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The Gen Art Alumni Fashion Fete

in Los Angeles : March 16, 2010

Gen Art, a national organization dedicated to promoting and supporting excellence among emerging talent, joined forces with 17 of the non-profit’s “Fresh Faces In Fashion” alumni for an event not only celebrating the Los Angeles fashion community as a whole, but also specifically acknowledging the contributions of the designers who have been featured through the Gen Art design platform.

Each of the designers was accompanied by a model to showcase a signature look from their forthcoming collections.

I, on the other treacherously manicured claw, attended

With My Comrade, The Multi-Talented Zoetica Ebb

Picture 1 of 23

:: whom I'm extremely grateful shared her images from the swanky soirée, as the pictures I snapped are an experiment in 'amateur hour' :: seriously? :: but seriously... ::

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Scene Et Al: Photographic Evidence Of Adventures ‘Out & About’

Screen Grab from Lina Lecaro's

Picture 1 of 4

Coverage of the Alice in Wonderland party at Royal/T on February 4, 2010

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Fantasy And Obsession—Wonderland, A Roving Beast

At Royal/T Café, Store and Artspace

8910 Washington Blvd, Culver City CA

The evening of February 4th, 2010

was a hare-y sitch for photographer Dirk Mai, as captured above by the boys of Polite In Public Photo Booth.

Har, a hardy-har . . . Umm, YEAH. How ’bout I spare you guys the slab of Velveeta?  Sound like a plan?

That’s what I thought…

Chubby Bunny [L] and Yume Ninja [R] of Bubble Punch brought cosplay Correctness for us to look upon,

Whereas Lenora Claire — another ‘repeat offender’ on this humble Dot Com — fully LET US HAVE IT with a mind-melding, retinal-shattering, hot hot hottt hairstyle!

Oh! But what have we here? Per chance might it be one adorable little Kit Kat Lee?

As a matter of fact, yes — yes it is, indeed . . . and in the haus with her : band mate and business partner, the multi-talented Kaila Yu [L]!

Our exploration of Correct Culture continues with burlesque beauty Courtney Cruz, sandwiched between an Alice duo …♥

[ Oh, and pssst! A little “JSYK,” just in case you’re in the No instead of know ] :

The estimable Miss Cruz presents “tassle-twirling with a spin” at her once-a-month installment of The Devil’s Playground at Bordello bar. Described by journalist Erin Broadley as “Beyond traditional fan dancing and martini bathing,” the Devil’s Playground “integrates pop culture and niche fan favorites with the classic art of the striptease, modernizing burlesque with cleverly themed, character-driven performances like Video Game Girls, Comic Book Vixens and…Tails From the Crypt.” Known most recently for creating a disturbance in The Force for her Star Wars-themed bump-and-grind, it’s no wonder the L.A. Weekly deemed this Busty Storm Trooper’s resident troupe as Best Burlesque Club of 2009.

Pictured above: Cruz maintains a subdued demeanor with chanteuse Jessicka Addams and Mia Vixen, one of The Devil’s Playground performers.

Wait a minute. I mentioned this was an art opening; didn’t I?


Unfortunately, the gallery ran out of catalogs; i.e., I’m afraid I don’t know whom to credit for the creation pictured above.  That being said, please allow me to segueway back to other deep and meaningful content, such as

other photo booth antics I enjoyed . . . ditto, Ela Darling and The Dirkulous Maximus.

Caught here on the other side of the camera Previously captured on the other side of the lens — though retracted, since keeping her identity secret only intensifies the appeal — is was Nightranger‘s intrepid reporter Lina Lecaro, whose years of  fearless ventures — from immersing herself deep in the trenches of trannies werkin’ the merkin to ravers wielding glow-sticks as if they were num chucks — have garnered her reputation as The Go-To Girl for Nightlife.

Incidentally, Lecaro “dipped into the population” this eve not only for the sake of a newspaper word count, but also to celebrate the completion of her first full-length manuscript. [ No, people: I didn’t say script. Leave those to your dental hygenist, who’ll likely have “something for you to look over” before the luxury of another kind of script gets written. Oy! ]

By manuscript, I mean book— of which her debut is titled Los Angeles’s Best Dive Bars: Drinking and Diving in the City of Angels.  Its release date is May 1st, 2010, though you might as well go ahead and pre-order such an indispensable guide. Assuming you remembered to close out your tab at the bar last night, that is! Such a hassle, retrieving one’s 16-digits on plastic The Day After. Isn’t it? [AHEM!] I mean: So I’ve Heard.

