER:: stadium serenade coupled with an egregiously off-key
rendition of  lyrics such as “Don’t Stop Believin'”?
(Stop.  Believing.  What?!)

Quite frankly, do you feel as if your interests incite an impending sense of moral panic?

Are you persecuted…                                                                             for your taste in music?

In †hee Name Ov DELTΔ DELTΔ DELTΔ‘s Sacred †ri-Force
(an equal opportunity destroyer: for the xx, xy & x”whatever”/transitioning set),
TRUST:  We understand.

Some people have a genuine aversion to Witch House.

S’all there is to it.

So what’s a budding hex-head to do?

For such matters, we consult…

Aha! &
Just as I expected:
is  T H E E . A N S W E R .

— for his —

Prolific updates, finger not just on the proverbial “pulse” or clichéd “trigger,” but rather the plunger of a 1 cc mainlining psychostimulant drogas directly from that four-chambered metronome nestled within one’s ribcage to the pleasure center of readers’ brains, flooding dopamines in a tsunami of methamphetamaniacuphoria, burning serotonin at such a deliciously dangerous–& dangerously delicious–rapid-fire rate, it’s been rumored that the back of some readers’ skulls have been blown open as if their pupils bulls-eyed all six chambers and short-circuited before the spinning even began: no need for the thrill of Russian Roulette when Fokkawolfe’s here EFFING. KILLING. IT.

Explosion, animated gif

[ & the rat-tat-tat-tat of exclamation points forage ahead, slaughtering daughters & posting cyanide-laced syllables that cement those blandular brooklyn blogs deeper, deeper still into the myopic ‘no maan, nobody’s doing that/this is how it is’ mentality in which they’re mired (though not admired) . . . ]

Whatever higher powers may be,

Rosemary's Baby, witches, animated gif, the occult


[ also known as Laurence Conrad ]

Seriously?  But SERIOUSLY boss…
Totes the stokage you exist!

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Because There’s Black Magic In The Movement

Raquel Zimmerman for Gareth Pugh

from Nick Knight‘s brilliant SHOWstudio, the fashion & art broadcasting channel

Gareth Pugh, animated gif, Raquel Zimmerman

:: Joie de Vivre ::
an editorial of Gareth Pugh‘s oil-slick, sicker-than-ever Autumn 2010/Winter 2011 collection

✷ Unfortunate, though necessary DISCLAIMER BEFORE VIEWING: This video contains partial female nudity in an artistic context. If you are easily offended, uptight, conservative, under the age of 18 in a country where breasts are against the law for minors to view; if you are on a public computer—including though not limited to libraries, internet cafés, airports, airplanes, and/or places of employment—within a public setting which could potentially expose anyone to partial nudity against his or her free will; if you do not appreciate fashion, have no respect for the beauty of the human body, are a member of the Clergy, adhere to a religion in which viewing the aforementioned will incite questionable behavior, immortal thoughts, if not altogether deem you a candidate for hellfire and eternal damnation; if you are immature, live anywhere on the planet that designates aforementioned material illegal for anyone under the age of 21 and you are not at least 21 years of age, live where obscenity laws are stringent regarding web site content—namely, countries in which women are expected to have their bodies completely clothed in any and all public forums, certain zip codes within the American Bible Belt, or quite frankly, anywhere mired in antiquated notions of morality: do not click on the arrow that appears in the embedded content; do not press “play,” and do not view any other content on this URL under any pretense. In no uncertain terms: please, DO YOURSELF & THE REST OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD A FAVOR & GO AWAY—IMMEDIATELY, NOT ONE SECOND LATER; YES, I AM SERIOUS WHEN I SAY KINDLY NAVIGATE ELSEWHERE & THAT MEANS NOW.

:: whew! ::

That being stated, for the rest of us?

