Oh Really. Know What I Have To Say To That?

animated gif, funny expression

animated gif, funny, reaction

animated gif, the olsen twins

animated gif, fairuza balk, the craft

animated gif, goth girl, blah blah blah

animated gif, America's Next Top Model, eye roll

funny, animated gif, blah blah blah

animated gif, the breakfast club

funny, animated gif, reaction

Animated GIF, comment response, over it

animated gif, bitch please, glitter, humorous

gay, fag, fabulous, funny, animated gif

funny, animated gif, BURN

animated gif, Beyonce, bitchy, beautiful

Comments (2)

  1. 1:43 pm, December 16, 2012Ali  / Reply

    I would rock the shit out of those gloves.

  2. 1:07 pm, December 11, 2012Wes  / Reply

    Love it! GIF IT or GTFO! So many times I would have liked to deploy these bombs IRL.

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