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Drag. Drug. Drugged.

Hear It Here
:: first ::

“Ph4D3 70 9R3y”



:: Cue & Ey!ed* ::
[ as in: “Ey,” the exclamation used to attract attention…ya naw mean? ]

E A V E S D R O P ± W I T H ± Y O U R ± E Y E S

[Clinty] So you do drag, huh?  That’s cute: a straight dude who cross-dresses.  Very James Franco-for-Candy-Magazine.

[N△tty] I’m comfortable with the term drag because it was one of the earliest terms used to describe “Screw” music.

Oh, I’ve totally screwed to music.  “The Fudge Punch” by Wiseblood gives some serious soundtrack, if you know what I mean. Got any faves that rev you up for a sesh of runp-wranglin’, ol’ nasty Nattymaster?

I really consider my only influences the dub pioneers: Robert Earl Davis (DJ Screw), and probably The Early Sheffield [ Cabaret Voltaire, The Future, etc. ]  I’ve been a fan of Screw music since about 1998. Incidentally, I also listen to a lot of darker music; so of course when artists started blending the two I got very excited—especially since I’d been leaning in that direction already, [experimenting with drag remixes].

Now, hold on just a durn minute. Dark music?  You mean that Kiss-The-Goat kindly stuff them anhk-wearin’ P.I.B.s listen to?

image source: his dark nostalgia

Geraldo Riviera did a special about that whole…”scene”…a bunch a years ago. Yeah, I know me a thing or two about “dark music.”  Sure as shit, I do!

Basically, during the 90s, I toyed with the concept of being a working DJ. I was writing for the [L.A.] New Times and doing occasional dj gigs: mainly art openings and loft parties. These led to a short residence at The Parlour [club]. Back then — and still on my blog — I fuse[d] a number of sounds: disco, house, minimal synth, electro…all in the style of Ron Hardy and Larry Levan, who are still my mentors as a DJ [in addition to] the Cosmic DJs (Danielle Baladelli and Beppe Loda), who I didn’t find out about [till] later. Oh—and as far as live DJs, I was really influenced by the Wicked crew out of San Francisco, and the Idjut Boys and Harvey.

[At any rate], this sound remains intact in my blog mixes. As a producer of tracks, I am really trying to do something more. I try not to get too high concept about it, but there’s definitely a ‘MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE’ component to my music.

All-caps, huh?  O I C.  Hearkens back to the early ‘Aughts when the phrase MASHUP was being spread around as insistent & insidious(ly) as a scabies outbreak from a strip-club’s dressing room. Some remixes are just remixes, you know — but when they’re really remixed, they get an extended title: complete with parentheses and clever little phrases signified by caps-lock. The most SRS of BSNS, maing.

:: experience . the inspiration :: via international download lovin’, provided by Electrocasts ♡ ::

Never mind my obnoxious enthusiasm over A + D (ditto, their rump-shakin’, world obliteratin’, full-on overtakin’-the-gayme endeavor: Club Bootie), Girl Talk, & D.J. Raw-burt; matter of fact, consider this a rare instance in which I acknowledge —

[interrupts] I pretty much despire the term or concept of mash-up.

Oh, c’mon Natty! Sure, the term remains so frickin’ mashed to this day that more often than not, it’s denied a hyphen.  But insofar as the act thereof?  When it’s done well, it’s not just brilliant; shit’s incandescent. Proof/pudding: HawkinsxXx.

DJs have been blending and fusing styles from day one. The [categories] “disco” or “house,” for example, were really blanket terms used to describe the music played in clubs.

Or not played.  Someone much witter than I am described Witch House as “the genre for people who don’t leave theirs.”  Unfortunately, I’m not even sharp enough to recall whom it was, nor where I read it.  All the same —

Ron Hardy played a fusion of really gay disco, italo disco and new wave/synth…and later included minimal beat tracks created by his friends and club-goers.

‘Really gay’?  How do people respond to that?  I mean, ‘some of my best friends are‘ queers & flamboya feministing fagocytronics & everything — but HAPPY?! That’s a ‘lifestyle choice’ I’m just not sure I can accept…

Well, I’ve been receiving really encouraging emails all along from artists. Gyratory System and Yellow Ostrich had contacted me about the ‘post production’ I did over their tracks, but my main introduction to the drag community actually was by way of a disagreement I had with GuMMy†Be▲R!

animated gif, gummy bear, transparent, freeny

[ Animated .GIF created by “Freeny” ]

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Clint Catalyst’s Guide To Los Angeles (Interview for Gay.com by Josh Rotter)


✪ Please Note: ✪

At the time in which this interview was conducted, I didn’t exactly have an unbiased point-of-view.

