Congratulations, Lisa D’Amato, Winner of America’s Next Top Model “All-Star” Cycle!



Photography : Amanda Brooks
Hair : Nikki Copeland
Make-Up : AnaRexia
Styling : Clint Catalyst

Czarina Jacket and Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Brooch : Jared Gold



Photography : Amanda Brooks
Photo Assistant : Leora Saul
Model : Lisa D’Amato
Make-Up : AnaRexia
Hair : Lillian Kha
Styling : Clint Catalyst

Hand-Beaded “Medusa Scarf” :
Black Sheer Chiffon Halter : Trasteverine
Hand-Beaded “Medusa Scarf” :
Silver Seaweed Ring : Lu Jewelry
Costume Jewelry Ring : Santee Alley, Downtown L.A.
Earrings : Kimberly Faith
Harajuku Ribbon : Street Vendor, Yokohama Japan

*[ Slogan Translation : “I am the sexiest girl at the party.” ]



Photography : David Christopher Lee
Key Hair : Kiyah Wright
Assistant : Lilian Kha
Make-Up : AnaRexia
Styling : Clint Catalyst

On Lisa : Spiderweb Dress : Adele Mildred
On Jeffree : Evening Gown : M’Lynn Hass


Also included : “The American Dream 2.0,” an article from Swindle magazine in which Lisa’s success beyond Cycle 5 was predicted. “In [our] current climate where politically-correct pleasantries have replaced the witty banter we once knew as engaging conversation, D’Amato’s moment as a rule-breaker and a risk-taker could not be more opportune.”

Yep, sure did just quote myself.


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Comments (6)

  1. 3:03 am, November 24, 2012Deirdre  / Reply

    Alexander McQueen, animated gif

  2. 10:57 pm, February 16, 2012Clint Catalyst  / Reply

    Kimberly ,

    You . . . completely took me off-guard :

    I’ll give you that!

    [ Otherwise, notions of “attractive” are relative —
    But you already know this . . . ]

    Best Regards,
    Clintasaurus Maximus

  3. 3:51 pm, February 16, 2012kimberly  / Reply

    is fashion supposed to be ugly though?

  4. 6:20 pm, December 11, 2011Taunia  / Reply

    LOL just saw the translation. Not really “sexiest girl at the party”…although maybe not a big stretch. It’s literally “#1 most ero person” (ero being used along the lines of “kinky”).

  5. 6:16 pm, December 11, 2011Taunia  / Reply

    Okay, I’ve never watched the show and am not familiar with her, but this is awesome. I’ve seen that top picture before but assumed it was a glam rock-type dude – she knows how to work the androgyny! Looking at it with her other shots, she’s very versatile. But…is she REALLY the #1 most perverted person (as the ribbon says)?

  6. 5:19 pm, December 11, 2011Vulnavia  / Reply

    congrats, lisa!! this is awesome

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