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Daphne Guinness Is Dead

[ interrobang ]

photo : Tim Jenkins

“Rest In Peace (And Jewels). . . “

I read the head-line & felt my stomach drop like a hackneyed phrase.

The style icon ” laid to rest ” by jeweler Shaun Leane

Tom Ford — but you already knew this, Y/Y?

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Because There’s Black Magic In The Movement

Raquel Zimmerman for Gareth Pugh

from Nick Knight‘s brilliant SHOWstudio, the fashion & art broadcasting channel

Gareth Pugh, animated gif, Raquel Zimmerman

:: Joie de Vivre ::
an editorial of Gareth Pugh‘s oil-slick, sicker-than-ever Autumn 2010/Winter 2011 collection

✷ Unfortunate, though necessary DISCLAIMER BEFORE VIEWING: This video contains partial female nudity in an artistic context. If you are easily offended, uptight, conservative, under the age of 18 in a country where breasts are against the law for minors to view; if you are on a public computer—including though not limited to libraries, internet cafés, airports, airplanes, and/or places of employment—within a public setting which could potentially expose anyone to partial nudity against his or her free will; if you do not appreciate fashion, have no respect for the beauty of the human body, are a member of the Clergy, adhere to a religion in which viewing the aforementioned will incite questionable behavior, immortal thoughts, if not altogether deem you a candidate for hellfire and eternal damnation; if you are immature, live anywhere on the planet that designates aforementioned material illegal for anyone under the age of 21 and you are not at least 21 years of age, live where obscenity laws are stringent regarding web site content—namely, countries in which women are expected to have their bodies completely clothed in any and all public forums, certain zip codes within the American Bible Belt, or quite frankly, anywhere mired in antiquated notions of morality: do not click on the arrow that appears in the embedded content; do not press “play,” and do not view any other content on this URL under any pretense. In no uncertain terms: please, DO YOURSELF & THE REST OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD A FAVOR & GO AWAY—IMMEDIATELY, NOT ONE SECOND LATER; YES, I AM SERIOUS WHEN I SAY KINDLY NAVIGATE ELSEWHERE & THAT MEANS NOW.

:: whew! ::

That being stated, for the rest of us?

Enable Full Screen
C r a n k + T h e + V o l u m e

video description & full credits await
beneath the cut

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“I Make Very Expensive Clothes That Are Very Uncomfortable To Wear.”

Mildred Von Hildegard’s Twitter bio might seem terse to some, pretentious to others. Whereas in my case? This cheeky yet charming description intensified an element of intrigue and jangly-limbed anticipation for our introduction-via-collaboration this Saturday past.

I Don’t Do ‘Friendly’ † Photo : Dirk Mai † Make-Up : Stacey Hummell

In a city illustrious for back-handed, capped-teeth “compliments” and unpredictable, unspoken disdain thinly disguised by a veritable check-list of publicists’ blanket statements, Hildegard’s choice for her 160-characters-or-less slot on The ‘Twits seemed fitting with the images I’d seen of her clothing designs: anachronistic — a fetish posture collar adorned with tattered lace, roses in an array of shadowy hues and elements of Victorian mourning attire; sensual — soft tattered edges, the type of attire that fingertips long to touch; unapologetic — ruched leather, straps and buckles arranged without regard to which body parts “should” or “shouldn’t” be exposed. Essentially, her handiwork is the antithesis of all that is red carpet Hollywood and relentlessly bourg.

Known to her public by the moniker Mother of London, Hildegard is a seminal talent both coveted and revered by fashion cognoscenti. Consequently, she’s rabidly hunted by L.A.’s handful of fashion-forward stylists — hence her stitch-witchery gracing the cover of the latest S Magazine [ on the explosive Juliette Lewis ], along with editorials in Numero, AnOther magazine, Bizarre, Playboy, Marquis, et al.

Said another way? While I’m unsure how many details of aforementioned ‘Secret Project’ I’m permitted to share at this juncture in time, a detail I can share is this: upon arrival at the studio, I discovered a stylist had hoarded the collar Her Mother Almightiness intended for the shoot.

