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LA Independent Fashion Consortium Show : As Recommended by L.A. Weekly

Thursday evening : March 15, 2012

An event produced by Rico Adair

Featuring designs by Pleasure Doing Business,


[ recycled/up-cycled clothing design by Harriet Selling and Alexandra Kerr ]

with shoes by
Bare Sole

and the accessories of
Soji Designs

Master of Ceremonies : Clint Catalyst

“The show is emceed for some wonderfully bizarre reason by spoken-howl artist Clint Catalyst, who no doubt will lend his caustic comments to the outfits on display and the music at hand.”

David Cotner, L.A. Weekly

with performances by Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly


“avant electro music merchants”

Also, following the fashion show,
A premier appearance by Esprit de Corps




At The Echo.com

$10 advance / $12 door, night of show

8 – 11 P.M. , 18 +


Pre-sale tickets can be entered in a raffle drawing at the door
for a custom Rico Adair T-Shirt Dress or Button-up shirt!

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Hey Bay Area! Tomorrow Night. Whatever Your Other Plans Might Be . . .

Well, clearly they’re exactly that : plans other than
me, in the role of ‘ D.J. ‘

& you, hangin’ at

where there’s no hassle re: a cover, lover. . .

[ Unless you arrive after 11 p , at which time a fee of two dollars is requested.
As in, like : two dollars . ]

Just make it happen,  O.K.?

O . K .

Ah!  & Not only/but also :
I’ll be serving the WORLD PREMIERE

of a special release from  I†† !

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ShowWX Presented by MicroVision at The Sundance Film Festival, 2010

So, I’m going to Sundance.

Remember that gorgeous independent film I’m in? You know, “Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman”?  The one I yammered about a while ago. Well, it’s screening at Sundance, and…yeah. As an Angeleno transplant, over the years I’ve acclimated to the freon-tinged climate shady people imbue this brightly-lit place.  To fair the “whether,” the most important reaction I could have is: act as if this news isn’t very important at all.

It’s a tricky thing, this More-Jaded-Than-The-Orient sense of feigned indifference—because if “reality” T.V. cameras are added to the equation?  Flip it. Be so real it’s Faux Real…and it will be: on film.

Semantics and human behavior are complicated.  But how I feel?  How I feel, for once, is pure and simple and precise. I’m so excited; I’m spinning around like tinsel on a majorette’s baton at half-time.

That being said, the vitals are:

Friday, 22nd January, and Saturday, 23rd January 2010, 2pm

ShowWX Presented by MicroVision at The Sundance Film Festival

Cinema Lounge at 333 Main Street, Park City, UT

Curated by Shade Rupe,

The program includes new work by

Floria Sigismondi, Sean Pecknold, Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani, Rodrigo Gudiño


Matthew Mishory

More Info “Beneath The Jump”

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You. This Evening. Harlow/Nylon Pink/Aldo Vento & Me…

Let’s Make It Happen!

See you there?