“Besides: it’s not like I had a hang-over or anything!  It was more like…a lean-over.”   Yeah.  That was it—

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Goth Is Dead ; Long Live Goth : Remembrances Of A New-Grave Past In San Francisco

Please Click To Enlarge The Following Archived Text / Images

San Francisco Bay Guardian, SFBG

Goth, House of Usher, nightclub, San Francisco

Goth, House of Usher, nightclub


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So, Yeah…I’m Old.

Here are some of the fine folks who came out to celebrate
that I’m now a year closer to the ol’ dirt nap…

Realizing that I’ve been — ahem — under a bit of stress as of late,
Jessicka took it upon herself to organize a dinner at
one of my favorite local eateries, Casita Del Campo:

Lisa Leverage, Jessicka, Clint Catalyst

Swish Hips Earn Tips:
Rawk Chicks Lisa Leveredge and Jessicka

None other than Miss Lenora Claire was there

Lenora Claire

Totes lettin’ us have it with the twins!

[ Which I’m not mad about…ain’t mad about at all… ]

Brendan Mullen

Wordsmith Brendan Mullen of Lexicon Devil, We Got The Neutron Bomb,
and Live at the Masque: Nightmare in Punk Alley fame

Kim Bruder, William Mills

Kim Sosore and William Mills — i.e.,
Just about the cutest damn couple in town


only half of this duo is “lookin’ good”…

Caroline Ryder, cute

and that half of which I speak
by no means is myself!

[ Beneath my grip is the beautiful journalist
known as Caroline Ryder ]

Of course,
I feel it imperative to announce :


Jessicka, Lisa Leveredge

Jessicka Addams. Lisa Leveredge.

Mmm Hrmm…

Yeah, right.

Damn shame I can’t blame my own bad behavior
on anything other than…

Luis Payne, Clint Catalyst

Luis Payne of Hairroin Salon!

[ Now, there’s an exclamation point
that wants to be an interrobang “when it grows up”. . . ]

And speaking of the ol’ “!?” —
I should move on to THE PARTY, fer F’s sake!

However, before I clack a single syllable into the keyboard,
I want to give a
Huge-Ass Honkin’
Load of THANKS
to my pals

DJ Adrian, Mysterious D, Club Bootie

Adrian and The Mysterious D

Club Bootie

For hosting a birthday shin-dig for me
and my “Thousand Closest Imaginary Friends”

DJ Paul V

with the legendary Paul V
Bootie L.A.

[ one of several monthly parties thrown around the world —
I’m so proud to see two pals from S.F. go ‘Global!’ ]

DJ Mysterious D, Deirdre


Also, I must admit I wasn’t exactly bummed to have Rony Alwin of

Rony’s Photobooth

there to chronicle some* of the evening’s guests…

Here are a few ‘choice’ shots [ filched from aforementioned site, please.&.thanks ] :

Kat Turner, actress, Clint Catalyst

Actress Kat Turner of Inland Empire infamy

Wishes “All The B[r]east!”

Sasha Sheldon

Shutterbug / Model Sasha Sheldon

Sasha Sheldon


Sasha Sheldon


O U T !

Ever the stunner, here’s

Tarina Tarantino, Alfonso Campos

Style Icon and Bijoux Black-Belt Tarina Tarantino looking GORGEOUS
with her husband, Filmmaker Alfonso Campos

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Lenora Claire TAKES. IT. THERE. (Archived Blogature, Fer Shure!)

“I’m burnin’ up/Burnin’ up for…”

Image for Entry 1213881357

Or at least yesterday, that’s how it was.

Today I’m rockin’ my little window unit for all it’s worth.

Before I gab on about Lenora Claire‘s Birthday Party Last Friday, The Thirteenth

I’ve gotta lay out this sitch…cause seriously? Somethin’ around 24 hours ago?

It seemed as if Dante decided to expound upon the canonized nine, starting with a ‘Tenth Circle’ update just for me and “the 2.0 of it all.”

Yes, we all know about the temperature in L.A.;

Yes it’s a pain-in-the-posterior to hear people complain….

But it was, what? Somewhere in the triple digits yesterday?




belching out a steady stream of its own furious temperature

to accompany the afternoon’s ‘Greenhouse Effect’
already living up to its name quite well

Note to self: Queer-Bait, HANG UP THOSE EFFING CURTAINS! kthanx.

AND THE [enter expletive of your choice] SIMPLY WOULDN’T TURN OFF.

I felt I’d become an unwilling participant of Bikram Yoga—except I wasn’t chanting and doing back-bends; I was cussing and fanning my tomato-hued face with a copy of V magazine.

Fortunately, I managed to coax a maintenance man to ‘come to my rescue,’ same-day service. But unfortunately? That meant I couldn’t abandon the sweat box to seek solace at a friend’s place, in a coffee shop, or– oh, I don’t know…down the street at “Rough Trade: Sex, Leather and Spurs”?