Photo : Dirk Mai † Make-Up: Stacey Hummell

It’s a vicious business, fashion. All the same, we managed to share an afternoon with neither smileage nor spontaneity in short supply. Granted, the all my collaborative efforts with Mssr. Mai, each has produced its own set of explosive alchemical reactions resulting from a mixture of mysticism, madness, the Not only does The Mother corrupt traditional perceptions of fetish-wear and period costume, but she’s also adorable, donning death metal t-shirts and boundless charisma in the process.

Yes, my choice of verbiage was deliberate — just as one can be over-dressed in attitude — and yes, I hope to be swathed in her sublime regalia again in the not-too-distant future. Of more immediate import, however — particularly for those quite a distance from her L.A. showroom — I have advantageous news :

Between October 2008 and now [or, with more the 22nd of May, Two Thousand and Ten], this textile fascinatrix has posted a mere six items in her etsy shop.

Two of the six are fresh on the market, and while they’re categorized as menswear, I’d classify them as UNISEXY…

an asymmetrical leather collar

:: detailed view [ of both the handiwork and model Dylan Monroe ] ::


detachable sleeves, made of 100% vegan faux ostrich texturized leatherette

Grab your credit cards while you can, style fiends. Who knows how long it’ll be till the next opportunity presents itself…

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So. Damn. Deadly. Cute…

I’m vergin’ on a




With special thanks to Nixon Sixx for casting such an adorable spokesmodel



a ‘site exclusive’ for the illustrious

[dot] com

Matter of fact, the HMacabre skeleton crew has assembled an on-line boutique

for the erudite enthusiast of shadowed fineries who’s privy to the fact that

one need not spend a million bucks to look like it.


Before my A.D.D.-addled ass has a chance to bifurcate off into scatter-shot territory,

I need to provide the following info —of

:: where to click :: (HERE!) :: & claim :: First Place as a Hauttie! ::

O.K., then Next:

Look upon a few shop highlights for the darkly inclined, such as

the obscenely affordable black smoke leggings,

as well as

another collaborative effort with

the gents and ¢ommon ¢ent$ in mind…

(Go ahead & fling the slab of Velveeta at me over that one—I’ll cop the rationale of Twi-hards in my defense: “I don’t know how it happened! I must’ve been roofied or something, ’cause my taste level—I mean, my defenses—were down. Really: I’m really much cooler than that!” )

Mmmm-hrmmm. Right.

All the same, THIS FINE ITEM

is most right-on, indeed!

The offspring of joined forces: Haute Macabre with Cyberoptix

(a company worthy its own blog post, truth be told…)

:: rad ties & cravats ::

paired with retinal candy such as the following

drool-worthy [OOPS]  impeccable display of DNA at its finest?


Well, since I’m “already here,” so to speak,

I figured I might as well share…

Since, you know: there’s a more-than-decent chance I’ll be ogling their URL



Hrmm. Did you guys hear something?

But of course!

Furtive whispers from Thee Cult Ov Thee Fashion-Forward

state the obvious

(That is—for any devotee of Haute Macabre or mine owne Dot Com):

BAM!   Be it

xx or xy,


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Gun-Metal Gray, Glistening Shades Of Oil & Shadow


Thanks to a number of friends aware of my affinity-bordering-on-obsession with actress and mega-model Kristen McMenamy, my in-box has been bombarded with .jpegs and .tiffs offering peeks into her latest performance: that of the ‘centerpiece’ for Viktor & Rolf‘s AW 2010/11 collection during Paris Women’s Fashion Week.

March 6, 2010 at Espace Ephemere Tuileries

:: The “Glamour Factory” as presented by Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren ::

one conveyor belt, two brilliant designers

ten layers of garments, their Ready-To-Wear collection

stripped off the show’s “leading lady,” piece by piece

oftentimes turning them inside out—before

dressing one of the walking-sticks models awaiting.

& then? the inverse:

each wearing black leather caps, sunglasses, their hair pulled back

top models, yes: but in this context,

all just “part of the machinery.”


