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Oh, Yes I Am . . . And HOW

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It’s an ish that’s glitched to the tits : Fully all retch, no vom!

Well. . . Truth Of The Matter Is

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James Franco, animated gif, text, phone, sex
James Franco, animated gif, comment response, yes
James Franco, animated gif, low resolution, reaction gif, yes
James Franco, animated gif, low resolution, comment response, yes
animated gif, yes, good phone, phone sex, crop
animated gif, sparkly, stars, twinkling

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Right There, In Black In White

American Horror Story, animated gif, Tate Langdon

Although my preference? Color, thanks.

American Horror Story, animated gif, Tate Langdon

Evan Peters as Tate Langdon : American Horror Story, Season One

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Paris Hilton, animated gif, bitchy, funny

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glitch, animated gif, glitch gif, funny, comment response, deal with it

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Glitched To The Tits and Tellin’ It Like It Is

glitch, animated gif, gay, comment response

[ Chris Tucker : Ruby Rhod : The Fifth Element ]

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Is that so, △AIMON?

Pazuzu, The Exorcist, animated gif

Well. You know what? Pazuzu and I say . . .

And by that, I mean . . .

funny, Mean Girls, animated GIF, reaction gif

[ Obligatory straight dude reference is obligatory. ]


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So Like, There’s This Game Called Scrabble . . .

Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith in Mean Girls

You might have heard of it?

Well, if you’ve seen the movie Mean Girls

mean girls, animated gif

Chances are, my response will make more sense.


[ Also : “Beneath the Cut,” a bonus ]

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And To That I Say . . .

werk, work, animated gif, gay slang

animated gif, LOL, funny, gay, dance

dancing, animated gif, Robyn

animated gif, LOL, death metal, hair toss

animated gif, Lady Gaga, hair toss

animated gif, Miss Prada, pussy, fiercing

animated gif, Screaming Queen, Derek Jarman

Still and although, I gotta stress : we’ve got a sitch to spot-check. Dude behind The Lovely Amanda LePore? Baby. Exactly what is he giving us?

animated gif, Amanda LePore, applause

Whatever the case? F A C E . Don’t care how tired bitches be . . . Deliver!

animated gif, black and white, you go girl

As In :

As in : Yes, Josh Rotter . . . I’m talking to you

Caroline Ryder Has An Official FB Fanpage!

And . . . and . . .How excited am I about it ?

animated GIF, mermaid

[ Oh and like, I already know I look good as a blonde. But thanks! ]
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But Really What I’m Saying Is


girl, shaking head no, gif

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