Jeezish, it just dawned on me how histrionic this post is thus far.

And speaking of HISTRIONICS – -

How about a clip of the incomparable James St. James

to keep the ‘drama quotient’ as high as…

The Houdini Mansion in the Hollywood Hills?

Give it a little look-see, and you’ll find cameos sprinkled throughout of Dirk Mai (whom I’ve been known to refer to as ‘The Artist Formerly Known As Fingers Crossed’,’ among a strand of other nicknames), Wilhemina model Sara Mohr,
and that damn Audrey Kitching.

(I mean, seriously— Who the F does she think she is? SHEESH!)

While I heart Lenora–and no doubt, she’s got a separate fan club for those mams-o-plenty themselves–I was fortunate to be hangin’ at that eldritch abode earlier in the day for a separate matter altogether.
(Hints: TV cameras, a feature ALL ABOUT HER status as a ‘subcultural icon’, and a high-profile European Host. Hrmmm…)

Nonetheless, reality T.V.’s an unpredictable beast (and when it comes to convoluted fine print? Full disclosure that I’m guilty of pulling the ol ‘ TLsemicolonDR myself)– hence, I’m not quite sure what’s verboten and what I can or share with my OVERWHELMING READERSHIP (kidding, guys! RELAX ALREADY) on the interwebz at this juncture in time.

I can, however, share some snapshots sent my way. (Big ups to photographers who don’t just claim they’ll do that shit–they [gasp!] actually *do* it, instead.)

One kind gent–with a painstakingly decorated Polaroid classic in tow, by the way– captured a flashbulb’s worth of my soul in this, a work by Chet B:

Audrey Kitching,Clint Catalyst,Clint Catalyst and Audrey Kitching,Audrey Kitching and Clint Catalyst,Clint and Audrey,Audrey and Clint,scene queen,scene queens,scene king,scene kings,scene kings and queens,scene queens and kings

Of course, now I wish I would have taken a photo of him with that killer cam (D.I.Y. or die!) — but that would have been the sensible, easy thing to do.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that oftentimes I create obstacles for myself rather than just heading straight to the mark.

So, MARK THIS, Em Effers:


Among your browser bookmarks, natch.

Next up in my rant? (This here is my space, lazy Millennials. You can TL semicolon DR my honky ass!)

Behold the lovely lady on the right, who is none other than Irene Urias of Hairroin Salon. This betch is brilliant, and a major part of the best GLAM SQUAD in town – –
ain’t no doubt about it.

Audrey Kitching,Clint Catalyst,Irene Urias,Hairroin Salon,Irene from Hairroin,Irene of Hairroin Salon,Houdini Mansion,Lenora Claire's birthday party,Clint and Audrey,Audrey Kitching and friends,Audrey Kitching and Clint Catalyst,Audrey Kitching rare photos,Hairroin Salon

Thanks muches to James Michael Gomez for zappin’ this one at me.

And here’s a genius detail: in case his name isn’t setting off any police sirens in your mam– I mean, memory?

He’s the last person featured in the J.S.J. video clip, sporting one of my all-time favorite fashion accessories.
Shit like that ain’t seasonal;
it’s STREET CRED, straight-up.

Now that summer has descended her scorching UV rays upon us, I truly hope he wears shorts every day and werks the Sweet F.A. outta it.

Proof/Pudding: (Whoever claims LiLo isn’t a trend-setter can squat on down and BITE ME!)

But until then – -

Cruise on by


(Choice of font hue a little nod to the district,

Otherwise, I’LL be SEEING YA AROUND –

x o x o x

Gossip Girl, with an extra X

on me: Jacket by Jared Gold; miniature top hat by Winter Rosebudd, & a way severe face-beating—complete with lashes—by the incomparable Stacey Hummell with her ‘air-brush from hell…’


(Whom I’d Deem A ‘Fruit-Fly,’ Not ‘Fag-Hag’…
Though Honestly? I Think She’s Too Cool To Care)

Lenora Claire

(I mean…seriously: This Betch Is On Fiiiiiire!)





(Curious to see the other slew of guests? We actually bailed early due to other commitments–
so some of these were a surprise to me, as well!)

And people claim L.A. has no “underground scene.”


Perhaps I’m mistaken, but umm…
I spy not one thread of ‘Abercrombie’ or ‘Juicy.’

et tú?

Color me outta here—

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Archived Blogature: Birthday Party, 2008

Clint Catalyst birthday party 2008

April 15, 2008 : “I’ve Got Somethin’ To Say…”

Clint Catalyst,Albert Sanchez,Tarina Tarantino,Angela Lindvall