:: & note :: the dress :: becomes a behemoth Elizabethan collar ::


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Archived Interview: Clint Catalyst “Pop Quiz!” for Instinct Magazine

January, 2008:

In “Styled Child,” Alex Cho provides the JSYK via this Q & A…

Clint Catalyst, Celebrity Interview, Instinct Magazine

[ Direct Link : via Picturepush ]

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Clint Catalyst’s Guide To Los Angeles (Interview for Gay.com by Josh Rotter)


✪ Please Note: ✪

At the time in which this interview was conducted, I didn’t exactly have an unbiased point-of-view.

Friends of mine had recently been laid off—a common occurrence in businesses when things like a “merger” occur… but wounds were still fresh, so to speak.  If not theirs—well, then mine, out of camaraderie.

Rather than call attention to the negative, I hope you’ll be able to apply the aforementioned statement in any instances where it might be [AHEM!] applicable.  As in: flagrantly.

Oh, &…it’s taken numerous attempts for my embarrassingly low-tech ass to get this archived Q & A to post within WP’s established parameters.

:: claws & any other applicable appendages hereby crossed —with— massive thanks to Josh Rotter & Gay.com! ::

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Aldo and Clint “Do” Olympia! (Personal Appearance this Fri., Nov 13th)

Short notice? Who, me?

(O.K., so maybe I’m not the best at feigning innocence…)

At any rate, this Friday evening, the 13th of November 2009

at 9:30 p.m.

My chum/ “co-star” Aldo Vento and  I

will be making a personal appearance at the screening of

“Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman”


The Olympia Film Festival

(Among “Delphinium”‘s roster of November Screenings

This one is paired in conjunction with a live performance by  Steven Severin

of  Siouxsie and the Banshees and
The Glove,

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One Month. An Amtrak Train. First Class Cabins, and A Slew of Renegades…

Sound like a challenge you might be into?

Experience the Magic! See it Live…!









We’re looking for one dedicated fashionista to join our troupe with the Jared Gold Renegade Tour this Fall. If you are awarded the
spot, you’ll get the down and dirty on what life’s like on the road for the models, the crew and the designers who work on my staff to
pull off the fabulous spectacle that is fashion. The pre-reqs are only that you get as many of your friends as you can to donate to
the AAF, You don’t even have to donate if you don’t want to… but I hope you do. When you donate, you become a member of my Mystery Circle. Join my club today, and the treasures of my kingdom are open to you… special offers, apparel, discounts, toys, and the possibility of going on the adventure of a lifetime. Everyone on my team has pledged $10 to the American Artisan Foundation™, which is the low, low cost of membership that helps me to create grassroots jobs across America. Tell a hundred friends to join, and if they do, and help us to regrow the fashion trade in America, special honors await! So join us, and tell all your friends that I’m creating fashion jobs across America, and could use their help. The more you bring on board, the closer you are to touring as a pro
with the nation’s only group of authentic Fashion Renegades!

Experience the luxeness of one month on the road traveling with Jared’s Renegade Tour… The Lights! The Magic The Mystery, The
Models! One of Jared’s Magic Circle will get the opportunity of a lifetime for high fashion adventure…


Clint Catalyst ‘Motors-His-Mouth’ With Designer Jared Gold And Model Julie Meise

Can/Would/Could/Do you DIGG!?

(To Do So, It’s As Easy AS Clicking The “Digg” Hyper-Link Listed Above…
please and thank you!)


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Clint Catalyst and Jayme Foxx Make Flavorwire’s “Top-Of-The-Vlogs/Favorite Fashion Videos!”


Hello, All You “4OJ” Burn-Outs, Shut-Ins, and What-Have’s!

Looks like it took a few weeks for word of this post to make the “Forwarding” rounds to my grubby little paws,

But considering the Altitude T.V. footage was shot around 9 months ago?

Ain’t even angry…

Ain’t even angry at all!

(Thanks for culling this one out of countless YouTube clips, Flavorpill!)