Friends of mine had recently been laid off—a common occurrence in businesses when things like a “merger” occur… but wounds were still fresh, so to speak.  If not theirs—well, then mine, out of camaraderie.

Rather than call attention to the negative, I hope you’ll be able to apply the aforementioned statement in any instances where it might be [AHEM!] applicable.  As in: flagrantly.

Oh, &…it’s taken numerous attempts for my embarrassingly low-tech ass to get this archived Q & A to post within WP’s established parameters.

:: claws & any other applicable appendages hereby crossed —with— massive thanks to Josh Rotter & Gay.com! ::

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Things You Should Know: Tonight & Otherwise

Sleep-deprived, eyes feel like my corneas have been fried by my monitor,
just spent something like a nine-hour span working on what
less than 15 minutes after my marathon of fingerprints
I’m already thinking was a lame concept to develop.

But enough with the waaaahmbulantastic “tl;dr”—
lemme get this outta the way instead:

As an art fag, yeah:
I’m backin it.

Full Appreciation/Yes, Indeed

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Plus The Uh, Phrase Most Anticipated
Turns Up The Heat
That Much Higher

An A.D.D.-Addled Aries Having Concentration Issues?

Never. Heard. Of It.

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Here Comes The Part Where I Get To Brag About My Friends [!]

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MASSIVE CONGRATS to that dang adorable Liz McGrath ♥—
who’s not only one of my favorite visual artists, but also the lead singer of Miss Derringer.
Because I adore the poopsmear outta her, I can’t help but give a big HOLLAH over their front page feature
in Spinner this week. I’m not an aol person, but allegedly this is the most downloaded site for music on-line…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Whatever the case, “Black Tears” is bitchen—& seeing a friend succeed makes me happy, indeed.

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& Now

Here Comes The Part Where I Tell You What’s CHOICE Tonight

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Nightcrawlers, Style Fiends, Socialites & Scene Queens:

File this one under MUST, as it’s an unexpected diversion from all those clubs you’re Sooo Over,
or an early-evening option that’s workable if you have to break your slumber early Sunday morn.

For you die-hards, however? Get In Outfit, &
consider this your Starting Point for making the proverbial ‘Rounds’:

hairroin salon

Cocktails & Cute Art—With An Even Cuter Crowd!

Just in case you missed the memo:
Hairroin is the white-hot epicenter of WIN

The most innovative crew of Scissormeisters in town,
Who are ON the IT before it’s even begun…

Owner Janine Jarman is one of five contestants in this year’s
Oh Shit. What’s it called? NAHA? Is that right?
National Competition / Vegas This Year / Category: Avant Garde

Out of hundreds of applicants, it’s now down to the Final Five.

Double J!
x o x

It’s L.D.O.* that I’m HOOKED—

* ”Like, Duh, Obviously!”

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And speaking of Hooked,
The Illustrious Double C’s


Goes To:

R.A.I.D. Dancer, Josh Weiss, Curious Josh

[ Photo credit: Josh “Curious Josh” Weiss ]

A member of R.A.I.D., upon their invasion at the brilliant Club Bootie:

The Once-A-Month,
Mashed-Up, Smashed-Up
Favorite Club Night in The City

& TRUST: I Wouldn’t Anoint Such A Title Unless I’m fully backin-it…

The rump-shakin’ extravaganza is happening again, TONIGHT
at The Echoplex

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Their 3-Year Annniversary Party last month was effing fantastic.

I went with my pals Pedro Z & the Never-Ceases-To-Be-Stunning Adele Mildred:

clint catalyst, adele mildred

Milliner. Clothing Designer. Visual Artist—&
Pastel Pirate for the eve.

Dear Lord, I love this girl…

« © »

Outlasted both of ‘em on the dance-floor, though.

I’m telling you, & I’m telling you now:

— o u t —

With my O.G. Bitches, D.J. Adrian

D.J. Adrian, A Plus D

& The Mysterious D at the decks,
slingin’ siiiick-ass mixes of tracks
that normally wouldn’t rub shoulders with each other…
let alone get layered-up & thrown down

Keep it Fully D.L. re: my headshrinker, but I think
burning down the floor did more good than an obscenely-priced office visit.

Maybe two of them, even.

clint catalyst, aman about town
[ & above ]

Blogster Aman of Aman-About-Town
Really Is…& I ain’t mad about it!

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If I Have To Tell You How or Why It’s Funny?
It Isn’t.

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Also, spot-check who else I found
hauntin’ around…

Mr. DrunkRockers of the Dot Com Himself:

drunk rocker

“What’s in a name,” though. Riiight?

What’s in a name, asks Clint Catalyst, rhetorically.


Slingin mad affection your direction, &