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Dita Von Teese: When Fantasy Comes To Fruition

ARCHIVED : From the [ sadly defunct ] LA Alternative Press : An interview with an individual who exemplifies the art of transformation. . .an act of poise and refinement pitched in a pronouncement as seismic as an earthquake. One in which dreams have been achieved — and in many cases, surpassed — through mastery of “being herself” — a brilliant amalgamation of person/persona.  ☆ Her Own Creation ☆


Clint Catalyst Interview In Imago Magazine, The “Fables Issue”

Issue Four (summer/fall 2009)

Imago is distributed in Canada at Chapters and other fine booksellers.

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So, Yeah…I’m Old.

Here are some of the fine folks who came out to celebrate
that I’m now a year closer to the ol’ dirt nap…

Realizing that I’ve been — ahem — under a bit of stress as of late,
Jessicka took it upon herself to organize a dinner at
one of my favorite local eateries, Casita Del Campo:

Lisa Leverage, Jessicka, Clint Catalyst

Swish Hips Earn Tips:
Rawk Chicks Lisa Leveredge and Jessicka

None other than Miss Lenora Claire was there

Lenora Claire

Totes lettin’ us have it with the twins!

[ Which I’m not mad about…ain’t mad about at all… ]

Brendan Mullen

Wordsmith Brendan Mullen of Lexicon Devil, We Got The Neutron Bomb,
and Live at the Masque: Nightmare in Punk Alley fame

Kim Bruder, William Mills

Kim Sosore and William Mills — i.e.,
Just about the cutest damn couple in town


only half of this duo is “lookin’ good”…

Caroline Ryder, cute

and that half of which I speak
by no means is myself!

[ Beneath my grip is the beautiful journalist
known as Caroline Ryder ]

Of course,
I feel it imperative to announce :


Jessicka, Lisa Leveredge

Jessicka Addams. Lisa Leveredge.

Mmm Hrmm…

Yeah, right.

Damn shame I can’t blame my own bad behavior
on anything other than…

Luis Payne, Clint Catalyst

Luis Payne of Hairroin Salon!

[ Now, there’s an exclamation point
that wants to be an interrobang “when it grows up”. . . ]

And speaking of the ol’ “!?” —
I should move on to THE PARTY, fer F’s sake!

However, before I clack a single syllable into the keyboard,
I want to give a
Huge-Ass Honkin’
Load of THANKS
to my pals

DJ Adrian, Mysterious D, Club Bootie

Adrian and The Mysterious D

Club Bootie

For hosting a birthday shin-dig for me
and my “Thousand Closest Imaginary Friends”

DJ Paul V

with the legendary Paul V
Bootie L.A.

[ one of several monthly parties thrown around the world —
I’m so proud to see two pals from S.F. go ‘Global!’ ]

DJ Mysterious D, Deirdre


Also, I must admit I wasn’t exactly bummed to have Rony Alwin of

Rony’s Photobooth

there to chronicle some* of the evening’s guests…

Here are a few ‘choice’ shots [ filched from aforementioned site, please.&.thanks ] :

Kat Turner, actress, Clint Catalyst

Actress Kat Turner of Inland Empire infamy

Wishes “All The B[r]east!”

Sasha Sheldon

Shutterbug / Model Sasha Sheldon

Sasha Sheldon


Sasha Sheldon


O U T !

Ever the stunner, here’s

Tarina Tarantino, Alfonso Campos

Style Icon and Bijoux Black-Belt Tarina Tarantino looking GORGEOUS
with her husband, Filmmaker Alfonso Campos

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Mageina Tovah Models for Clint Catalyst Collab. Project

…a collection of anecdotes I’m in the process of assembling entitled Degeneracy: A Love Letter .

Essentially, the book is a series of stories about what my grandmother described as “orneriness”— in other words, the type of socially inappropriate behavior atypical to teenage delinquents that revels in being bad…but not evil.

Thing is, I seem to have been precocious in the sense that I jumped feet-first onto shaky territory before I’d even broken double digits in my natals. However, unlike my wiser peers who limited their bad behavior into a period referenced the same way as that proverbial phase The Parental Units continually told me my interest in eccentric fashion and avant garde music was, its been over two decades and my love for the outlandish remains omnipresent. Sure, perhaps its more refined in focus—but if anything, it flourishes.

Ditto the story with whatever inherent need I have to be a juvenile delinquent. No doubt I’ve well outstayed my welcome, as these days I’m twice the age of most teens yet just still can’t seem to “just let go.”

Granted, I don’t indulge in the reckless behavior I did throughout my early twenties. Not only is the thought of following the same pattern and routine a total yawn; its physically and mentally exhausting. For seven years, I cut out all drug and alcohol consumption completely. That’s when and how the book idea for Degeneracy: A Love Letter came about. I mean, cmon: theres really no need to dial Dr. Freud on the white courtesy phone to realize that whether its been my active pursuit to engage in unusual sexual proclivities known as Caking, frightening adults through acts of puppet terrorism, experimenting with polyamory, indulging in the sensory overload from various elements of the fetish scene—specifically, the slippery sheen of the latex, or hopping myself up via ritualistic can-to-mouth over-consumption of nonfat Redi-Whiptheres still an ornery element of my personality on the eternal quest for some new kind of kick.

Amanda (one of my dearest friends, a responsible mother who’s incidentally a ‘partner in crime’ from those—ahem! We Dont Talk About Those Things Now—nascent years of naughty behavior when we were trapped within the chokehold of the Southern Baptist Bible Belt notched in Jonesboro, Arkansas) is illustrating each of these romanticized, exalted, and equally self-deprecating tales through the lens of her camera. However Ms. Brooks chooses to interpret the text is her decision: be it literal, tongue-in-chic, or in a manner perhaps not as obvious…that’s none of my business. Still, Ive gotta admit: weve been fortunate thus far in the sense that theres been no shortage of dynamic individuals who’ve donated their talent, time and physical being (you know, bodies) to function as the medium for Amanda’s canvas of choice.

In this instance, model/actress Mageina Tovah (Spiderman 2-3, Joan of Arcadia, et al) gives a preview by proxy for the forthcoming release. Yes, its merely a fragment of time captured by shoddy digi-cam footage from an afternoon she spent being bad. Though at the time of me clacking out this palaver, Ive yet to see one frame of the finished product—so to have the real life reference of bargain-bin wallpaper rigged with duct tape, clamps and a seamless in front of a garage versus the end result?

Well, the recounting of events via oral history has everything to do with inflection, delivery, technique. By that same token, ultimately what Mageina provides Amanda, then Amanda delivers, make these anecdotes more universal—i.e., less about me.

And were getting closer both to an overall expansion in scope as well as the project’s completion.

All I have to do is continue cranking these “stories” out, reminding the reader/audience of the adage “No one can be sure my friend/Where truth begins and fiction ends…”

(Any Tones on Tail fans out there still? Anyone, anyone?)


The stylemeisters “werkin’ their magic” with us there on the set are make-up artist Genevive Lamb (a ‘face-beater’ and cutie pie from Christian Dior) and the inimitable Irene Urias from Hollywood’s white-hot epicenter of cool: Hairroin Salon. Hairroin’s a powerhouse of prettiness, so if youre in the greater L.A. area and have yet to discover it

By all means: baby, let me be your pusher!

Hairroin Salon [dot] com

Givin GORGE in the dept of wardrobe: Jared Gold couture
(Who else?)

Jared Gold [dot] com

And Amanda herself can be found hangin’ out at

Amanda Brooks Photo [dot] com


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