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Boundless Innovation. Outrageous Extravagance. A New Look At A Design Master: Thierry Mugler

“I have always tried to sublimate the body and to make people dream.”

Thierry Mugler: Galaxy Glamour, the most recent compendium on one of the 20th Century’s most influential designers, is out now.

While the couture division of Mugler’s House closed in 2003, his aesthetic explored a dramatic narrative populated by supermodels and superstars, or — in the words of the designer himself — “Personalities who know and accept who they are and fashion themselves accordingly.”

As a tribute to the so-called createur de shoc [ “creator of shock” ], I invite you to feast upon a series of clips demonstrative of a runway show in the truest sense of the word: a presentation at its most ostentatious, its most outrageous, its most theatrical.

:: haute couture, paris :: autumn/winter 1997 :: source: the fashion spot forums ::

Thierry Mugler Les défilés Haute Couture

“Fashion is not enough,” Mugler once said. “I am trying to convey sensations and feelings . . . I am always telling stories . . . I invent my characters and put them on stage. For me, clothes are a language.”

Les défilés Prêt-à-porter 90

A language, albeit, that is highly-cultivated: structured beyond the ‘natural,’ the free-flowing or colloquial, Mugler’s vocabulary is one steeped in fetishistic visuals and exaggerated ideals.

Les défilés Prêt-à-porter 80

Mugler Haute Couture : Fall/Winter 1997/98

Make-Up Maestro Kabuki Starshine, as Mugler model

Thierry Mugler : Spring 1999

Olga Pantushenkova, for Thierry Mugler : Fashion Fetish Fantasy

Mega-model Kristen Bronson, serving Cemetery Chic

Amanda Lear, Thierry Mugler, haute couture, fashion, runway, animated gif

Low Rez / High Pleazh : Look upon The Legendary Amanda Lear, serving such mad dosage of Gloria Swanson‘s carcinogenic glamour in Sunset Blvd. ; CAN’T HANDLE.

Although now : Note
As Duly Noted . . . Additional Destinations for
Further Ocular Spectacularism and Sensory Detail Detonations :

Thierry Mugler Official Website

Official Thierry Mugler YouTube Channel

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Envy: A New Fashion Magazine from The Creators of The Fashionably Independent

The Widget?  Pentegram, fully throwin’ down…

(That’d be five stars, in case my strand of Polari doesn’t translate well.)

Fully backin’ the ability to customize the size and lay-out options, as well as the international content contained therein.

To be honest, I’d rate the content in the current “issue” as a 4.5—meaning, of course, I know full well The Indie Fashion crew is capable of upping the ante beyond the established paradigm.

My request? Sprinkle in some content from Japanese men’s Vogue—as I’ve yet to see a single copy at any news stand (and I live in L.A., for F’s sake)… but the scant amount I’ve been fortunate to locate on-line?

Sleek as an Atsuko Kudo latex pencil skirt freshly polished. Sophisticated. Deliciously androgynous.

Of course, there’s also the occasional editorial in Imago ‘zine (Canada), Gazelleland (New York), Coilhouse (Los Angeles) and the slew of $40-and-over periodicals rife with opulence, editorial genius and consummate consumer lust that creep their way over from Europe…

Because these?

Of course, this is merely my opinion: but it’s when these truly independent flashes of serendipity—synonymous far too often with short print runs before the recently-launched creations belly-up…

It’s when these disparate elements get stirred into an already stellar sampling of aspirational imagery

that my mind melds &

corneas are left burning with a brilliance that feels so

alive alive

Here’s to
Cheers from
The Future—

(& With Great Anticipation)


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