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Zoetica Ebb and Clint Catalyst for Giuseppina Magazine

Giuseppina Magazine : Halloween Edition : Blood Red V.5

Release Date : October 30, 2014
Editor-In-Chief : Jessica Rowell of J-Chan’s Designs

Zoetica Ebb and Clint Catalyst
Make-Up Artist : Zoetica Ebb
Photography : Deniz Uzunoglu
Hair : Master Stylist Irene Urias @ Hairroin Salon
Clothing / Fashion Design / Accessories : Mother of London by Mildred von Hildegard

Alright, I realize this blog tends to be a bit Zo-centric . . . though not without sufficient cause! Not only is The Intergalactic Naturalist, Prodigal Cosmonomad and Mercury Vagabond a mega-talented creature of massive multi-media creative outpourings; moreover, not only is she one of the most stead-fast, stand-up, all-around superlative friends one could hope to have . . . but also, that beauty! The solo shot in which she’s serving Military Chic? Seriously : Can. Not. Get over!

On a similar tip : Steady gagging over the radness of a certain Editor-In-Chief, who featured me giving face two issues prior; then surprised me with the back cover slot, current ish! [So much adoration and admiration, Jessica! Truly . . . Truly : It’s an honor and a privilege ♥]

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The Hangers also express mad gratitude to actor / musician / promoter and international nightclub impresario Mario Diaz for the benevolent usage of his estate, Casa de la Decadencia.

Incidentally, the full-frontal, effing incandescent career of none other than Mssr. Deez-The-Deed Diaz was immortalized on celluloid earlier this year, via the release of Club King — a feature-length documentary directed by Jon Bush, in which the solar system of this evening star is chronicled in all its sordid, dazzling glory. Check it!

Clint Catalyst, Darenzia and Johnny Raymond for Giuseppina Magazine

Cover Story / Editorial Feature for Giuseppina 21 : The Acceptance Issue

Release Date : August 20, 2014
Editor-In-Chief : Jessica Rowell of J-Chan’s Designs

With Clint Catalyst, Darenzia and Johnny Raymond Jr.
Photography : Dirk Mai
Make-Up Artist : Shandra Jade
Hair : Master Stylist Irene Urias @ Hairroin Salon

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More Ouija, Woncha?

[ Rebecca Caldwell‘s ‘Witchmobile’ ]

[ Ouija Board Beaded Necklace : Gilliauna ]

Dario Robleto :
Hippies And A Ouija Board (Everyone Needs To Cling To Something), 2003-2004

Suitcase: Cast and carved dehydrated bone calcium and bone dust from every bone in the body, microcrystalline cellulose, cold cast iron and brass, rust, antique syringe, crushed velvet, leather, thread, water extendable resin, typeset Bottles, medicines, and Ouija board: cast and carved dehydrated bone calcium and bone dust from every bone in the body, typeset, home-brewed moonshine (potato derived alcohol), wine health tonics (water, sugar, fermented black cherries, yeast, gelatin, tartaric acid, pectinase, sulfur dioxide, oak flavoring, fortified with 100-year-old hemlock oil, Devil’s Claw, witch hazel bark, swamp root, powdered rhubarb, pleurisy root, belladonna root, white pine tar, coal tar, dandelion, sarsaparilla, mandrake, mullein, scullcap, cramp bark, elder, ginseng, horny goat weed, tansy, sugar of lead, mercury with chalk and tin-oxide; calcium potassium, creatine, zinc, iron, nickel, copper, boron, vitamin k, crushed amino acids, home-cultured antibiotics, chromium, magnesium, colostrum, ironized yeast, ground pituitary gland, ground wisdom teeth, ground sea horse, shark cartilage, coral calcium, iodine & castor oil) Records: various 1960’s 45 rpm records cast in prehistoric whale bone dust, typeset, 42 x 23 x 19 inches

Collection of the Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art

University of Texas : Austin, Texas

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Daphne Guinness Is Dead

[ interrobang ]

photo : Tim Jenkins

“Rest In Peace (And Jewels). . . “

I read the head-line & felt my stomach drop like a hackneyed phrase.

The style icon ” laid to rest ” by jeweler Shaun Leane

Tom Ford — but you already knew this, Y/Y?

