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Plastic Surgery Meets Fisher Price!

Despite the fact I have five other posts saved in “Draft” mode,
I’m so amazed/amused/astounded by this clip
I have to share it with y’all here & now:

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It’s All Fun & Games Until…

(WARNING: POTENTIAL ANA “TRIGGER”!) :: O.K., if I told you who cut this video? Bet you guys wouldn’t believe me. Shit is DARK. :: What was intended as dark comedy ended up…well… :: Know this…1) No, anorexia isn’t “cool.” 2) Yes, I inhaled that entire effing can. My friend who shot the footage turned off the “auto-focus” option for whatever artsy-fartsy reason — NOT to blur footage so that I could “cheat.” As a result, I passed it off to someone else to edit. 3) Please don’t ask if this is auto-biographical, and/or to what degree. Take the message for what it is. (And what it is? What you get out of it…or what you don’t, conversely.)

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