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Pauley Perrette Joins Twitter In Support of Hope Gardens ☀(TIME-SENSITIVE!)☀

A message from the lovely P ♥:
Last year I publicly came out strong against social networking sites.

I was being impersonated on them; I do not use them.

As of today, I am.

For a very good reason.
Hope Gardens is a beautiful compound for women and children that were on skid row.
34 Mothers, 71 children and
23 elderly women safely living in an
amazing place with trees and bicycles
and education and… Life.
I have been there. It is a haven.
It will be closed in 9 days,  putting its residents back on the streets, because of funding cuts.

We have to raise money.

A great man is matching every donation until the end of the month.
And I am hitting the Internet.
I am now on Twitter and have a YouTube video explaining why.
My friend Chad from church is doing it for me because I’m not a social networker.

If you can donate anything,
Or if you know how to tweet or “retweet,”

make it go viral or any of this crazy stuff
and send this message to others who can,


If you have any contact with the media,
Please help get the story out.
Every dollar counts.
Please share the following: 

We can do this.
With all gratefulness and love and hope,



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