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Stirring The Cauldron Of Commerce: More Stitch-Witchery

:: Part 2 of 2 ::
(part 1 available HERE)

To commence,
for the ladies—a dose of crosses & mayhem:

by Audrey Kitching’s Tokyolux


a two-fingered owl skull ring by Blood Milk,
who craft some of the most correct accessories I’ve ever seen


However, now? One for me…
I friggin’ love this print—though I need it on a black hoody, kplzthnx

We Lived Our Lives In Black by China Le, blogmistress of With Asian Stereotypes


Moving right along, as promised…

::  for the gents  ::

Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God

t-shirt by Obesity & Speed


from Ryan Noon‘s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection

‘My Tribe’:

Abstract Tee with
tiger teeth, legs, feathers & blue triangle print

‘Slit’ Tee
shark tooth print


the Electric Shaman


from Actual Pain

Mystery Faith Crew Neck Sweater

Conjuration Sweater


Ashton Michael‘s Capelet with Hood


SkinGraft Designs : Black Leather Face Mask


Ombre Batwing Pants by Gods Prey


Silver Shark Jaw Necklace by Triskaidekaphobia


:: up . next ::
an objet d’art (seven of them, actually) ranking high on my list of
⟣ Severely.&.Sincerely.Coveted ⟢

the unisexy, multi-purpose Pins of the Seven Sacred Planets

by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons

Oxidized Silver Cottonmouth Bolo Scarf,


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Petker’s Paintings In Stiletto Pumps (or: The Catwalk-Stalking & Crowd-Gawking)

What? Like, You Thought I’d Forgotten Or Something?

No such luck.

I’m just a tease.

Wait–SCRATCH!    I’ve just been holding back to make this post “stand out from the pack.”

Yeah, that’s it…

Actually, since “L.A. Fashion Week” happened in various mutations this fall–What do we have now…three per season?  Can’t. Keep. Up.–I thought it might be nice to take a look back at runway shots from the

Gold vs. Petker


on 07/30/09.

Except this time?  I’ll do so with

Less gab; more GORGEOUNESS.

(How about that, then?)

From Miss Kitching, I intuit

a resounding “Yes, please!”

So…that being said, here’s

actor Daniel Franzese as he awaited patiently…

Burlesque bombshell Ava Garter, who

who set the stage for the show to kick off

(with a lethal stiletto, bless her heart!)


In the interim, “90210” hottie Annalynne

had a show of her own goin’ on,


*Cue Smiley-Face Emoticon*

as she waited front-row for her sister

The latest of ‘The McC Girls’ to stake her claim

as a media darling: Angel McCord ,

who conquered the catwalk like a pro…

O.K., some of you might recall my adulation over

Joshua Petker’s painting “Hunting for Witches” a while back?

(Be it yay or nay, here’s a reference for your ‘Quick & Easy’…)

Well, spot-check the detail of how it translated to fabric:

Mr. Gold’s stitch-witchery paired with Petker’s inimitable technique,

then ‘suited & booted’ by McCord’s searing Buffalo Stance?

Stellar.   Zenith.

S U B L I M E!

:: Smoocheroonies to you, Angel! ♥ ::

And on the tip of  ‘sublime,’

it’d be criminal of me to not include

one of the most adept catwalk-stalkers in Los Angeles,

(impeccably-manicured) hands’ down!

I’m talkin’ about

Amanda Fields of “Project Runway” infamy

Of course, a Jared Gold show wouldn’t be complete

without the presence of

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Match-Making In The Modern Age: With SwiftKarateChop & Audrey Kitching

Uncle Clint says
(with a granpappy wheeze):

“Such cute, cute kids
are these…”

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One Month. An Amtrak Train. First Class Cabins, and A Slew of Renegades…

Sound like a challenge you might be into?

Experience the Magic! See it Live…!