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Goth Done Right [ via Steven Meisel ]

“Here, its drama is spellbinding,
& its darkness is palpable…”

Gothic, Steven Meisel

Gemma Ward † Caroline Trentini † Iselin Steiro † Lily Donaldson † Agyness Deyn † Sasha Pivovarova

A moment worth re-visiting, from the “In My Tribe” editorial
Fashion Rocks MagazineFashion Rocks , 2007


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One Post, Two Editorials, Three Dark Beauties…& You

Excerpts from “The Emperor’s Black Rose” by Gilles Et Dada










— Federico Cabrera

[ Initial Discovery via Fucking Young! ]


Photography & Post: Federico Cabrera

Styling: Jasmin Mishima

Hair & Make-Up: Marii Sadrak

Models: Anette M. & Eetu at Paparazzi

Assistance: Emma Hedenborg & Udi


& Next :

Human Terror,” Featuring Mateusz—a.k.a. Matthew Budziak

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The Photography of Kasia Bielska

To Start:
Seven Images from the Ben Trovato Blog,
in which Bielska’s editorial “Three Colors — RED” appears

“Three Colors – RED is the story of a creature that transcends to another dimension by means of an unreal space and color. The photos have been inspired by an enclosed space – the interiors of the Park Inn hotel in Cracow, Poland. I had some graphic visions in my mind prior to the shooting, a shape forming from two colors – white and black. As soon as I saw the interiors, however, I knew it was going to be a story of three colors.”

— Kasia Bielska

Photography – Kasia Bielska
Stylist and Producer – Kamila Picz
Make up – Marcin Szczepaniak
Hair – Tymoteusz Pieta @ Claudius Hair Dresser Team
Model – Ania K @ Mango Models

The Retinal Pleasures Continue, With
Beauteousness Filched From The Artist’s Site . . .

[ Check I†—Someone’s Serving A Proper

…& I Ain’t Mad About It! ]

In Closing?

Snaps from a Sleek, Chic Editorial
That Conveys a Sense of  “Tomorrow’s Old News Already–I’ve Taken It”

…& To The Future, Indeed!

Illustration of Vintage Camera by Rebecca Jones

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The Imagination of Thierry Mugler

“…spills into his creations.”
Christophe Delataillade, creative director

“When behind the lens, I forget that I am a designer; I try to express an emotion;
I want to give people something to dream about.”
Thierry Mugler

“To create something to dream about, I need exceptional women, locations and architectures. ”
Thierry Mugler

“A photograph must come from imagination and not be a reflection of what is.”
Thierry Mugler

“Appearance is fundamental to Thierry Mugler. Everything must be perfect and dreamlike. ”
Christophe Delataillade

“Everything must be extraordinary, or there is no reason to show it.”
Christophe Delataillade

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Stirring The Cauldron Of Commerce: More Stitch-Witchery

:: Part 2 of 2 ::
(part 1 available HERE)

To commence,
for the ladies—a dose of crosses & mayhem:

by Audrey Kitching’s Tokyolux


a two-fingered owl skull ring by Blood Milk,
who craft some of the most correct accessories I’ve ever seen


However, now? One for me…
I friggin’ love this print—though I need it on a black hoody, kplzthnx

We Lived Our Lives In Black by China Le, blogmistress of With Asian Stereotypes


Moving right along, as promised…

::  for the gents  ::

Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God

t-shirt by Obesity & Speed


from Ryan Noon‘s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection

‘My Tribe’:

Abstract Tee with
tiger teeth, legs, feathers & blue triangle print

‘Slit’ Tee
shark tooth print


the Electric Shaman


from Actual Pain

Mystery Faith Crew Neck Sweater

Conjuration Sweater


Ashton Michael‘s Capelet with Hood


SkinGraft Designs : Black Leather Face Mask


Ombre Batwing Pants by Gods Prey


Silver Shark Jaw Necklace by Triskaidekaphobia


:: up . next ::
an objet d’art (seven of them, actually) ranking high on my list of
⟣ Severely.&.Sincerely.Coveted ⟢

the unisexy, multi-purpose Pins of the Seven Sacred Planets

by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons

Oxidized Silver Cottonmouth Bolo Scarf,


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Because There’s Black Magic In The Movement

