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“As Far As Therapy Goes” by Clint Catalyst :: (the “Hiccup” remix/visit) ::

Beats, Blips & Spoken Word—Here It Is


Volume Four of Hiccup, the theme of which is

“Under The Influence”

∞ ∞ ∞

Hiccup is a live, multi-media performance series in the L of A, curated by wordsmith Eric Layer

Each ‘happening’ is accompanied by a literary magazine on-line, complete with a down-loadable podcast of Mr. Layer’s infamous

∞ ∞ ∞

Verse-slingers in Los Angeles—or traveling troubadours in search of a rad venue to ‘do [their] thang’—forthcoming themes are posted on the

Hiccup website, including a section on the where & how to submit

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Interview on Eliza Cuts’ Show on Fearless Radio.com — June 17, 2007

Clint Catalyst Interview with Eliza Cuts (mp3)

Clint Co-Hosts Permission Mag Podcast

Episode #13 (Entitled “Clint Catalyst Is Real; JT Leroy Is Not)