Enable Full Screen
C r a n k + T h e + V o l u m e

video description & full credits await
beneath the cut

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So. Damn. Deadly. Cute…

I’m vergin’ on a




With special thanks to Nixon Sixx for casting such an adorable spokesmodel



a ‘site exclusive’ for the illustrious

[dot] com

Matter of fact, the HMacabre skeleton crew has assembled an on-line boutique

for the erudite enthusiast of shadowed fineries who’s privy to the fact that

one need not spend a million bucks to look like it.


Before my A.D.D.-addled ass has a chance to bifurcate off into scatter-shot territory,

I need to provide the following info —of

:: where to click :: (HERE!) :: & claim :: First Place as a Hauttie! ::

O.K., then Next:

Look upon a few shop highlights for the darkly inclined, such as

the obscenely affordable black smoke leggings,

as well as

another collaborative effort with

the gents and ¢ommon ¢ent$ in mind…

(Go ahead & fling the slab of Velveeta at me over that one—I’ll cop the rationale of Twi-hards in my defense: “I don’t know how it happened! I must’ve been roofied or something, ’cause my taste level—I mean, my defenses—were down. Really: I’m really much cooler than that!” )

Mmmm-hrmmm. Right.

All the same, THIS FINE ITEM

is most right-on, indeed!

The offspring of joined forces: Haute Macabre with Cyberoptix

(a company worthy its own blog post, truth be told…)

:: rad ties & cravats ::

paired with retinal candy such as the following

drool-worthy [OOPS]  impeccable display of DNA at its finest?


Well, since I’m “already here,” so to speak,

I figured I might as well share…

Since, you know: there’s a more-than-decent chance I’ll be ogling their URL



Hrmm. Did you guys hear something?

But of course!

Furtive whispers from Thee Cult Ov Thee Fashion-Forward

state the obvious

(That is—for any devotee of Haute Macabre or mine owne Dot Com):

BAM!   Be it

xx or xy,


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The Gen Art Alumni Fashion Fete

in Los Angeles : March 16, 2010

Gen Art, a national organization dedicated to promoting and supporting excellence among emerging talent, joined forces with 17 of the non-profit’s “Fresh Faces In Fashion” alumni for an event not only celebrating the Los Angeles fashion community as a whole, but also specifically acknowledging the contributions of the designers who have been featured through the Gen Art design platform.

Each of the designers was accompanied by a model to showcase a signature look from their forthcoming collections.

I, on the other treacherously manicured claw, attended

With My Comrade, The Multi-Talented Zoetica Ebb

Picture 1 of 23

:: whom I'm extremely grateful shared her images from the swanky soirée, as the pictures I snapped are an experiment in 'amateur hour' :: seriously? :: but seriously... ::

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Scrying. Divination. Skin. Magick. Mad Style. Ten Inchers. † THESE NEW PURITANS †

Hidden, the sophomore release by British “art-rockers” These New Puritans, is now available Stateside. You know, as in: domestically. It’s a lot of things, this aural assault : a mélange of the cinematic and the classical, the intimate and the evasive, the post-modern and the profound. However, one adjective that isn’t applicable for what’s quickly become my favorite release of the year? Sophomoric.

Spot-check this Most Correct clip for the album’s single “We Want War,” directed by Daniel Askill:

Created by Jordan Askill, I’m a bit in awe of that Battle Cat Head Piece . . .

Oh! And for those prone to the “Covet / Love It” when it comes to collectibles, These New Puritans have rarities to offer their disciples :

[ A deluxe version of the CD, complete with 80 pg. hardback book? Drool-worthy. ]

Full Disclosure: While I loathe band groupies [ Seriously : Try screaming at an art opening or academic conference — that’s subversive…whereas offering to give roadies head for a laminate back-stage? Such a seventies’ cliché; I’m yawning ], I have an insatiable affinity for the Limited-Edition / Signed-and-Numbered / Gatefold / Box Set / 3″ CD / 10″ EP / Colored Vinyl / Picture Disc of It All.

