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  1. 10:44 am, March 9, 2012Bianca James  / Reply

    I can assure you the love is mutual! Thanks for including my piece in the reference section, I am supremely honored as someone who fangirled you from afar as a goth teenager in SF in the 90s. :) I will see if I can crank out something new for inclusion in this important book!

  2. 12:07 am, January 11, 2012V  / Reply

    wondered about that actually! thanks..

  3. 3:35 pm, January 3, 2012Clint Catalyst  / Reply

    If you’re wondering how these fine ladies were able to post comments earlier than the blog itself was posted: hate to disappoint, but no one traveled back in time. As is often the case with anthologies, the deadline was extended–but in order for me to have the post show up on the front page? [ Blanks, filled. . . Y/Y? ]

    Thanks, all!

  4. 9:11 pm, March 29, 2011Tally  / Reply

    Oh! Epic. I’m already a member on that site, have been since you joined ;) I rarely log-in though. I just can’t keep up w/ things anymore. Would love to enter some graphic submissions though :)

  5. 5:28 pm, March 29, 2011Shannon  / Reply

    Oh this sounds tasty. I will link to it in my writing journal a little bit later

    This reminds me I should find my password etc for Little Episodes.

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