“I Make Very Expensive Clothes That Are Very Uncomfortable To Wear.”

Mildred Von Hildegard’s Twitter bio might seem terse to some, pretentious to others. Whereas in my case? This cheeky yet charming description intensified an element of intrigue and jangly-limbed anticipation for our introduction-via-collaboration this Saturday past.

I Don’t Do ‘Friendly’ † Photo : Dirk Mai † Make-Up : Stacey Hummell

In a city illustrious for back-handed, capped-teeth “compliments” and unpredictable, unspoken disdain thinly disguised by a veritable check-list of publicists’ blanket statements, Hildegard’s choice for her 160-characters-or-less slot on The ‘Twits seemed fitting with the images I’d seen of her clothing designs: anachronistic — a fetish posture collar adorned with tattered lace, roses in an array of shadowy hues and elements of Victorian mourning attire; sensual — soft tattered edges, the type of attire that fingertips long to touch; unapologetic — ruched leather, straps and buckles arranged without regard to which body parts “should” or “shouldn’t” be exposed. Essentially, her handiwork is the antithesis of all that is red carpet Hollywood and relentlessly bourg.

Known to her public by the moniker Mother of London, Hildegard is a seminal talent both coveted and revered by fashion cognoscenti. Consequently, she’s rabidly hunted by L.A.’s handful of fashion-forward stylists — hence her stitch-witchery gracing the cover of the latest S Magazine [ on the explosive Juliette Lewis ], along with editorials in Numero, AnOther magazine, Bizarre, Playboy, Marquis, et al.

Said another way? While I’m unsure how many details of aforementioned ‘Secret Project’ I’m permitted to share at this juncture in time, a detail I can share is this: upon arrival at the studio, I discovered a stylist had hoarded the collar Her Mother Almightiness intended for the shoot.

Photo : Dirk Mai † Make-Up: Stacey Hummell

It’s a vicious business, fashion. All the same, we managed to share an afternoon with neither smileage nor spontaneity in short supply. Granted, the all my collaborative efforts with Mssr. Mai, each has produced its own set of explosive alchemical reactions resulting from a mixture of mysticism, madness, the Not only does The Mother corrupt traditional perceptions of fetish-wear and period costume, but she’s also adorable, donning death metal t-shirts and boundless charisma in the process.

Yes, my choice of verbiage was deliberate — just as one can be over-dressed in attitude — and yes, I hope to be swathed in her sublime regalia again in the not-too-distant future. Of more immediate import, however — particularly for those quite a distance from her L.A. showroom — I have advantageous news :

Between October 2008 and now [or, with more the 22nd of May, Two Thousand and Ten], this textile fascinatrix has posted a mere six items in her etsy shop.

Two of the six are fresh on the market, and while they’re categorized as menswear, I’d classify them as UNISEXY…

an asymmetrical leather collar

:: detailed view [ of both the handiwork and model Dylan Monroe ] ::


detachable sleeves, made of 100% vegan faux ostrich texturized leatherette

Grab your credit cards while you can, style fiends. Who knows how long it’ll be till the next opportunity presents itself…

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  1. 6:07 pm, May 11, 2012Moh  / Reply

    You guys are the coolest. The. xx

  2. 12:32 pm, January 27, 2012Danielle Windle  / Reply

    Me as well, thanks for sharing this..|

  3. 9:24 pm, December 27, 2010scrapebox  / Reply

    I appreciate an individual taking the time to share with you them with people.

  4. 5:30 pm, June 3, 2010Joanna  / Reply

    I love love love the latest photos of you! Amazingggg!

  5. 10:54 am, June 2, 2010Clint Catalyst  / Reply

    Thanks muches, everyone! I can’t take credit for much more than just *being* there, however; it’s the team that worked the magic. (Dirk Mai, Mother of London, & Stacey Hummell)

    † OH, HOW THEY RULE! †

    Ditto, same, for you commenting… ♡

  6. 10:20 am, June 2, 2010drooling isnt pretty  / Reply

    ack that first picture is so rad….you carry the makeup well, sir :)

  7. 12:11 pm, May 25, 2010Lizzi  / Reply

    gosh these are beautiful! I must say I agree they do look rather uncomfortable but what beautiful things are? I especially love the falls from the collar *swoon*

  8. 8:01 am, May 25, 2010Ashley Wagenaar aka RockabillyZombie  / Reply

    I hope I’m doing this right XD and in the right place I followed ur link aha.

    I am Representing Canada >:D and I am going to

    B R I N G I T >:D


  9. 11:43 pm, May 22, 2010Neringa  / Reply

    Love the first photo! Beautiful colors.

  10. 11:12 pm, May 22, 2010Alcy  / Reply

    As much as I like the collar…your new photos are AMAZING, especially the second! The makeup…very impressive!

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