Raquel Zimmerman for Gareth Pugh

from Nick Knight‘s brilliant SHOWstudio, the fashion & art broadcasting channel

Gareth Pugh, animated gif, Raquel Zimmerman

:: Joie de Vivre ::
an editorial of Gareth Pugh‘s oil-slick, sicker-than-ever Autumn 2010/Winter 2011 collection

✷ Unfortunate, though necessary DISCLAIMER BEFORE VIEWING: This video contains partial female nudity in an artistic context. If you are easily offended, uptight, conservative, under the age of 18 in a country where breasts are against the law for minors to view; if you are on a public computer—including though not limited to libraries, internet cafés, airports, airplanes, and/or places of employment—within a public setting which could potentially expose anyone to partial nudity against his or her free will; if you do not appreciate fashion, have no respect for the beauty of the human body, are a member of the Clergy, adhere to a religion in which viewing the aforementioned will incite questionable behavior, immortal thoughts, if not altogether deem you a candidate for hellfire and eternal damnation; if you are immature, live anywhere on the planet that designates aforementioned material illegal for anyone under the age of 21 and you are not at least 21 years of age, live where obscenity laws are stringent regarding web site content—namely, countries in which women are expected to have their bodies completely clothed in any and all public forums, certain zip codes within the American Bible Belt, or quite frankly, anywhere mired in antiquated notions of morality: do not click on the arrow that appears in the embedded content; do not press “play,” and do not view any other content on this URL under any pretense. In no uncertain terms: please, DO YOURSELF & THE REST OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD A FAVOR & GO AWAY—IMMEDIATELY, NOT ONE SECOND LATER; YES, I AM SERIOUS WHEN I SAY KINDLY NAVIGATE ELSEWHERE & THAT MEANS NOW.

:: whew! ::

That being stated, for the rest of us?

Enable Full Screen
C r a n k + T h e + V o l u m e

video description & full credits await
beneath the cut

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The Ultimate Pro-Ana Dining Utensil

a single Pinky Diablo silver-plate spoon for each meal

Otherwise? It’s 

:: both teaspoon & tablespoon sizes available :: $45 each; free shipping in the US ::

Oh, & if you lack a sense of humor?

Lachen Sie sich tot!

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“Soliloquy 88″ by Jason Last


discovered on Hint Mag

:: SOLILOQUY 88 from JASON LAST on Vimeo. ::

“SOLILOQUY 88 is a fashion film collaboration between Jason Last & art director Jaime Rubiano.

Commissioned for Hintmag, the film features Rodarte‘s spring 2010 collection,
with shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte.

Radium, a white radioactive metal with the atomic number 88, turns black when exposed to oxygen.
The film explores themes of decay, metamorphosis, transformation, etc, all through the lens
of a dystopian and sci-fi vision, with a soundtrack by David Madden.”

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Fangtastic! Quite The Unholy Matrimony, This…

Ring & me:

For which, first & foremost, I must extend props to the Most Correct
blog known as Dirty Flaws

Among recent discoveries among the internet ethers, of course I’d come across
another accessory bordering on the “untouchable” end of the spectrum…

I mean, first Le Petit Protector (thanks for the additional info, oh omniscient VJESCI).

And now this sublime “Fang” ring by Brett Westfall of Unholy Matrimony?!

Despite my scatter-shot land-mine of a memory, I can still recall Mr. Westfall lurking outside a boutique I managed, back in 2001. Cute, thin, and decidely of the “skater boy” ilk, he had samples of his line draped over an arm and for a good 15-20 minutes stood on the sidewalk, attempting to act all mad cazh with each furtive glance shot through the front window (punctuated with a flip of his dirty blond bangs, which I assumed was for dramatic effect).

I would remark, “‘Then poof!‘ he disappeared”—except that in the current context (translation: written by the über-poofter that I am), I can’t help but think a reader’s thoughts would veer towards certain inevitable double-entendres…

When that? That is not the case.

On the contrary, what I intend to say: I believe “extra-curricular” activities might have played a part in his no-show that afternoon. No-show until later, that is: when I begged/pleaded/pseudo-slyly coerced the shop’s owner to begin carrying his home-spun, (then) burgeoning line with the Goth-damaged name: Unholy Matrimony.

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Wait.  Wha—



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