We’re looking for one dedicated fashionista to join our troupe with the Jared Gold Renegade Tour this Fall. If you are awarded the
spot, you’ll get the down and dirty on what life’s like on the road for the models, the crew and the designers who work on my staff to
pull off the fabulous spectacle that is fashion. The pre-reqs are only that you get as many of your friends as you can to donate to
the AAF, You don’t even have to donate if you don’t want to… but I hope you do. When you donate, you become a member of my Mystery Circle. Join my club today, and the treasures of my kingdom are open to you… special offers, apparel, discounts, toys, and the possibility of going on the adventure of a lifetime. Everyone on my team has pledged $10 to the American Artisan Foundation™, which is the low, low cost of membership that helps me to create grassroots jobs across America. Tell a hundred friends to join, and if they do, and help us to regrow the fashion trade in America, special honors await! So join us, and tell all your friends that I’m creating fashion jobs across America, and could use their help. The more you bring on board, the closer you are to touring as a pro
with the nation’s only group of authentic Fashion Renegades!

Experience the luxeness of one month on the road traveling with Jared’s Renegade Tour… The Lights! The Magic The Mystery, The
Models! One of Jared’s Magic Circle will get the opportunity of a lifetime for high fashion adventure…


Tarina Tarantino Celebrates 70th Anniversary of OZ with FIDM

(Never mind the clichés of “better late…” nor excuses placing blame on technology. Here’s a different take–first-person and personal–and it’s happening NOW. // Said another way? It’s as current as that waft of air just inhaled, as immediate as a favorite fable. There are news feeds, and then there is that which feeds itself. And so this story goes, its entrance grand and by way of royal proclamation):

To any nay-sayers, or

perhaps those simply unaware of



Tarina Tarantino

throws a party,

it’s the real deal.

So much so, in fact,

that her recent collaborative effort with


the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

was a straight-up, full-on

molar-splitting, mind-bending

sensory overload…

Upon exiting the car at valet:

A diverse smattering of “Dorothy”s rockin’ blue-and-white gingham,
Camera flashes going POP!
(Massive thanks again, L.A. Times!)

A seven-story tall hot air balloon, flames lapping at the mouth of the nylon envelope

buoyant and bursting with color: its print

that of the classic Oz line-up
(Scarecrow, Tin-Man, Dorothy, Lion–and of course, little Toto!)

An outpouring of music, lyrics weaving their way through

the well-dressed crowd’s heightened conversations

“Did you see Kristen Cavallari?”” // actually, nope: I didn’t…but thanks all the same //
Syncopation and scents of appetizers in-the-making

A supreme delight: olfactory artistry

And in lieu of a red carpet?

True to the advice given by Glenda, the Good Witch–


was the hue to be followed…

It wasn’t until the soirée was winding down a bit
that the thought entered my thick skull

I had a camera of my own in my trusty black rubber “murse.”

And what better interrobang to provide that impetus than the devastating beauty

Debi Mazar

Actress and current model in the Double T’s “My Pretty” catalog

(She plays the Wicked Witch to Kelly Osborne’s take on That Girl From Kansas)

Ms. Mazar, I discovered, has another endeavor among her list of accolades:

Turns out Miss Thing “gets a little Bloggy” on her own…

Even better?  The site is by no means what came to mind when she shared the news with me…
How nice it is to genuinely be ‘taken aback’ by anything!

(Yes, SERIOUSLY—being jaded is as played-out as ‘Millennial Entitlement,’
amateur scenotypes [Mickey Mouse ears or down-market “I’m-So-Sweet” photo shoots involving cupcakes? DNW]
or–in my case–the mini-top hat. 2007 was 2007 for a reason, “kthanx.”)


Considering her main profession doesn’t often associate women with food,

To find out she [GASP!] not only eats, but also enjoys preparing the dishes?