Alright, then. Moving right along…

[ Photo source : Last.fm ]

The video for “Elvis,” a single from the band’s premiere album Beat Pyramid, is also Most God, Indeed.

† “We’re all waiting / Or Forever Made / And if there is a God, then please take me up…” †

Consider the gents on the handsome side?  You’re not alone. Twin brothers Jack [ vocals ] and George Barnett [ drums ] have been ogled by the fashion set since the band’s inception in 2005. Before they’d even released a full-length album, designer Hedi Slimane commissioned the “band” [ translation: George, whom Slimane also featured on the catwalk ] to record a soundtrack for his final collection at Dior Homme, the “Hiver” 2007 runway show. This was Barnett’s first professional modeling gig, though the demand for pale, angular creatures from the xy set has kept him busy: campaigns for Lanvin and Ray-Ban; editorials in Dazed & Confused, Zoo, Arena Homme +, 10, GQ, Another Man, and Vogue Hommes Japan — and runway work for dozens of designers, including Burberry Fall/Winter 10/11, Prada, YSL, Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Dries van Noten, Veronique Branquinho, Galliano, and Gucci.

However, insofar as far as my own taste goes? Not that you asked, but I’m backin’ Jack over George. And speaking of back, let’s do exactly THAT


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Retail Pervery!

(…and it’s long overdue)



as modeled by the Most Correct Miss Lenora Claire , an L.A.-based art curator, freelance writer, television/nightlife personality and phenomenonicon.

Item Description:

Congratulations! You are really did it this time! You’re twisted, deviant, salacious, and—of course, lovable. What better way to announce it to the world than this “Perv” Prize Pin?


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One Month. An Amtrak Train. First Class Cabins, and A Slew of Renegades…

Sound like a challenge you might be into?

Experience the Magic! See it Live…!









We’re looking for one dedicated fashionista to join our troupe with the Jared Gold Renegade Tour this Fall. If you are awarded the
spot, you’ll get the down and dirty on what life’s like on the road for the models, the crew and the designers who work on my staff to
pull off the fabulous spectacle that is fashion. The pre-reqs are only that you get as many of your friends as you can to donate to
the AAF, You don’t even have to donate if you don’t want to… but I hope you do. When you donate, you become a member of my Mystery Circle. Join my club today, and the treasures of my kingdom are open to you… special offers, apparel, discounts, toys, and the possibility of going on the adventure of a lifetime. Everyone on my team has pledged $10 to the American Artisan Foundation™, which is the low, low cost of membership that helps me to create grassroots jobs across America. Tell a hundred friends to join, and if they do, and help us to regrow the fashion trade in America, special honors await! So join us, and tell all your friends that I’m creating fashion jobs across America, and could use their help. The more you bring on board, the closer you are to touring as a pro
with the nation’s only group of authentic Fashion Renegades!

Experience the luxeness of one month on the road traveling with Jared’s Renegade Tour… The Lights! The Magic The Mystery, The
Models! One of Jared’s Magic Circle will get the opportunity of a lifetime for high fashion adventure…


Jared Gold Reveals Halloween Costume to Clint Catalyst Pt 1

There’s some unfortunate ‘angles’ of me in this one (umm, yeah HI: Fatty McFatterson much?), but I’m determined to get the F over myself and showcase the details of Jared’s inimitable genius.


What I requested? (Translation = “what [the customer] ordered?”)

Bloodthirsty barber, circa ’99…
1899, that is.

Not “Sweeny Todd” specific, as

a) I can’t sing,

b) Look like a dungheap compared to Johnny Depp (since most folks associate the Sweenster with J.D. due to the most recent ‘take’ on Mr. Todd),


c) Wouldn’t want to be confined to a barber shop.

I mean, REALLY.

I’m uber-fagatronic in this footage– but hey, just another trait I’ve gotta ‘own,’ maing.

