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IN Utah This Week : June 2010 Coverage

Clint Catalyst,In Utah This Week

Special thanks to Amy Spencer and Alanja of the Dark Arts Festival!

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Clint in the ‘Celebrity Lifestyle’ Issue of Wedding Dresses Magazine

Fall 2008

And true, true : Not a publication in which I imagined I’d ever appear — which made seeing it among the grocery shelve glossies that much more sick and fantastic . . .

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Archived: The King of What’s Next / Article from Frontiers Magazine

Volume 26, No. 5:

Frontiers magazine : Caroline Ryder

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Mention of Appearance on “Germany’s Next Top Model” with Designer Jared Gold — IN Newsmagazine (UT)

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[ Airdate: March 5, 2009 on ProSieben ]

Pictured with me: Jessicka (of Scarling and Jack Off Jill fame) and Mr. Gold, who brought his infamous madagascar hissing cockroach brooches as accessories for one of the model ‘challenges’ of the episode. Mr. Gold received ten minutes of air time on this phenomenal spin-off of the American franchise, which features gorgeous girls, incredibly hospitable hosts, and–as a form of my own demented entertainment–the opportunity for me to be extra “ornery” on-air!

Thanks for the coverage, Amy Spencer…and Vielen Dank to Heidi Klum and her cohorts for having us as guests on Cycle 4!

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Secret Magazine, Issue 32 (Fall 2008) — Coverage of Short Film “In The Spotlight”

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Michelle Tea, Guinevere Turner, Clint Catalyst, Dirk Mai, Hilary Goldberg
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With ‘Propers’ Served :
Massive Thanks to Jürgen of Secret Magazine

Secret, via International List of Distributors

Hairstylist Lilian Kha

Simone of  Exquisite Restraint Corsetry

Sculptor/Photographer David Meanix

Dirk Mai [ the photographer formerly known as ‘Fingers Crossed’ ]

&—even & especially—to writer/director Hilary Goldberg , without whom . . . ♥

In The Spotlight, via IMDB

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Bell Wartock is the Voice of a New Generation . “

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Full Color Photograph of Kate Lady Luck [ as she makes Bell Wartock ‘Eat His Own Words’ ]
↓ — Beneath The Cut — ↓

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Variety Magazine’s “Stylephile” 06.23.08 — Mention in Tarina Tarantino Article