Quite a serendipity:



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“Pained And Painted” : New Video Post

Spoken Word by Clint Catalyst
Visual Manipulations / Aural Fixations by Nicholas Wolfkind

Featuring portrayals by

Audrey Kitching
Lorraine Caley
Kaiden Blake
Kat Lee
Hilary Goldberg
and CCx

Shiny Latex Fineries by Syren.com ♥ [COVET…LOVE.IT] ♥
Hair Artistry by the Almighty Irene Urias of HairroinSalon.com

Accompanying text available via Clint Catalyst’s YouTube Channel ; Click “More Info”
“Pained and Painted” is published in the book Cottonmouth Kisses [ Manic D Press ]

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Ja…Hallo, Meine Deutsche Freunde! (March 5, 2009):

Tonight on ProSieben (”Pro7″) for you guys:


«  © »

Tomorrow (Friday, March 6th, ‘09) available on-line for

the rest of us

to download/view…

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Variety Magazine’s “Stylephile” 06.23.08 — Mention in Tarina Tarantino Article

Audrey Kitching and Clint Catalyst photographed by Conkurry

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L.A. Fashion Week: Party at BOXeight

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Hardcore Delirious/Deleterious Glamour

[ Downtown Los Angeles, 7th & San Pedro ]

Audz and me : just hangin’ with the Baseheads, sippin’ with cracked lips
from brown papered-bottles of Night Train . . . Oh yeah!
And, uh, Eric Kroll and his crew

Once The Boys and he hauled Irene’s chair downstairs, I suppose my look turned Bloodthirsty-Barber-Accepting-“Walk-In” — or rather, walk up? — Clients. Said another way? The Baseheads wandered a bit too close to our ‘home base.’ Sidewalk or nay, they were getting a bit too . . . interactive in our production. Mumbling from afar quickly progressed regressed into spittle proximity, so when Mr. Kroll urged me all mad cazh to Turn Up My Crazy, well . . . I amped it to about an 11. In case you were wondering? Flailing 14″ shears are an effective prop if one is aiming for 5150 territory. [ Cue latex-clad emoticon, kplzthnx ]

Sure, out-kooking-the-kooks has its own entertainment value — but I was stoked to be photographed by the fetish-meister after so many years, truth be told. I’ve seen him listed as ‘the most famous fetish photographer alive,’ and I can’t say I’d argue. I mean : images from his book Fetish Girls were made into postcards I remember seeing in airports, for F’s sake.

That tome of T & A — along with several other of his published works — has been on many a coffee table I’ve encountered over the years.

Short of the long? Whatever the case with this eve : it was an “encounter” ; that’s for sure!

[ I think he meant “wooes,” but it’s funnier this way — as in, I’m givin’ her Woe Is Me… ]

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Clint Catalyst Wants To Know: Can YOU

Double-dutch in elaborate couture?

(an outburst on 08 14 08 — while harassing that dang Audrey Kitching during our photo shoot for the new Lipstick Prophets catalog.)

In between shots–and struggling to keep the Malibu sand out of my eyes– you’ll see I got down to some


Gentlemen, don’t mess with me unless you can rock hardcore Viktor & Rolf, Jared Gold, Comme des Garcons, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood–and of course, hat sculptures by Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones.

While. You Navigate. The Muthrafeckin’ ropes.

After watching this clip, somehow I doubt I’ll need to “pull the crazy card” on ya… or?!

(interrobang, interrobang, interrobang)

Translated roughly?



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Audrey Kitching, Clint Catalyst and Jared Gold Urban Runway!

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The Transformation of boxEIGHT: Ethereal Beauty Emerges from Kucoon Designs

Alright, so...
for an overview of boxEIGHT's "This Ain't Mercedes Benz Fashion Week" 

this last/past Season's Offerings (Spring 2009)
in L.A.,
Check it—

(Madness Courtesy of Altitude TV)

Clickity click for coverage of me "giving word" at boxEIGHT studios
with appearances from:
Peter Gurnz, Dirk Mai (formerly known as "Fingers Crossed"), Audrey Kitching,
Lina Lecaro, Sammy from The Kids, "G," and Vanessa Gonzales——
along with the work of Yotam Solomon, Brian Lichtenberg
and other high-octane fabulousness.