Besides, what’s key here is the CLOTHING…and accoutrements. // DIG IT
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Tarina Tarantino’s Official Barbie Release Party

“Worst Dressed” Lists Are Go!

This news is a few days late (frickin’ deadlines…), but July 22, 2008 marks the official date for when I was “BUSTED!” (Busted Daily Dot Com) for my attire at Tarina Tarantino’s official Barbie doll release party. I’m a sicko; I know– but seriously: it fills my heart with glee:

Busteddaily,Clint Catalyst,Maryse,WWE diva,WWE diva Maryse

A friend and I have joked that making the “Worst Dressed List” in one of those shit-rags is a lifetime goal—especially since the attire is almost always by my favorite designers—and while the site’s not on glossy pages in a grocery store check-out line, it’s one step closer…

Plus I’m with Maryse, Queen Bitch Supreme of the WWE—who’ss donning full-on retro Barbie look via a make-over by quite likely my FAVORITE designer, Jared Gold.

My pic comes up as #2 of 7… and who else made the list?

margaret cho,comedian,out and about

Margaret Cho

Tarina Tarantino
and Tarina Tarantino,

Two of my favorite people on the planet.


Obviously, the site uses the term “Busted!” with a multitude of meanings, as complimentary things are written about both of them in separate areas.

All I have is my name credited, so I’m opting for “BUSTED!” in the worst sense of the word.

O.K., not very worst… but if you get the notion of something being ‘so bad it’s good,’ then I know you know what I mean.

And umm, I need to take it easy on the “naw mean,”
duly noted.

For party pics that aren’t among those on WireImage et al, have fun scroll scroll scrolling below!

The event itself was back on the 17th, but I’ve been smothered beneath a succession of work– hence the tardiness.

Otherwise, here are my “Thank God! I’m Validated!” swiped-and-watermarked:

Clint Catalyst,Audrey Kitching,Rich Royal

with the adorable Audrey Kitching and Rich Royal

Kaiden Blake

with Madeline Zima and the phenomenal Tarina Tarantino

(not my best shot — yes, I know)



Alfonso Campos
Alfonso Campos, Director and Hubby to Double T

Giddle Partridge,Tarina Tarantino Barbie
Giddle Partridge, Musician and Proud Owner of Her Own Tarina Barbie

Beatrice DeJong,Hairroin Salon
Reyna and Beatrice, Two of the Crew of Hotties at HairroinSalon.com

Kaiden Blake,Kaila Yu,Zachary Horn,Kat Lee
Kaiden Blake, Kaila Yu, Zachattack and Kit E. Katt (of HelloDrama.net)

Margaret Cho,Clint Catalyst

Yeah, I Love Me Some ChoMo (Ditto on the Creepsuela Stiletto Mini Top Hats, Obviously…)

Tarina Tarantino,Barbie

Much Admiration and Adoration for This One Here!

Audrey Kitching,Audrey scene queen

Tarina Tarantino,WWE diva

Tarina and WWE Diva Maryse, Enjoying “The Barbie Lifestyle”

Lenora Claire,tarina tarantino barbie release party

Lenora Claire, Self-Proclaimed “Future Cult Icon” Is Hotter Than Her Hair!

Clint Catalyst,kitt e. katt,kaila yu,hello drama
Blogature on This Duo (Katt and Kaila of Hello Drama) Coming SOON!

Jared Gold,Tarina Tarantino,WWE Diva Maryse

Can’t Forget That Jared Gold and WWE Diva Maryse (Bedecked in a JG Original, Natch)…

WWE Maryse,Maryse WWE,WWE divas

Before Any Inappropriate Behavior

In the Dollhouse

Has Begun!

(This blog and the contents herein have not been approved by Mattel. After the accidental ‘Gay Ken’/Cock Ring Necklace mix-up, I do not foresee Barbie having any limp-wristed sidekicks in the near future.
Bitch is still fierce, though. I ain’t hate-crimin’! ♥)

x o x o x
Clintankerous Maximus

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