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Alright, folks . . . Just like the flyer says : This evening marks the official signing / release party for Incurable Disorder : The Art of Elizabeth McGrath [Last Gasp]. It’s a gorgeous book; good times are guaranteed to be had; I’m running really late, so you can either take my advice or sniffle in regret later. Not unlike me in the present tense, with the five loads of laundry I didn’t drop off. But hey! I’ve been waiting to use “soft grunge” as an excuse.

The Folly of St. Hubertus : 2012

The Hunger : Dedicated To Ivan X : 2012

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The Transformation of boxEIGHT: Ethereal Beauty Emerges from Kucoon Designs

Alright, so...
for an overview of boxEIGHT's "This Ain't Mercedes Benz Fashion Week" 

this last/past Season's Offerings (Spring 2009)
in L.A.,
Check it—

(Madness Courtesy of Altitude TV)

Clickity click for coverage of me "giving word" at boxEIGHT studios
with appearances from:
Peter Gurnz, Dirk Mai (formerly known as "Fingers Crossed"), Audrey Kitching,
Lina Lecaro, Sammy from The Kids, "G," and Vanessa Gonzales——
along with the work of Yotam Solomon, Brian Lichtenberg
and other high-octane fabulousness.

Truth be told, anticipation of Mr. Lichtenberg's show
is what got me "in outfit" and out of the house,
so I find it only apropos
to highlight his latest work
before transitioning into the next topic...


O.K., now that we've had a bit of
'the spandex strut' that has garnered Mr. Lichtenberg notoriety
(with good reason—-this show did not disappoint,
and those effing hats and headpieces still SLAUGHTER me...)
*~ Slaughtering, I say! ~*~ S-L-A-U-T-E-R-I-N-G ~*

Still, there's a shifting of gears // a bit of backstory:
The Altitude video was shot on Friday, October the 17th--
when I was (admittedly) full of more "piss and vinegar"*
than I was by Sunday eve.

*Thanks for the vernacular, granny.  MEAN IT!

I mean, c'mon: when do I deny the fact that I'm a dinosaur
among the (AHEM!) "scene"?

Consequently, my pal Gabriele and I
nearly "pulled a Frankenstein" and bolted after the Rojas show:
false eyelashes were wilting, and enthusiasm was becoming an act
as difficult to keep up
as the Chet B headpiece I'd tacked onto my noggin...

Fashion Troopers: Gabriele and Clint Await the Final boxEIGHT Show (Spring 2009)

Then—a moment passed, only to be eaten by the next:
a narcotic rush painted with such poetic visual precision,
we were consumed by it.

Kucoon Fashion Show/Performance -- Spring 2009 Collection
(Part One : the First Half)
Please forgive: this video clip kicks in once I'd rummaged through
my recycled rubber "murse" and acquired my little cam
in medias res,
as I wasn't, well...anticipating the need to record anything.
Hence, I do admit the reactions one might overhear 'off screen'
aren't exactly eloquent.
However, that's one of the reasons why I opt to express myself
via pen, paper or notebook
(be it college-lined or of the G4 ilk).
What often is a more animated, base manner
exploding like confetti from inside of me
Is but a temporal human response: those mannerisms/
histrionic outbursts and the like...

(Oh, C'MON already! In layman's terms?
Reminders that I'm a FLAWED HUMAN BEING
who entertains himself by being "ornery!"

Consider that my frickin' First Step or something.
All right?)


(…and Here’s Part Two of the Visual Treats)

For instance: theoretically,
If I were to "bum rush" the designers
for an impromptu interview...

my antics and semantics with
Sheila B and Andrea Spratt, the duo responsible for
the cornea-melting jewelry/design
under the moniker Kucoon—
I'd be calm, mild-mannered and
an inveterate pro with technical equipment.
(Or at least that's how I'd intend it to seem
via a little 'revisionist re-write.')
Hyperbole, active verbs and sparkling consonants...
Why not chronicle life as colorfully as one sees
or makes it out to be?
And on that tip,
the rhetorical questions continue with a nudge
and a "Why don't you go ahead and hit up the personal site
of my latest favorite find among the 'newbies'
here in Smog City?"


There's nada there for the xy set in terms of PERSONAL "consumer consumption,"
(Love that Lily Allen!)
 but that by no means is an indication any gent with impeccable taste
will be at a loss in terms of visual stimulation.
Ya with me?
As in, "Hrmm, that'd look really great on ______________."

Everything moves with such heightened velocity this time of the year,
a person might as well start shopping now:
It seems like as soon as we scrub off the Halloween make-up and blink
it's already SANTA TIME
yet again...

Insofar as the 'stand out' piece among the site? 
The Amethyst Stalactite earrings are such stunners;
in an alternate life—one in which I have scads of dinero
and zilch insofar as student loans—
I'd buy a pair and turn one into a necklace,
the other into a brooch.

Fashion is all about fantasy, anyway—
here's but one of the ways mine come to fruition.

Bring on the images
and I'll find the words...