Truth be told, anticipation of Mr. Lichtenberg's show
is what got me "in outfit" and out of the house,
so I find it only apropos
to highlight his latest work
before transitioning into the next topic...


O.K., now that we've had a bit of
'the spandex strut' that has garnered Mr. Lichtenberg notoriety
(with good reason—-this show did not disappoint,
and those effing hats and headpieces still SLAUGHTER me...)
*~ Slaughtering, I say! ~*~ S-L-A-U-T-E-R-I-N-G ~*

Still, there's a shifting of gears // a bit of backstory:
The Altitude video was shot on Friday, October the 17th--
when I was (admittedly) full of more "piss and vinegar"*
than I was by Sunday eve.

*Thanks for the vernacular, granny.  MEAN IT!

I mean, c'mon: when do I deny the fact that I'm a dinosaur
among the (AHEM!) "scene"?

Consequently, my pal Gabriele and I
nearly "pulled a Frankenstein" and bolted after the Rojas show:
false eyelashes were wilting, and enthusiasm was becoming an act
as difficult to keep up
as the Chet B headpiece I'd tacked onto my noggin...

Fashion Troopers: Gabriele and Clint Await the Final boxEIGHT Show (Spring 2009)

Then—a moment passed, only to be eaten by the next:
a narcotic rush painted with such poetic visual precision,
we were consumed by it.

Kucoon Fashion Show/Performance -- Spring 2009 Collection
(Part One : the First Half)
Please forgive: this video clip kicks in once I'd rummaged through
my recycled rubber "murse" and acquired my little cam
in medias res,
as I wasn't, well...anticipating the need to record anything.
Hence, I do admit the reactions one might overhear 'off screen'
aren't exactly eloquent.
However, that's one of the reasons why I opt to express myself
via pen, paper or notebook
(be it college-lined or of the G4 ilk).
What often is a more animated, base manner
exploding like confetti from inside of me
Is but a temporal human response: those mannerisms/
histrionic outbursts and the like...

(Oh, C'MON already! In layman's terms?
Reminders that I'm a FLAWED HUMAN BEING
who entertains himself by being "ornery!"

Consider that my frickin' First Step or something.
All right?)


(…and Here’s Part Two of the Visual Treats)

For instance: theoretically,
If I were to "bum rush" the designers
for an impromptu interview...

my antics and semantics with
Sheila B and Andrea Spratt, the duo responsible for
the cornea-melting jewelry/design
under the moniker Kucoon—
I'd be calm, mild-mannered and
an inveterate pro with technical equipment.
(Or at least that's how I'd intend it to seem
via a little 'revisionist re-write.')
Hyperbole, active verbs and sparkling consonants...
Why not chronicle life as colorfully as one sees
or makes it out to be?
And on that tip,
the rhetorical questions continue with a nudge
and a "Why don't you go ahead and hit up the personal site
of my latest favorite find among the 'newbies'
here in Smog City?"


There's nada there for the xy set in terms of PERSONAL "consumer consumption,"
(Love that Lily Allen!)
 but that by no means is an indication any gent with impeccable taste
will be at a loss in terms of visual stimulation.
Ya with me?
As in, "Hrmm, that'd look really great on ______________."

Everything moves with such heightened velocity this time of the year,
a person might as well start shopping now:
It seems like as soon as we scrub off the Halloween make-up and blink
it's already SANTA TIME
yet again...

Insofar as the 'stand out' piece among the site? 
The Amethyst Stalactite earrings are such stunners;
in an alternate life—one in which I have scads of dinero
and zilch insofar as student loans—
I'd buy a pair and turn one into a necklace,
the other into a brooch.

Fashion is all about fantasy, anyway—
here's but one of the ways mine come to fruition.

Bring on the images
and I'll find the words...