As A Matter Of Fact, Current TV? It’s An Honor

…to be included among your roster of “New Icons.”

If intrigued, here’s a video of the individual/music project of which I speak:

:: & :: AN APOLOGY…

Radical Face on Current TV

Radical Face [dot] Com

Justin Mitchell [dot] Com

FORMAL APOLOGIES to Mr. Justin Mitchell, the director of “Welcome Home,” whom I mistakenly assumed denied my commentary — i.e., “video response” — on his YouTube channel. Proof/pudding of the adage about assumptions — although the ass I made was of myself. The vowel lacking? “U.”



Comments (4)

  1. 3:34 pm, April 14, 2010Alcy  / Reply

    Looks like they finally had the sense to accept! <3

  2. 1:36 am, March 24, 2010Cristiana F.  / Reply

    I love you.

    And I wouldn’t have heard of Radical Face either but now I love them. Or him :)

  3. 1:08 pm, March 23, 2010Simone  / Reply

    You know what would be radical?

    You… growing a beard.

    (It would be truly shocking darling.)
    kisses, Simone

    Pick Me…….

  4. 5:29 am, March 23, 2010Ferrara  / Reply

    Hurtling Elephants Of A Sort!

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