Top of the Vlogs: Our Favorite Fashion Videos
11:14 am Thursday Jun 11, 2009
by Sarah Sternberg
Where fashion blogs are for the most part mediocre and ubiquitous (other than this awesome and arty offering from twelve year old fashion blogger, Tavi) fashion videos on YouTube tend to follow suit with meaningless musings that are often more asinine and offensive than their blog counterparts. Luckily for you, we’ve trawled through them all to separate the wheat from the chaff (or the Hermes from the H&M) to bring you the best vlog offerings (and some hilarious one-off videos) from some highly questionable self-proclaimed stylists.

Fashion Police celebrate the L.A. Hipster

Hipsters get a pretty rough reception sometimes from mainstream culture, but this video shows the outrageous Clint Catalyst and Jayme Foxx boldly celebrating the errant ways of the LA hipster clan. You’ll love to hate them, yet begrudgingly agree with their Fashion Don’ts, and they’ll love you right back… after all irony is so in right now.

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With Pauley Perrette at Hairroin’s Benefit for The LAYN: 04 29 09


Got some, uhh, serious “chin chin”s goin’ on with some of my movements
in this one here…

But y’know what though?

It’s not ‘all about me…’

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Mad Pash for Fash/Reasons to Melt Plastic

☆ Thumbs’ Up to “the imdb”; What I’m Listening To/Things You Should See ☆

First off, thanks to all of you wherever who did whatever, whenever that made my imdb stats jump so high this week. I don’t know if it’s a result of my presence in the *(cough! cough!)* “Celebrity Lifestyle’ issue of Wedding Dresses magazine that came out earlier this month. I mean, I knew that was a mainstream fluke… I just didn’t expect to see it, well, just about everywhere. Especially, say—on a shopping excursion at 3 a.m. for Redi-Whip at Ralph’s.

Then again, I also didn’t anticipate going from having three cameras in my possession to none in the span of a week and a half.

As with anything in my life, it seems I have to learn my lessons the hardest way imaginable. Rather than talk about despair (I mean, please—how many years was I Too Goth To Handle? There’s only so long I can go around having a bad time everywhere!), I’m just gonna “suck it up’ and buy a Canon that’s been recommended.

So…since I don’t have any “exclusive’ photos at the moment, I figured:
Why not post about some of my current obsessions?

Today I’m diggin’ on…

Urinal Art:

lips,urinal art,Clint Catalyst's eccentric obsessions


The debut issue of Japanese Men’s Vogue:

vogue,vogue hommes japan,mens' japanese vogue
on the cover: Ash Stymest, photographed by Hedi Slimane

(Here’s a peek at a forthcoming editorial… on par with American Men’s Vogue, right? Riiiiiiiight):

Oliviero Toscani


A runway look from a while back that’s haunting me in the best way imaginable…

Somebody. Help me. Please!

Who’s responsible for this stroke of slick black genius?

latex, latex clothing


Then– of course, what’s a little…screen-saver/site-scan shopping?

Granted, I can’t fight off the lyrics that come to mind of someone who truly understands the meaning of the word irony: Lily Allen. Her demo “I Don’t Know” is such a strychnine-soaked smiley-faced commentary on contemporary society; rarely a day goes by that the sardonic lyrics don’t get queued up on the ol’ iPod.

Despite the cadence that resonates through lines like:

“I am a weapon of massive consumption/
It’s not my fault/it’s how I’m programmed to function…”

Here’s where I succumb to that which I

COVET (cause I just plain)


Spot-Check These Finds Among My “Wish List of the Moment”…

Toy Me’s Silver Scissor Cuff:


Citizen Citizen’s Shoplifter Tote Bag:

citizen citizen, shoplifter tote bag

(both items available from fashion journalist Rose Apodaca
& self-avowed “design junkie” Andy Griffith’s A Plus R store)


And these effin’ Killer Ninja Boots!
(Need. Pair. Nowwww…):

ninja boots

(available from Karon Koron )


For the Bookshelf/Coffee Table/Stash of Masturbatory Material:

viktor & rolf
The House of Viktor & Rolf


However, as for now?

My head aches
and I must sleep…

Besos, baby.

Double C